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{a little of this + a little of that}


Happy Hump Day!  My plate is full.  My head is spinning.  So I scratched my original post and we’re going to do a little of this + a little of that…..

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{sheet pan eggs}


The ultimate breakfast meal prep.

Or you could feed a crowd.  That is, if you’re down to share.

12 servings can be prepped, cooked and ready for your busy mornings.

Want to know what else?  This breakfast comes in at 121 calories per serving.  (I entered each ingredient in myfitnesspal.com)

Honestly, I’ve never meal prepped breakfast till now.  Anddd I CAN promise, this wont be the last time.

It’s genius!

I totally copied this idea from the Inspiralizer chick on instagram.  Gotta give proper creds.  I waited patiently for her to post the recipe after watching it on insta stories.  Googled it.  Nothing.  Finally messaged her, only to find out she will not be sharing the recipe till her new cookbook is released.

Aint nobody got time for that.

Especially this egg lover.

So I gave it a shot.

And it’s equally unbelievably easy + delicious.

If you follow me on insta stories, then you know I’m a weekly veggie roaster.  I grab all the veggies in my fridge.  Chop.  Add olive oil + salt +pepper + Italian seasoning.  It’s so simple.  I make veggie + chicken burito bowls.  Throw them over my salads.  And the newest….with eggs.  Yumm!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{weekend notes}


The weekend was a mix of major highs and major lows, more so than most weekends.  I just have to keep in mind that everything is going to work out…because it always does.  I’ll share more as all the kinks work themselves out.  All that said, I am excited for the week ahead.  So many things happening.


Intentions for the week:

Lets start off with a re-fresh on last weeks Intentions {weekend notes}  I certainly didn’t cross off everything, but close enough.  Here’s what I’d like to cross off this week…

  • make homemade fruit roll-ups
  • at home mani/pedi’s with Bay
  • try to only worry about the things I can control (challenging AF)
  • help Bay plan her bake sale for Saturday’s yard sale (come buy our shit, please)
  • wash car inside/out…that rain really did a doozy on my black car
  • check off a couple of items on our Summer To-Do’s list
  • complete daily fitness challenge
  • catch up with friends
  • deep clean/pack up the playroom
  • label all the yard sale shit
  • get my hair did #fairhair
  • make Italian sausage veggie bowls for lunches


And now, let’s chat about the highlights…..



Exploring the Bay //

Sunday morning around 9:30am, this was my view.

A day in the Bay….And an itinerary, duh!

On the itinerary:

  • trail under the golden gate bridge
  • walk the marina district (always makes the list)
  • lunch reservations
  • eat some kind of fresh seafood
  • swing at the top of bernal heights
  • walk in the sand
  • drink some wine
  • reminisce on haight + ashbury


Pretty sure I’ve taken the exact photo every single time I drive over the Golden Gate, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one!


Did you see my post yesterday “I walked under the Golden Gate Bridge?”

You guys, it’s a real thing.  You can literally walk under this iconic bridge.  If you had to pick one bridge, one that came to mind, you’d probably pick the Golden Gate, right?  Me too!  This bridge is featured in countless movies and TV shows.  The bridge itself is used as a symbol of San Francisco.  That’s kind of a big deal!  If you’ve even walked, biked or drove across it, you’d get it.  I have personally walked (twice) driven (more than I can count), but have yet to bike it.  Guess I better throw that on the ol Bucket List!

But, walked under it?

I can put a check next to that one!


You park at Crissy Fields.  Look for the Warming Hut signs.  That’s when you know that you’re close to the trail.

Follow the path to the Warming Hut.


After you pass the hustle and bustle at the Warming Hut, you’ll find the trail head that leads you to this.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I was out of breath, but the view was so worth it.

Once you get to the top, the Golden Gate make an appearance.




You go through the creepy ass brick tunnel.  I can hear myself…”this is sooo cool”


CAUTION…watch yo head.  You have to bend wayyy down to get out of the tunnel.



Then you get to this!  Next time, I will have a bottle of wine and snacks.  I will sit at that table, right there.  And I will set there.  Until I can’t sit there any longer.  I have a true love for this place, I tell ya!

