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This California girl has a massive case of wanderlust.  A beach vacay sounds so perfect right about NOW!  I blame this T-shirt.  Napa to San Francisco to LA.  Tacos + Golden Gate Bridge and of course the Hollywood sign.  Take me away!

The Beach Boys song “California Girls” came on this morning.  It’s been stuck in my head all day.  Which made me pull out the T-shirt and write this post……

California Girls


The Urban Dictionary definition of a California Girl….

They are basically just normal girls. They are sometimes tan because of the sun, and sometimes they are good-looking- They could also be stupid, smart, cute, funny, serious, nice, mean, weird, laid-back, active, or anything any other girl on the planet is. There are farms in California , snowy mountains, desert, lakes, and many other environments, CA is definitely diverse. No they are not all like those people on those so called “reality” shows. In fact only a very, very small population of CA girls are like that. Also the majority of CA girls have brown hair. Not as many girls as you would think girls have blonde hair in CA, and even when they have blonde hair they are RARELY ever stupid.

Haha…I had to share.

Guess what?  You can grab this wanderlust-y tee for a whopping $9.99 today at J.Crew.  Use code: HELLOSALE for 50% off.

“California” destination art T-shirt


xoxo stacyb

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