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{no sugar, no problem…sike}

No sugar, No problem….sike!!!  You’d be shocked at the shit you eat daily that is LOADED with sugar.  It’s crazy peeps!!!



I’ve had a ton of messages, emails and comments about why I’m attempting NO sugar.  So here’s the scoop….. as I was laying in bed Sunday morning, I read an instagram post by one of my blogger idols…Jenna from Small Fry.  She wrote about cutting out sugar for 20 days.

Then I read these article and thought Oh My God….I need to break up with sugar STAT!!!

The Surprising Benefits of Cutting Back on Sugar

7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar


TWENTY DAYS!!  That’s a long time peeps.  How about 5-days?  No wine?  Let’s see if I can survive?


And now you want to know why in the hell I thought this was a good idea?!?!

#1 – I’m only doing this shit till Friday morning!  NOT 20 damn days!

#2 – My body is trying to get sick.  And I don’t have time for that nonsense.

#3 – Skin problems.

#4 – Tired as hell.  3 coffees + a red bull later and I’m still ready for bed at 8 pm.  WTF?

#5 – Diet.  Let’s not talk about the see-food diet I’ve been on for a few weeks now.  It clearly doesn’t agree with me.

#6 – I may or may not drink entirely too much wine.  I kissed my last glass of wine goodbye Sunday night.  I mean, it’s not even that long till we will be reunited, but I felt it was the only way to say farewell for the next few days to come.

#7 – Bloat is no joke.

#8 – I’ve developed a sweet tooth that I’ve never in my life had before.


Not to mention, I’m headed on a beach vacation FRIDAY!

Sooooo, it’s really more like 4 ish days, not 5.  Let’s be real – Diet + vacay do not mix!  If you know me, then you know I HATE to fly.  I will be bellied up to the airport bar at 6 am Friday morning trying to cure my anxiety!!


Ok, back to no sugar –

I’m happy to report….drumrollllllll

With diet + Kaia…..

The beginning of day #3 and I feel like a million bucks.  According to my scale, I’ve lost 3 lbs.  My skin already looks + feels so much better.

I’m still going to bed early AF.  But here’s the deal.  If I can’t drink a glass of wine and watch Vanderpump together….then I might as well go to damn bed.  I’ll try hot tea tonight?!?!  Maybe.





Here’s what I’ve been eating….

Breakfast – Two scrambled egg whites + handful of spinach + salsa + pepper.  Cup of back coffee.  Sometimes two.  Ok, fine…always two!

Lunch – Chicken burrito bowls (pictured above)

1/4 cup brown rice + sliced chicken breast + veggies + lime + salsa.  I could eat this every single day till the end of time and not get sick of it.

I posted this recipe back in October here: {weekend notes}

Dinner – Grilled chicken sausage + veggies or lettuce wrapped turkey burgers.

I kept it pretty simple.  I can also eat the same thing on repeat and be a happy camper.

And NO, Bailey is not on a NO sugar diet with me.  We eat the same dinner, but she is sticking with her favorites for breakfast + lunch.




Then my homegirl Jessie recommended ACV + Hot Toddy’s (to help with the cold I can feel trying to take over my body).  And if you know me, then you also know that I’m down to try anything once.

I pulled out the old shot glass….filled that thing up.  And down the hatch.  “Just a swallow!”  I pretended it was tequila and I was in Mexico.  Totally worked!!!

I’m happy to report, it wasn’t nearly as awful as I originally thought.


I obvi posted this on my Insta-story and got this text from my Mom within minutes…..


Haha, a shot of tequilla a day keeps the doc away, right?  Relax Mom!  Google that shit.


Then I googled that shit….OMG!  Do you know the benefits of daily ACV?  What in the fuck didn’t I start taking these bad boys sooner?

13+ Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


2 more days to go….let’s see if I can keep my hands off the wine bottle!!


xoxo stacyb



7 thoughts on “{no sugar, no problem…sike}

  1. why did i just agree to everythingggggg!
    8pm & ready for bed…wtf am i a 40 yr old…
    glad i’m not alone.
    gonna talk myself into the ni sugar shit…

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