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{spending freeze}


top // denim // earrings // mules


WTF is a spending freeze?  Other than the worst idea I’ve ever challenged myself too!  I’m going to attempt the unthinkable.  I GAVE UP SHOPPING!  Insert crying emoji with the green squirt gun pointed to the crying emoji.  That should sum it up!

Hi, my name is Stacy and I have a shopping addiction.


What’s a spending freeze?

Basically, it’s a period of time where you don’t spend money.  Obviously I can’t not spend any money.  We gotta eat.  Pay bills.  Live.  I think every person would define this differently.  Like what exactly falls in the category.  For me, I gave up clothing + Target + online shopping.  Pretty much pausing on spending when it comes to all the extra “stuff!”


Why a spending freeze? 

Remember when I gave up alcohol for 30 days?  In case you missed it, I got your back: {i gave up alcohol for 30 days!!!} I’m still crazy inspired by the book Girl Go Wash Your Face.  You know when you get that one book and you’re like Yassss!  Give me more!  Ha!  She talks about giving up a food item for 30 days.  She claims that after 30 days, you’ll have a different relationship with that item.

Well I’ve decided to challenge myself to give something different every 30 days for the rest of the year.  Something hard!  Something crazy challenging.

So, gave up shopping on Monday, August 20th.  Just 3 very short days after completing NO booze for 30 days.


On Sunday, August 19th I…..

Said my good-byes to good ol’ Target!

Made my final in-store pick-up at my love, Nordstrom!

J.Crew took my last dollars.  Bye boo!  See you in 30 days!!

And Madewell, please kick it on the cute new-arrivals for a minute, K?

Why am I doing this to myself?  Because, why the hell not?  Why not challenge myself?

Pray for me?


In true Stacy fashion, I did place a couple of orders on Sunday, August 19th and they arrived this week.  Ha!  It’s not cheating.  It’s called planning ahead friends!  And this is something I truly excel at!

I put together a good ol Canadian Tuxedo to celebrate the death of my online shopping addiction!  Would you expect anything else 🙂


And it just so happens that EVERYTHING I’m wearing is ON SALE!

Here’s all the outfit details……




Chambray Ruffle-Sleeve Peplum Top ON SALE for $54!  I’m a sucker for chambray.  This one is different though.  The style is a little more elevated.  I totally stole that from Bay.  “Elevated” is her new word and I kinda love it!  The tiered sleeves.  The square neckline, which is so “IN” right now!  The feminine silhouette makes this top.

8″ toothpick jean in Newcastle wash with let-down hem Marked down to $70.  Use code: BIGSALE!  These 8 inchers are still on repeat.  I’ve told you all about them here: {third piece rule} here: {dupes + the pretty pink blouse} here: {do you kimono}.  So, as you can see I’m a BIG fan of this style denim!

Tortoiseshell statement earrings – Marked down to $25!  Use code: BIGSALE!  I reach for these statement earrings whenever I need to jazz things up.  Grab a pair before they are GONE!!!

Junebug Backless Mules – Remember I told you I have this weird thing with white shoes here: {morning routine + 1st day of school #ootd’s}?  Well, I’m over it.  Pretty much obsessed with these $22 backless mules.  Once I tried them on, I knew they were coming home with me.


I’ll be keeping a journal to document the days to come.  Today, I am 9 days into this 30-day challenge and all I can say is WHAT WAS I THINKING!  I’d rather give up booze than shopping!  HA!


xoxo stacyb

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