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Happy Hump Day!  My plate is full.  My head is spinning.  So I scratched my original post and we’re going to do a little of this + a little of that…..


Life hack: hang eucalyptus in your shower.  You’ll feel like you’re at the spa every time you shower.  You can find bunches at the grocery store or Trader Joe’s for $2.50/each.  This is my new jam!!!  And I totally stole this idea from a TJ’s insta story!


You guys, I haven’t been to Starbucks is close to 2 week.  That’s record fucking breaking.  And I really don’t even miss it that much either.


Nikki + I had a convo last night and we totally gauged time by menstrual cycles.  “That’s only like 12 periods away!”  So TMI, but it makes me laugh!!


The other morning as I was getting ready and feeling all cute.  As we were walking out the door, Bay told me my new shoes were “butt”  I changed my shoes!


Speaking of shoes, I’m beyond obsessed with these Flat Pointy Leather Shoes.  What do you think Bay would say about these?


Remember last week when I said my phone was messed up?  Shit you not, the day the $200 insurance replacement came….my phone instantly appeared to be fine!  WTF?


So the basil plant died.  RIP!


Sometimes I’m a completely asshole and I don’t put my shopping cart away.  Don’t you hate it when people do that?  Meee tooo!!


I finally decided what I’m getting my soon-to-be 11-year-old for her Birthday.  Stay tuned…it’s so cool!  Oh, and I’m ordering her traditional “surprise” birthday cake from Timothy’s Bakery tomorrow morning.  #funfetti


Last weekend I discovered 98.1 The Breeze.  So, so good!!


Last night we picked out the record player that we will be buying with our yard sale $$$.  It’s going to be our housewarming gift to ourselves 🙂  I love that she loves music as much as I love it…Ha!  (did that make sense?)


Oh yeah, we’re moving.  It’s bitter-sweet!  #movingsucksballs


We’re having a yard sale Saturday.  We have a twin bed + mattress, trampoline + computer desk + elliptical + a shit ton of cute AF clothes.  Come buy our junk…K?!?! 🙂


Oh, and Bay will be selling lemonade + sweets.  Now I bet you wanna come, huh?



Have a great day!!

xoxo stacyb


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