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{how to make a grazing board}

Serving Platter | Bunny Bowl 

The grazing board. AKA Charcuterie Platter. Incase you haven’t noticed, they’re kinda my thang. Today I’m sharing my Easter candy board along with two other boards I created. A Char-Kid-Erie Board and an Adult cheese board. But this Easter board just might be one of my faves so far. All the things kids love….which keep their grubby little fingers of the fancy cheese (which we all know they don’t even like anyway) lol!

Scroll down and I’ve shared each item that I used on this Easter Board. You can add to your Target order and pick-up within 1 hour. All the goodies (minus the platter + bunny bowl) rang in under $10.

Serving Platter | Bunny Bowl

Steps for creating a picture perfect grazing board //

  1. Select your board or platter of choice. I’ve rounded up a bunch of good ones below.
  2. Gather any mini bowls or mini cake stands that you may want to add.
  3. Pick a theme. Meats + cheeses are so pretty. Kid boards filled with finger foods. Or a dessert? The options are endless.
  4. Think of the colors. I stick with a pastel palette for the Easter board. And went with primary colors for the Char-Kid-Erie board.
  5. Arrange each food item in a section of the board. I try to keep like colored items on opposite sides of the board.
  6. Then re-arrange till you get it how you like it. There isn’t a trick to this. You can’t go wrong!
  7. Flowers. I love to add just a few flowers for a finishing touch. It really does add so much. Even the littlest daisies like I used on this Easter board. Herbs look so pretty too. Trader Joe’s has the best selection, but any grocery store flowers will do the trick.
  8. Stand back and admire your masterpiece. Don’t overthink it. There are no rules. And with yummy snacks, the board doesn’t stand a chance of looking pretty for long.
  9. Snap a photo or two. And tag me or text me 🙂

Char-Kid-Erie Board //

Wooden Serving Board | Ramekins: World Market // Target

Fishies + Baked snap peas + baby carrots + strawberries + grapes + pickles + cheese + crackers….and ranch. Can’t forget the best part. I made this kid board a few weeks ago, while on a family vacay to Stinson Beach. I wish I would have snapped a photo of what it looked like about 10 minutes later…lol.

Classic Grazing Board //

Serving Platter | Bunny Bowl (similar)

Veggies + nuts + cheeses + pesto dip + a little something sweet. Tucked in some micro greens + ranunculus for the finishing touch.

Easter Dessert Grazing Board //

I picked up everything for this Easter treats grazing board at Target. As much as I LOVE the drive-up pick-up, I haven’t had the best service lately. Yesterday they “accidentally” cancelled my entire order. Had to go back in and re-purchase each item. Aint nobody got time for that. So, I’m sticking with the in-store pick-up, which ALWAYS works great for me.

Here is everything used, which rang in under $10!

Bunny Marshmallows | Lindt Chocolate Carrots | Junior Mints Eggs | Robin Eggs | Sour Patch Jelly Beans | Easter M&M’s |

You can find the Bunny Butt Cookie DIY here: {easter round-up}

Boards //

Bowls //

Happy grazing board creating. Remember to tag me….makes my days 🙂

xoxo stacyb

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