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{friday 5}


It’s finally FRIDAY!  You guys, I knew it was happening, I let it happen.  Last week was a complete shit show.  HA!  I planned it that way, of course.  But, hot damn – I’m exhausted.  Straight up overstimulated!  I cannot wait to put my butt on the beach + enjoy the weekend with my family!!

But, first – I got some stuff on my mind……


ONE – Park Winters Summerland //  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at Park Winters Summerland.  My first influencer event.  It was nothing short of magical!  Great people.  Amazing vendors.  Delicious cocktails (still devastated I wasn’t able to stay for dinner)  Beautiful venue!  I’ll be sharing more next week!  BIG THANK you Park Winters for inviting little ol me 🙂

And I absolutely LOVED all the messages saying “yay, you wore the dress” it reassures me you guys actually read what I write 🙂  And yes, I had to wear THE dress!


Striped Ruffle Maxi Dress


TWO – Mrs. Chase Letter //  I finally got to cleaning out all the end of school year paperwork and whatnot.  Digging through papers, I found an envelope addressed to Bailey.  She opened it.  Read it.  Tears rolling down her cheeks.  Then I read it.  Also with tears rolling down my cheeks.  What a great reminder of how much we LOVE Plainfield Elementary School + Mrs. Chase, Bay’s kindergarten teacher 7 years ago! #plainfieldmustang forever ♥




THREESeka Hills Fireworks // My second time visiting Seka Hills this week!!!   Such a treat!  Last night was the annual Seka Hills Family. Fun. Food. Fireworks. 💥 It’s exactly that.   All our friends.  Arts + Crafts for the kids.  A photo booth even.  Chando’s Tacos…yumm!  And for the grand finale, the best firework show in our area!  



(Video cred: Danny)


FOUR –  Bay left me // Well, kinda!  She left for her annual Tahoe trip with her Gram + cousins.  One extra cousin this year, baby Daniel.  I get to see her tomorrow and again next weekend, so it’s not going to kill me…lol!  But, I have to admit, when she’s not home….it just doesn’t feel the same.



FIVE – Links I ♥

A powerful perspective….read it all!

Nope, I just can’t bring these back

But these, maybe? I actually owned a pair almost identical in high school 🙂

Another good Nugget Secret Special!!!

That grilled pizza though

Bought all the ingredients to make these over the weekend

Inspiring quotes

Who wants to go to Vegas with me?

NEED to get my hands on this cookbook 

The Quarter-Life Crisis is Real


That’s all I got today peeps!

Cheers to the freakin weekend!


xoxo stacyb


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