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{weekend notes}


The weekend was a mix of major highs and major lows, more so than most weekends.  I just have to keep in mind that everything is going to work out…because it always does.  I’ll share more as all the kinks work themselves out.  All that said, I am excited for the week ahead.  So many things happening.


Intentions for the week:

Lets start off with a re-fresh on last weeks Intentions {weekend notes}  I certainly didn’t cross off everything, but close enough.  Here’s what I’d like to cross off this week…

  • make homemade fruit roll-ups
  • at home mani/pedi’s with Bay
  • try to only worry about the things I can control (challenging AF)
  • help Bay plan her bake sale for Saturday’s yard sale (come buy our shit, please)
  • wash car inside/out…that rain really did a doozy on my black car
  • check off a couple of items on our Summer To-Do’s list
  • complete daily fitness challenge
  • catch up with friends
  • deep clean/pack up the playroom
  • label all the yard sale shit
  • get my hair did #fairhair
  • make Italian sausage veggie bowls for lunches


And now, let’s chat about the highlights…..



Exploring the Bay //

Sunday morning around 9:30am, this was my view.

A day in the Bay….And an itinerary, duh!

On the itinerary:

  • trail under the golden gate bridge
  • walk the marina district (always makes the list)
  • lunch reservations
  • eat some kind of fresh seafood
  • swing at the top of bernal heights
  • walk in the sand
  • drink some wine
  • reminisce on haight + ashbury


Pretty sure I’ve taken the exact photo every single time I drive over the Golden Gate, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one!


Did you see my post yesterday “I walked under the Golden Gate Bridge?”

You guys, it’s a real thing.  You can literally walk under this iconic bridge.  If you had to pick one bridge, one that came to mind, you’d probably pick the Golden Gate, right?  Me too!  This bridge is featured in countless movies and TV shows.  The bridge itself is used as a symbol of San Francisco.  That’s kind of a big deal!  If you’ve even walked, biked or drove across it, you’d get it.  I have personally walked (twice) driven (more than I can count), but have yet to bike it.  Guess I better throw that on the ol Bucket List!

But, walked under it?

I can put a check next to that one!


You park at Crissy Fields.  Look for the Warming Hut signs.  That’s when you know that you’re close to the trail.

Follow the path to the Warming Hut.


After you pass the hustle and bustle at the Warming Hut, you’ll find the trail head that leads you to this.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I was out of breath, but the view was so worth it.

Once you get to the top, the Golden Gate make an appearance.




You go through the creepy ass brick tunnel.  I can hear myself…”this is sooo cool”


CAUTION…watch yo head.  You have to bend wayyy down to get out of the tunnel.



Then you get to this!  Next time, I will have a bottle of wine and snacks.  I will sit at that table, right there.  And I will set there.  Until I can’t sit there any longer.  I have a true love for this place, I tell ya!

Under the bridge on the other side (Marin County) on the lower left side.  Wayy over there.  That’s Kirby Cove.  Another one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been.  Amazing views from under the bridge.  Go there!  Like, today!  Or here!  Go here!

Ps..there is a tree swing there too!!


Then you continue along the trail….

and you get here.


Under the Golden Gate Bridge!



Watch the video!

I’m not even lying when I say…..

The pass under the Golden Gate Bridge was one of the coolest fucking things I’ve ever done.

Granted, I’m kinda infatuated with this bridge.


As you emerge on the other side of the bridge…..

The view from the other side.


From here, you can continue to Baker Beach about 1 mile and take the sand ladder down to the water.

I wish we had more time and did this, but we had reservations that I had a hard-on to make.  Which you’ll read later was a mistake.

Long story short.  I’m coming back.  With bikes.  With wine + snacks.  With Bay.  We will spend the entire day right here.


Bernal Heights //

Also known as the park with a panoramic swing view.


This is only a small portion of the 360 degree views that I was able to capture using my iPhone pano feature.  This does NO justice!

You can see all the bridges.  The skyscrapers.  The hills of East bay.  Pretty much EVERYTHING.



This is the little trail though the neighborhood we took to the park.  Pretty cool, huh?!?!


