{new closet staples}

Everyone has their closet staples.  Mine always consist of a good pair of denim + cute shoe + some kind of jewelry that goes with everything!  I grabbed a couple of new pieces last week that will be making the regular rotation.  So, obvi I must share the goods.




Check out the flat lay.  Cannot remember the last time I did a photo like this.  Bay even commented that I used to do them ALL.THE.TIME.  I think I’m going to bring the flat lay back.  What do you think?  Kinda gives you a better look at the items.


Ok, so last weekend a girlfriend and I were talking….

You know when someone compliments something you’re wearing and you say:

“Target $20”

So me!  I love telling peeps where to get cute stuff.  Especially when I didn’t pay a shit ton for it.

But, don’t you hate it when you say “cute top” and the chick says “thanks!”

It’s like….Ummm, wait!  Details please!!??!  WTF?

Hook a sister up.  Tell me all about what you got on girlfriend.  Let’s share the cute shit wealth.

You know what I mean?

Since I’m all about sharing.  AKA compulsive over-sharer Ha!  Here are so goods you need in your closet as you transition to spring.

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{one shoulder}


Hey guys!  Just popping in to share my current love for the one shoulder top.  Remember my obsession with the cold shoulder?  Let’s reminisce….

{the cold shoulder}

{cold-shoulder maxi dress}

{friday 5}

{current uniform}

Told you, it was my thang!  When I find something I like, I take it overboard…just a little.

It’s even better than the off the shoulder.  None of that constant adjusting.  The one shoulder stays put.

Believe it or not, I only own ONE one shoulder top.  But, I went to Target today and I realllly wanted to buy more.  I’m on a strict “NO more summer clothes” rule.

September is going to hit and I wont touch them again….and then they wont be in style.

And I’ll have to have another garage sale to get rid of all my shit.

Just kidding….I’m NEVER doing that shit again.

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{4 spring closet staples}



It’s not only Thursday, there is SUNSHINE people!

Hello Sunshine, please feel free to stay a while.

Guess what else?  I’m legit wearing sandals today.  Swear.  And short sleeves.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little chilly!  But, sometimes you just gotta say fuck it, right?!?!

In honor of this spring-like weather, I’m sharing 4 spring clothing staples that will be on repeat!  Casual + cute + comfy!

Here’s my  #ootd #wiw!



#1 Kimono


Xhilaration – Printed Maxi Kimono Jacket Petal Pink ($27.99) This NEW arrival hit Target last week….and so did I!  It’s a cross between a Kimono + a duster.  I kinda want to rock it as a swimsuit cover-up too.  Super versatile.  Size down…I bought the xs/s and it fits perfect.

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

#2 Basic Tee

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{holiday red}

If you need something to cheer you up with this freezing rainy weather, this jacket will do the trick!!

So, if you too are in the need of some cheer – make your way to Old Navy STAT.  This jacket is $13.  And I don’t know how long that will last.


I love red!  When the Holidays come around my red comes out in full force.


This jacket is perfect.  You can throw it on with anything.  Even yoga pants.  (I tested it out last night on my grocery store run!!)

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{what i wore}

My J.Crew Factory package arrived last week.  These are the items I categorized as summer staples.  Remember how stressed I was about the KonMari Method….well, I did what any practical girl would do.  Went shopping.  Nothing a little retail therapy can’t help, right?  I’m pretty sure this is 100% against Kondo rules, but F it!  It made me feel better about the situation.

FullSizeRender (1)

#ootd // J.Crew Factory + Old Navy

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{friday 5}


Happy Friday friends.  Anyone else as ready as I am for the weekend?  I have NOTHING planned for the entire weekend.  Well, except a date with my backyard lounge + the sun.  Did you catch the weekend weather?  85 – 88 degrees…thank you baby jesus.  Other than working on my tan, I’m super looking forward to meal prep.  Something I haven’t been able to do for the last few weeks.  I miss it.  Weird, huh?

Friday 5 is what we do…..

ONE // I’m currently IN LOVE with tassels.  It’s becoming a problem.  This week alone I ordered three.  THREE.  3.  T -H-R-E-E  Items with tassels.  And I can’t fucking wait for them to arrive on my doorstep next week 🙂  Are you a tassel freak too?


For Me – Swing Tassel Tank

For Bailey – Tassel Sandals

TWO // Dallas Housewives.  “Everything is bigger in Texas!”  Especially the DRAMA.  Grab your Jesus Juice and take a seat, these bitches are already in-your-face cat fighting.  Although they follow every sentence with “bless your heart,” they really want to choke each other out.  I try not to judge a book by its cover, but how can you not judge Bravo Housewives by their taglines?  Dallas does NOT disappoint…..

Brandi Redmond – Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader fire crotch

  • “I was a Cowboys Cheerleader, but in Dallas I’m never on the sidelines”

Cary Deuber –  Married to her plastic surgeon “wife”

  • “I’m not a trophy wife, I’m a lifetime achievement award” (dammmnnn)

LeeAnne Locken – One time pageant princess….from the circus?

  • “I grew up a Carny kid.  Play games with me and you’re gonna pay”

Stephanie Hollman – The bible thumper from a previous life that farts on demand

  • “I’m the girl next door…..if you live in a big ol’ mansion”

Tiffany Hendra – Ex actress/model married to a Kieth Urban look-a-like

  • “I came home to Dallas to shine my light, not to fight”

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