Under the bridge on the other side (Marin County) on the lower left side.  Wayy over there.  That’s Kirby Cove.  Another one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been.  Amazing views from under the bridge.  Go there!  Like, today!  Or here!  Go here!

Ps..there is a tree swing there too!!


Then you continue along the trail….

and you get here.

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{friday 5}


Hello and happy Friday friends!!  Who’s ready for the weekend.  Meeeee!

Before we pop the wine bottles and crack open an ice-cold one…let’s chat about 5 things on my mind.


ONE – Challenge // Who’s down to start a new challenge Monday?  Not a wine drinking challenge.  A little fitness challenge 🙂  Push-ups + Squats + Sit-ups.  Not too bad, right?  You have all day to get it done.  Split it up.  Do half in the morning and the other half at night.  Or if your like me, I like to get it all done before I hop in the shower each morning.  It’s quick and doable.

(click on the image, print it and stick it somewhere where you will see it as your daily reminder)


I found this one on My Healthy Happy Home



TWO – Crack Broccoli // I have found my go-to broccoli recipe.  The only way I plan to prepare this veggie for the rest of my life.  Bailey LOVES trees.  Her favorite green vegetable.  So, we have it quite often.  Steamed. Sautéed.  Then I became infatuated with roasting all the veggies I could get my hands on.  If you follow me on insta stories, you are aware of this.  It’s a weekly thing.  Two heads of broccoli should serve 4 people, no problem, right?  Well, Bay and I kill this whole batch between the two of us.  It’s so addictive!!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 heads of broccoli, cut into steaks
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • pinch of dry red pepper flakes
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds
  • 2 teaspoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese


Here’s what you do:

Preheat oven to 475 degrees

Line a cookie sheet with foil

Cut broccoli into steaks: YouTube

In a large bowl, whisk together olive oil + garlic + red pepper flakes + salt.  Add broccoli steaks (and all the little pieces too) and toss to evenly coat.

Arrange broccoli cut side down on cookie sheet.

Roast for 12 minutes.  Flip  broccoli and add sliced almonds.

Roast for an additional 10 minutes.  Remove from oven once almonds are toasted and golden.

Gently toss with lemon juice then top with parmesan cheese.

Taste test.  Brace yourself.  This shit is highly addictive.  Hence the name 🙂


THREE – Thursday Night // Can we do chard + cheese every Thursday night?  Such a great time catching up with these chicks.  There’s just something really fucking great about sitting around a table (full of wine + cheese, of course) laughing and talking with girlfriends.  It makes my heart so happy.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

{photo cred: erica via nikki’s insta}

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{#ootd sale}

Suppper sale!  Everything!  From the top, to the denim to the slides.  Each item is marked down.  I was originally going to share an egg recipe, but fuck that.  This is a little more important in my book!

The egg recipe will come next week for those of you that could give two shits about this outfit 🙂



Ok, let’s talk #ootd

The Top!

Silk + Peplum + Red!

Have I mentioned that I’m on a major red kick at the moment?  I was cleaning my closet this week and pulled out 3 (new..oops) red tops.

I wore this top in Vegas last weekend with denim shorts.  I’ve tried it with white jeans + white short and loved it equally.

Today, I’m wearing it with my new denim because I love them so much I couldn’t wait to rip the tags off and slide them on.

Best part…..

Originally $78.  Marked down $39.99.  Use code: YAYSALE for an additional 50% off.

Making this top $19.99!

That’s a steal!

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August 1st!!

The last month of summer.

Can you believe it?  I think I say that every month…Ha.

Except this month is a little more special.

You see, she’s counting down the days until her 11th birthday.  I’m now using this month as leverage for good behavior.  Constant bribes for everything.  Kinda like Christmas.  You know exactly what I’m talking about mamas.

“Remember Santa is watching.”  Too bad there isn’t a birthday fairy or something watching.

Anyway, I’m feeling all sappy.  ELEVEN YEARS OLD!  This month!  22 more days!

She once again reminded me….7 years till she moves out.  FML!



And August 1st also means that I’m starting back at Kaia Fit Woodland TOMORROW!

New month.  New mindset.  New start!

Scared.  Excited!  After over a month break, I’m ready!  With BRIK around the corner (August 28th), I’ve got my work cutout for me.


See you at 5am Kaia Girls

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