As we were leaving, we saw a moving truck pull up.  Inside was just a piano.  We thought, random.  And they we saw some dudes with a dolly.  I was thinking, maybe their moving.


Later on, as I was instagramin, I can across this.

Homeboy somehow gets this piano up the hill.  To the top of Bernal Heights.  It’s competently beyond me how this actually happens.

And he plays the piano.

Look at the view.

I wonder what he was playing?

Now, I kinda want to go back.

FullSizeRender (20).jpg


Reminiscing at Haight + Ashbury //

When’s the last time you went to Haight + Ashbury?  For me, I’d say I was about 18?  Maybe I went after that.  I just can’t remember.  Me and the Skully Mackers would ditch school.  Hop in my 1980’s Chevy Celebrity and mash to the city.  Fingers crossed we didn’t breakdown.  Then we’d have to call our parents and admit that we didn’t go to school.  And we went to SF instead.  We did this many, many times.  We never broke down.  Our parents never found out.

My Mom is probably reading this now.  Shaking her head.  Maybe she already knew?   If not, she sure as hell knows now..HA!


The streets are so rad!



Amoeba Music //

I’ve purchased many used CD’s here in my lifetime.  And yesterday was no different.

Look at all that music.

I was super inspired to finally buy a record player.  I’m doing it!

I think it will be a “moving” gift to myself 🙂

I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

And I’ll need to make another Amoeba trip to grab some bad ass used records to rock out too.

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

We walked out with Beastie Boys + Snoop Dogg CD’s.  Don’t be jealous.  We proceed to argue over which we’d listen to first…lol!


It’s always 4:20.  Even at 3:29!



Let’s talk food //

The Slanted Door has been on my list for over a year now.  This modern Vietnamese restaurant is located in the far end of the Ferry Building.  The views of the Bay are unreal.  I bet this place at night would be so good!  You’ve probably never seen it.  At lease I hadn’t till yesterday.  Anyway, every time I’m headed to the city, I look for reservations.  Never had any luck.  But this time, I got lucky AF.  They had lunch openings.  I snagged one.  I’ve read about this restaurant on so many blogs.  They were featured a while ago in Sunset Magazine.  When you google good food in SF, I guarantee this place will be in the top 10.  Every review read is perfect.

For every item on our menu, Executive Chef, Charles Phan goes to the original source region of that item. He studies the traditional ingredients, flavors and techniques, then retreats to his Mission district test kitchen, where he and his team recreate the original using contemporary methods and the finest and freshest local ingredients. The finished product is a faithful reproduction of a world classic, modernized in subtle yet powerful ways.

We order appetizers.

Then get to the wine list.

Where’s the chard?


That’s not chard, BTW!

That right there is a glass of what our waiter claimed to be “NOT sweet at all” glass of wine that I personally can’t even pronounce.  Let’s clear one thing up…I’m in no way shape or form a wine snob.  I love a good Rombauer, La Crema or Stag’s Leap on a special occasion.  But to be honest, I’m a $8.00 a bottle Bogle chard kind of girl.

Anyway, I was super turned off by the pucker sweet glass of NOT chard (that I choked down) The food was great and the main dishes that our neighbors were devouring looked and smelled amazing too.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for that type of ambiance.  Or maybe our shitty waiter ruined it for us.  I will definitely give it a try again someday.


Slice House

Pizza saved the day ♥

You know how I feel about pizza, right?  Pizza is a really really big deal to me.  Especially good pizza.  You guys, I’d like to introduce you to possibly the best slice of pizza I’ve met thus far.  The Purple Haze.


Purple potato







Garlic oil

Now take a look at it!  Drool!


I also tried Babe Rose.  Chicks have been raving about this shit all over instagram #baberose.  Check it out.

I didn’t love it.  Love the look of the can.  Just not a fan of the rose inside.  Have you tried it?


God, I really truly love that city by the Bay.  And I’m already dreaming and making a list of all the rad places I’ll visit next time I make my way there again.

That’s all I got peeps.  Have a great Monday!


xoxo stacyb


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