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{weekend notes}

After a week off (kinda) it feels so good to type the words….Happy Monday!  We’re back in action over here at xoxostacyb.  What I mean by kinda is…I was busy working behind the scenes.  Updating.  Upgrading.  Adding.  Condensing.  The BIG questions is….

What do you think of the changes?  New layout.  My personal ShopStyle link has been added to the sidebar on a desktop.  Bottom if you’re using a phone.  Just like the  You can shop everything from outfit details #ootds, products and home items.  Basically, if I rock it or love it, you’ll be able to find it here.  Click on the link on my blog or in my instagram bio, click “shop my looks” and direct links will be right at your fingertips.  If you purchase something through my ShopStyle, I make a (very) small commission.  So help a sister out…lol.  Currently still adding items, so bear with me.

Another change….recent posts, Archives and Categories have been condensed and now offer a scroll down.

And you’ll likely notice there are now advertisements.  Sorry!  I know it’s annoying, but it is what it is.

Don’t forget you can always subscribe and receive an email every time I publish a new post.  Go to Follow Blog Via Email.  Type in your email address.  Click FOLLOW.  And you’re all set!

My new goal is to keep it simple.  So although this is quite wordy, you’ll be seeing daily posts.  Weekly reviews.  Friday 5 and all the same xoxostacyb topics.  Just in smaller scale.

So, I’m dying to know.  What do you think?  Comment below.  On Instagram.  Facebook.  Let me know what you think of the changes.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program……

Intentions for the Week:

  • delete photos – (so satisfying lol)
  • plan a family dinner – (schedulded)
  • smog my car – (done√)
  • lunch date – (The Grad…cant remember the last time)
  • drink #hella water – (and pee all day long)
  • take a hike
  • find the perfect 2019 planner/calendar – (now I have to wait till Wednesday to order lol)
  • go apple picking
  • bust out all the Fall decor – (we’re half way there)
  • celebrate Mom’s big 6-0 – (love that lady)
  • mask + mani night with Bay – (our weekly thing)
  • register for 2018-2019 4-H – (It’s that time of year again)
  • phone date with Stover – (always feels good to catch up with a homie) 


Highlights from the weekend…….

I have to stop and thank all these pretty ladies right here.  They all showed up and supported and gave me all the feels.  So grateful for great friends + family to share life with!  Love you bitches!!!


So Friday we all met at Sarah P’s home.  Her gorgeous home.  We drank wine.  Lots of wine.  We snacked of pretty food.  Like this grazing platter below.  I whipped this bad boy up in about 5 minutes.  Candied walnuts, crackers, rosemary, dried apricots, brie wedge, olive tapenade, honey comb and prosciutto.

We talked, a lot.  The room was so full of laughter…it made my heart crazy happy!


We hit First Friday to check out bella moda boutique and Serendipity Boutique.  Personally, my favorite shops on Main Street.

Once I’m off my spending freeze, I’ll be buying this Tequila Por Favor tank!!!


And this succulent skull!!!


We took my Mom and her bestie, Ronda to The Stag.  My Mom, born and raised in this town has never been to The Stag.  So, we changed that real quick.


I can’t thank Sarah P for opening up her home and hosting all of us!  Love you homegirl!!


Happy Dance!


Coffee cake making.  Lots of DM’s for the recipe.  Click here: {gg’s crumb coffee cake}


Watching my nephew’s first football game.  GO Benny!!!


And taking selfies with Daniel ♥


Pit stop for a cold one


Bay beat me at connect four.  Once.  I kicked her ass 3 times in a row 🙂


My Dad declared his love for Chick Pea’s.  Which he initially said was disgusting.


Our wild Saturday night.  Flower pickini at the Mezger Family Zinnia Patch.  They are still beautiful.  Go get em while the gettin’s good!


I cooked.  Salmon sounded good.  Then I realized I had no lemon.  So I improvised.


That salmon though….


Over mashed potatoes and an artichoke on the side.  Dinner was delish!


Made homemade butter.  Now I never want to eat store-bought again.


Marinated red onions.  Topping everything with these.  Salads.  Sandwiches.  Steak.  Veggies.  Even my eggs.  Yummm!


Then I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning.  All I wanted to do was sleep in, but my weekday 4:30am wake up time had me up bright (actually dark) and early  Saturday and Sunday!


So I got shit done.  And spiked my coffee!

Image-1 (4)

We went out shooting.  Cory got a new handgun and we all wanted to test it out.


What the FUCK Madewell.  You didn’t get the memo: {spending freeze}


I caved and went to J.Crew.  In my defense, I didn’t actually spend any money at all.  I had a giftcard.  So it doesn’t count!  Right?  Right!!!


Sunday evening I volunteered with my Omega Nu sisters at the CASA event.  Always at the ever so amazing, Park Winters.  I’ve talked about Park Winters and my love for their grounds.  Here: {park winters summerland} Here: {friday 5} Here: {weekend notes} Here: {weekend notes}


Bathroom seflies with the bestie


Omega Nu sisters


Found my homegirl Nikki too!


And I linked ALL THE THINGS to my ShopStyle account for you too!

Last nights dress:


You can shop my whole outfit here: ShopStyle

Image-1 (4).png


Two new products I’m LOVING and you NEED in your life:

Hoola & Nars



If I wasn’t on a shopping freeze, here’s what I would buy NOW:

Things I Like



And in other news…..

Proud Mama plug:

Bay is straight up killin this Middle School thing.



That’s was a lot.  Ha!  So much to go over.  I’m so happy to back on here and I hope you love the new layout of xoxostacyb!


xoxo stacyb

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