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{on wednesdays we wear pink}


Sweater $16 // Denim // Mules $18(similar)

Another day, another Old Navy sweater!  Old Navy is HOT right now.  Words I don’t think have ever left my mouth…HA!  But, for reals – you cannot beat those price tags + promo codes.  They have relevant styles and way better quality than I remember from the good ol days.

Before we get to that, I’m going to chat about my sugar cleanse for a minute.  If you DGAF….keep scrolling.  All my outfit details + top Old Navy picks are below.  I’ve been getting lots of questions, so let’s break it down real quick……


I’ve chatted before about why I cut sugar from my diet.  You can read about it here: {no sugar, no problem…sike} Basically, these jeans I’m wearing right here.  They are getting tight.  And I really like them, so I better get my shit together.  You know what I mean?  But, there are about 7 other reasons too.


I start each cleanse with a 2-day meal plan (below).  And the 3-day renew life cleanse.  Just trust me.  The combo does wonders and I feel so good within those first few days.  The 3-day cleanse you can find at Target and Nugget for $7.  I wrote about it more here: {friday 5}

Renew Life 3 day-cleanse


I legit yanked this out of a Women’s Health magazine at Oasis about 5 years ago.  Sorry Melika.  I keep it on the side of my fridge.


Breakfast – smoothie (I follow the recipe above) in my opinion, it’s the worst part of the 2-days

Snack #1 – cucumbers + vinegar + dill with a cup of green tea

Lunch – ground turkey + spinach + cilantro + green onions.  I top it with a shit-ton of hot sauce.

Snack #2 – should be asparagus.  I opted for carrots since the asparagus at the grocery store looked nasty.  With another mug of hot green tea.

Dinner – roast salmon + spinach + red onion + little olive oil + LOTS of lemon

In the evenings – you know, wine time + chill time?  I immediately brush my teeth.  Meaning kitchen is closed…NO MORE FOOD.  Ha!  Then follow-up with lot’s of green tea.  Especially the night your kid decided to try out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Not gonna lie, I 100% snuck a bite of the dough.  #qualitycontrol

After the 2-day thing is over.  I stick to a strict no added sugar diet.  I don’t do fruit, because I don’t care for it.  I will use some brown rice here and there.  Sweet potatoes.  Homemade nut butters.  NO wine.  No beer.  No TJ’s dark chocolate covered almonds.  The struggle is real.  A clean diet.  Lots of protein + veggies.  With a few Skinny, Skinny Margs on the weekends.


I was originally thinking till the end of the week.  But, who knows.  Maybe till Thanksgiving?

Now let’s get back to this outfit 🙂

Sweater // Denim // Mules (similar)

Old Navy’s promos today: Use code: GIFTY for 40% off one item!  And 30% off your entire order.

Once again, order ONLINE!  The best prices are always online!  I promise you will be disappointed if you go in the store!  Do an online pick-up and get the same online prices!

You can get these mules for $18!  Or this sweater for $16!  I’m telling you, Old Navy is doing good shit right now!

Sweater // Denim // Mules (similar)

Today’s #ootd:

Sweater – I sized down to a small.  I like my clothes snug 🙂  Obsessed with this pink + camel color combo.  Saw a similar sweater on Nordy’s for $150 and went on the hunt for a dupe.  It comes in solids + a navy & white combo too.  It’s equally good!
Denim // 30% off with code: FRIENDS  J.Crew 8″ toothpick denim is my fave at the moment.  I switch back and forth from my Levis to my Madewell’s to these.  I own more 8″ toothpicks than anything.
Mules (similar) // My mules are currently sold out.  Tried these on at Old Navy and they are pretty damn close.  I wear mine all the time.  The heel is comfy and the pointed toe is flattering.  Makes me feel fancy.

Mine + Bay’s top picks at Old Navy:

xoxo stacyb

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