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{all the things // target hearth + hand}


Garland Eucalyptus Pinecone

{all the things // target hearth + hand}

Today is going to be a fine day. I’ve been writing down 5 thing each morning that I’m grateful for.  Obviously health, home, food + water…always number one.

But what really put the extra pep in my step today…

Getting my hair done last night.  Blonde af + a fresh blunt cut can really make this girls day!!  Thanks Allison!

Pulling out all my Christmas tubs.  You should have seen the look on Cory’s face when I asked him to put up the outdoor light today.  He’s a man of many faces, but this one is my favorite.  It’s a mix of confusion and disgust.  And it straight up kills me.  He said not till after Thanksgiving.  I think we settled with, I promise not to plug them in till after Thanksgiving.  Fair….I think!

Hopping on the scale this morning and I’ve lost 4 lbs since Sunday!  #sugarcleanse shared all the details on the blog yesterday {on wednesdays we wear pink}

Bay kissing me goodbye at the middle school drop off line ♥

And last, but certainly not least – The holiday Hearth + Hand collection at Target. Thanks to everyone that voted….I went with the eucalyptus garland.


And today I’m sharing ALL THE THINGS I fell in love with at good ol Target!

Just a warning – Target is very, very dangrous this time of year…lol!

I spent wayyy more time than I like to admit at Target lately.   Here’s a few things I’ve picked up so far.  And everything I’ve got my eye on!

Glass Belly Vase // Stoneware mini cake stands


And the battle of the garland.  It ended at 50/50.   I used the eucalptus above.  But, I just cant bring myself to take the pine garland back.  It will surely sell out the next day and I will kick myself…lol.  The stuggle of a Holiday Whore 🙂

They are both so perfect in completely different  They are bendy too, which makes them perfect for draping.  You can fluff them up and they get really full.  And best party – thery’re only $22 each.  I think it’s a steal.


Garland Eucalyptus Pinecone // Garland Pine with White Berry


How perfect is this Cookies + Milk Set?  I can see pretty sugar cookies + red wine sitting in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  The bead garland is 12 feet long.  Which is wayyy longer than any other bead garland I’ve seen so far.  I owe this galvanized tree collar….picked it up last year.  Love the polished look it give the tree.  No skirt needed.


Cookies and Milk Set // Tree Garland Wooden Beads // Galvanized Tree Collar


This advent calendar is so perfect.  Little pockets to slip in mini goodies + candy for each day.  We have always counted down to Christmas with an advent calendar…even when I was a child.  Do you’re ornaments match?  Or do you have a theme?  If so, what do you do with all the fun ones you collect over the years?  Do you have multiple trees?  Even though I have the silver tree collar already, this black one has me overthinking it.  Ha!


Advent Calendar // Ornament – Set of 8 – Stars Black/White // Tree Collar – Black


We have mismatched stockings.  Bay’s is from Pottery Barn and I bought it before she was even born.  LOVING the look of the knit + plaid together.  Might have to finally pull the trigger this year and upgrade our stocking game.  That is, if Bay doesn’t freak…lol.

Stocking Knit – white // Stocking Knit – Blue // Stocking – Plaid



Greenery // 

So beyond impressed with Hearth & Hand’s greenery section.  When you walk up to the section in your Target, the greenery is displayed so beautify.  It’s impossible to not pick one up.  This mini wreath wrapped around a candle.  Perfection!!!  The mistletoe is so fun with kids.  We crack up trying to get random people under our mistletoe at the same time.  And the wreaths.  Good luck.  They are all equally charming!

Tabletop //

You know I’m a sucker for tabletop gems.  I’m envisioning the plaid napkins. Wrapped in the pine napkin rings.  With a tree dish placed on top of a basic white dinner plate.  And I’m happy I kept the pine garland to lay down the center of the table.   Really into the antler napkins too.  Damn, this is hard!

And a little of this + a little of that // 

For the longest time I hosted a Letters To Santa Night.  If only this mailbox was around then!  The card + photo holder it super cute too.  Wrapped around a garland….hmm!  Now, that’s got me thinking.  The pillows are even more gorgeous in person.  And the cloche.  I just pulled mine out for my coffee table.  I’ll show you what I have in mind this weekend.  But, you for sure need one!  They are so versatile.

And lastly, the book.  Have you flipped though it yet?  Just like her home decor – fucking gorgeous!  I want a copy for my coffee table 🙂




Happy Target shopping!  I hope I inspired you to bust out all your Christmas shit and get decorating ♥


xoxo stacyb

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