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{8 wing 7 // hot pink moment}

Top | Denim | Mules | Bag

Be savage, not average. According to the Enneagram test, I’m a 8 wing 7.

Type 8: The Challenger! Self-confident. Decisive. Willful. Confrontational.

  • Basic Fear: of being harmed or controlled by others
  • Basic Desire: to protect themselves (to be in control of their own life + destiny)

Eights are assertive, strong and decisive. Eights may become confrontational and intimidating in a situation where they feel others are more dominant than them, but they can also use their strength to improve others’ lives.

Not sure that’s 100% me, but I did take the test 4 times and got the same damn answer, so????

Someone just hit me up on Instagram and said I’m the same as Chelsea Handler…LMFAO!

What’s your Enneagram? I’m so into this right now.

If you have NO fucking clue what I’m talking about….scroll down and read more.

And you can click here to take the FREE test: Enneagram Test (125 questions later, and you’ll have your personal number)

I googled that shit last night and found so many tests that want to charge $10-$20….ummm, that’s a hard NO!

Here’s everything you need to know about The Enneagram from The Glitter Guide!

Top | Denim | Mules | Bag

I’m obsessed with this Free People top. I picked it up (accidentally) when I ran into Nordstrom Rack to make a return. And I have legit rocked it 6 times since. I’m packing it for Spring break with shorts..and I cannot wait. If you look below, I’ve linked it at all the retailers I could find it in-stock. I picked it up for a steal at Nordy Rack and they do still have a few in-stock, but there are lots of other stores that also carry it. Comes in white too! I sized up to a large, which normally I size down to a small in free peep clothing. I liked the flowy vibe.

If you’ve been readying for a bit, then you know I’ve gotten my money out of these Madewell Jeans. Yes, they are an investment denim, but trust me – they are well worth it. I sized wayyy down. I’m typically a 29-30. Bought the 29 and had to exchange for a 28.

And these Block Heel Mules. They’re no stranger either. I bought them in black too. I get messages about them all.the.time. They are under $40 at Nordstrom Rack. They are super low on stock, so I rounded up a bunch of similar options if this shoe is something you too, need in your closet.

My Bamboo Bag is an Amazon find. I just couldn’t break bread on the original CULT Gaia. $120 vs. $40. Done! My shit does not fall out. Nothing has yet. That’s the number one question I get every time take this bag out for a spin. It legit goes with everything and I really truly love it!

All the images below are “shopable” or “clickable” Just click on the image and you’ll be directed to the website for further investigation. Some say “sold out” Not true, if you dig it….click it! Ha!

And last but not least….THANK YOU for shopping my links. Remember to tag me or send me a photo of our xoxostacyb find.

Have a great day peeps! See you manana for more Easter fun!!!

xoxo stacyb

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