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{friday 5}

Smocked Ruffle Top (on sale) | Jeans ($45 off) | Clogs (50% off) | Straw Clutch ($21) | Headband ($15) | Necklace

HAPPY FRIDAY! We made it! Thanks for letting me vent yesterday. Loved reading all your messages. Totally made my day so much better. Had a great evening. Bay made dinner. We went on a walk. I didn’t sleep for shit. But, I got up early AF ready to kick off the weekend. Hit Nugget for their Bay’s fave and I want to make homemade breakfast pizzas in the morning. And Raley’s to use all my Something Extra coupons. Ha! Bay and I had a coffee date at Scribblers Coffeehouse, our new fave place! All before 7:30 am. It’s gonna be a good day!

Weekend plans: Chill the f out. Sit by the pool. Hopefully get my peeps to take a hike with me. Do a little yard work. Meal prep. Have happy hour with GG. Catch a movie? I have a feeling The Art Of Racing In The Rain will make me cry my damn eyes out. And fingers crossed….make it to the new plant shop, Propagate Sac. What’s on your agenda for the Weekend?

Thing I’m loving this week…..

ONE //

Headbands are back! And I’m here for it. I took a poll on Instagram, are you down with headbands? It was close, but most of you said “Nah!” I really think you should re-think it. I picked up this pink headband, just to give it a shot. And now I’m in love. There are so many cute options right now. I’m thinking I need to pick up a leopard print to go with all my Fall + Winter black on black outfits. Linking a bunch at the end of this post!

TWO //

Bay’s been on a bracelet making kick. And I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve been rockin my xoxostacyb + mom bracelets since Bay made them for me. I keep seeing bloggers linking them on websites for over $30. Crazy! I think it would make a fun back-to-school gift too. Bay’s willing to make some! Let me know if you’re interested. She’s charging $8/each. Holla atcha girl.


Hydrangea hack! I had some week old hydrangeas on my table and they were looking haggard. I was about to toss them in the trash last night. Did a little google search and found “how to bring back wilted hydrangeas” I gave it a shot last night. Was 100% planning on tossing them this morning – I had very little hope. I woke up this morning and they were gorgeous again. I have to share what I did. Be prepared, you’ll want to do all these steps pretty quickly. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Pour water into a vase. Place hydrangeas on a cutting board. Using a sharp knife or scissors, trim the bottom at a 45 degree angle. Then cut a small slit vertically up the middle of the newly trimmed stem. Immediately place trimmed hydrangea into vase filled with hot water. Repeat with each stem. Go to bed. And when you wake up. Voila. You’ve got your beautiful hydrangeas back! Try it and let me know what you think!


Raise your hand if you’ve tried my {the crunch wrap} recipe. I’m straight up hooked on them. They are about 4-6 Weight Watchers points. Very filling and very delicious. I’ve recreated them for breakfast – stuffed with eggs. Taco style. Buffalo chicken style. And this one here – burger style. I used a leftover Trader Joe’s Chicken Chile Lime Burger with all the toppings. Then I got it nice and crunchy in the Air Fryer. 400 degrees for 6 minutes. Flip and cook an additional 4 minutes. Heavenly!


HELLO Pumpkin. I know it’s a little too early to be posting anything pumpkin related. Don’t hate me, K? But, you guys straight up blew up my DM’s over this photo I posted in my stories. And since it’s going to sell out, I just want you all to get a chance to snag one. The Woodland store is already sold out 🙁 They are still available online though. And only $9! ORRR, if you want to wait till September, there just might be a fun giveaway on xoxostacyb with some cute fall things! Just saying. Pick one up by clicking here: HELLO Pumpkin Door Mat

Smocked Ruffle Top (on sale) | Jeans ($45 off) | Clogs (50% off) | Straw Clutch ($21) | Headband ($15)| Necklace

You can find everything from this post below, The air fryer. The outfit. The tablesetting. Everything!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Have a fan-fucking-tastic Weekend friends. And see you back here Monday!

xoxo stacyb

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