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{trader joe’s haul}


I asked.  You voted!  128 YES “show us your TJ’s haul” So let’s do it!

I first wrote about my LOVE for TJ’s back in March of 2016.  Many of the items I’m sharing today, you will also find on  {20 trader joe’s products i’m obsessed with}

I re-read the post and I think this is my favorite part, and still totally true:

Little does anyone know, I’m mainly there for the flowers, cheese and carbs….maybe something organic.  Sometimes.

Haha.  100% accurate!  I reward myself with a bottle of chard + the 99 cent bag of dark chocolate covered almonds after every successful trip too!

It’s clear that I have a THING for Trader Joe’s.  Other than Target, it’s my most frequented store that I don’t hate spending time in.

Another, more recent post {food finds} I added some newer TJ’s finds.

One time I even blogged about {$12 grocery store arrangement} I but fresh flowers weekly and TJ’s by far, has the best + most inexpensive selection!  I also made {floral + herb smudge stick diy} with TJ’s stems.  Probably my favorite TJ’s floral purchase – eucalyptus.  Remember when I made this for my shower? {a little of this + a little of that}

And if you scroll all the way to the bottom, I’ve linked up all my Trader Joe’s recipes for you too!




Meats // I buy about 90% of our meats from TJ’s.  They also offer pre-cooked chicken, which I’ve been knows to grab a time or two.  #timesaver

  • ground turkey
  • beef burger patties
  • salmon – ALWAYS
  • chicken sicilian sausage – perfect for {sheet pan sausage + veggies}
  • steak tips
  • pork tenderloin




Produce // This time I didn’t need much produce, but I buy tons of it here on a reg.

  • veggie kabobs
  • mediterranean salad – BOMB
  • southwestern chop salad – BOMG
  • rainbow wrap – I split this between two lunches
  • artichokes – come in a 4-pack for $2.99
  • potatoes – these are for hasselback potatoes (recipe coming soon)
  • cauliflower rice
  • sweet potato ribbons
  • les petite multi color carrots – because they’re pretty

this is just to name a few…..



Lunches + Snacks // These are just a few current faves.

  • peanut butter fulled pretzels – Bay love these in her lunchbox
  • organic chia bars – my grab and go breakfast
  • gone bananas – Bay says they are wayyy better than the strawberries
  • almond dip – treat it like hummus
  • olive tapenade – great in salads + sandwiches + wraps or dipped with crackers
  • beet crackers – I could eat the whole box in one sitting
  • oven roasted turkey or honey ham – rolled up with string cheese and dipped in mustard!  Try it!
  • and of course, my dark chocolate covered almonds – 99 cents at check out and I don’t even pretend like I’m not grabbing one each time.
  • taco seasoning – I like to make my own, but in a pinch this one is good
  • soyaki – great marinade
  • sourdough bread – Bay claims TJ’s is the best and she’s not BIG on bread so I always pick up a loaf.
  • fruit leathers
  • plantain chips – pass the guac




Freezer // Don’t skip this section.  Unless you’re trying to be uber healthy.  TJ’s frozen selection is off the charts.

  • brown rice – comes with 4 packets that can be microwaved in 4 minutes.  Or on the stove-top if you’re like me and don’t own a microwave.
  • cauliflower pizza – if you follow the cooking instructions, you’ll dig it.
  • cauliflower gnocchi – don’t add the suggested water.  Cook in butter or evoo or pop them in the oven.
  • chicken cilantro wontons – easy weeknight dinner, serve over cauli fried rice.  BOMB!
  • salmon burgers – Bay LOVES them.  They have so many frozen burger options that are all pretty damn good!
  • desserts – close you’re eyes when you go past this section.  #danger


Beverages // TJ’s has a great inexpensive selection of beer + wines.  I picked up their reserve chard today for $5.  It’s currently in the fridge at my office, and I’m cracking it open as soon as I get home.

  • bogle chard – it’s $6.99 so don’t pretend and grab more than 1
  • french roast k-cups – typically I stick to Pike Place, but when I’m out – I’m down with these.
  • carrot juice
  • power of green juice – picked it up today, I’ll report back



Crowd-Pleaser //  Make this for your fam-bam!  They will love you FOREVER!

Heat up queso + chili.  Dip corn chips!




Other items that are a MUST but not pictured here, but still deserve an honorably mention:

  • Everything but the bagel seasoning
  • Feta Cheese brick
  • Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp
  • Tomatillo salsa
  • Green Goddess salad dressing
  • Chocolate croissants
  • Basil



Recipes I’ve posted featuring Trader Joe’s finds + ingredients:

{chicken caesar salad pizza}

{arugula salad}

{shrimp + cauliflower fried rice}

Using GG crackers on {friday 5}

The salad topper…yumm {friday 5}

Roast carrots from {friday 5}

{thai coconut curry shrimp}

{teriyaki pork + pineapple salsa}

{shaved brussels sprout salad}

{sheet pan shrimp fajitas}

{watermelon bruschetta}

{foil packet cajun shrimp}

{turkey meatballs over sweet potato ribbons}

{15 minute beef stir-fry}

{halibut tacos + roast corn salad}

Actually making this tonight{sheet pan sausage + veggies}

Nicole’s Brie dish is a keeper {weekend notes}


What are you’re tried + true Trader Joe’s finds?  Is there something I need to try?  Always up to try new stuff!


xoxo stacyb


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  1. Cauliflower fried rice! Game changer! I also LOVE the Vino Verde wine…I’ve only found it there and it’s like $4. Amazing!

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