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{weekend notes}

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Weekend notes a day late.  Only for my Mama!  Hope you all had a good one.  Between Napa + volunteering + cooking + wine-ing…it was a nice weekend!  I woke up Monday morning ready to conquer the week.  Don’t you love it when that happens?


Intentions for the week:

  • Stay sugar-free (ish)killed it during the week/failed on the weekend
  • Drink 75 oz. of water a day aka 3 Yeti cups + a little more
  • Organize my closet (it’s on here AGAIN, I know)
  • Work out 5-days this weekAnd I actually enjoyed it!!!
  • Send back returns
  • Hang shit on the walls (not shit, but art/decor) Almost done!
  • Challenge myself to not place ANY on-line orders (last week was redic) – FAILED miserably.  In my defense, J.Crew was having a good sale and I had Nordstom bucks burning a hole in my pocket. 
  • Change passwords/update names for wifi + make a cute sign
  • Make smoked paprika roasted chickpeasmade another batch for this week…so good!
  • Get blonde again
  • Chill out on the BRAVO channel – Can’t stop, won’t stop


I’m getting the hang of this crossing shit off!  Take a peek weeks Intentions {weekend notes}


And here are some highlights….

Martini night kicked my ass Saturday.  But, I’ll do it all over again when Alex calls and invites me over for ”A” drink next time.


Especially when you’re 6:30 am alarm goes off to do a Kaia workout with Melika.  I didn’t die.  Almost though.

FullSizeRender (15)

I did wipe out the whole hour of exercising afterwards.  Believe it or not, I was an El Patio breakfast burrito virgin.  Until now!  I’ve been missing out…BIG time.

I also drank a soda the size of my face.  Probably haven’t had a soda since 2006.



A quick trip to Napa!

Dinner at Boon Fly Cafe made my dreams of staying at the Carneros Resort even bigger.  The grounds are to die for.  The price tag….Not so much.

FullSizeRender (16)



The fried chicken, that they are known for….legit!

And then I found this cute swing





If you follow me on Instagram Stories, then you are well aware of how I spent Sunday.

Meal preppin!

Pioneer Women Restaurant Salsa.  I always have a mason jar full of this in my fridge.  It’s my favorite, easiest, homemade salsa.  It goes on eggs + salads + chicken, you name it.


Chicken Burrito Bowls

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Whipped Ricotta + Feta Dip


3-bean salad

(I’ll share this one later this week.  It’s a good one!)


I even prepped everything for Monday nights dinner:

Steak Roll-Ups

Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream Pie

New York Times No-Knead Bread



Omega Nu sisters volunteer for the CASA event!



After our Friday night meeting, I was so inspired by the CASA organization.  I thought I knew what they were all about.  I had no idea what an impact they really make on kids in our community.  And now I understand why guests at the event are also so supportive of the CASA organization.  The speeches.  Watching the paddles fly up in the air.  We lost count at $150,000 during the live auction.  Speechless!

Oh and Park Winters isn’t too shabby either…….

That pool though.  I’m thinking we need a pool day soon!


Take a peek at the menu.


The food.  Equally amazing.  Look at the halibut ♥


Then it got dark and I think it got even prettier.


The server brought us cupcakes in one hand + chard in the other.  I think I may have fallen in love.  Ha!




I got messages asking for my dress details, so here ya go….


LEITH Body-Con Dress.



763 reviews.

It does run small, so order a size up.

Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress (GREEN WOOD HEATHER)


It comes in 6 other colors too!!!


And then I saw that there is now a long sleeve option….FML!  Remember my Intentions for the Week?

Ruched Body-Con Long Sleeve Dress





I made this blueberry coffee cake for Bay Sunday.  Her response after just one little tiny bite….



“it sucks”

Such a brat.  And I’m sugar-free (ish) and can’t try it till October 18th…lol.  I may have to sneak a bite and report back if it truly “sucks” or not.  With the ingredients I used, I have a hard time believing it.


Last night we celebrated my Mom.  She sent me her menu.  And the best part….she got all the recipes off my blog ♥  Man, I love that woman.


Here’s what was on the menu:

Steak Roll-Ups

Green Salad

Mash Potatoes

New York Times No-Knead Bread

Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream Pie



Have a great day, my friends!  Come back tomorrow.  Bay + I are sharing a new twinning #ootd for fall 🙂


xoxo stacyb

5 thoughts on “{weekend notes}

  1. We used to stay at the Carneros Inn when they first opened and the cottages were under $400. TO DIE FOR!!! I haven’t stayed there in forever. It was as dreamy as imagined with the softest bedding ever (I couldn’t see Jon in the bed next to me and he’s a mountain of a man), fireplaces stocked with an easy-light burlap sack of kindling for quick romance, heated bathroom floors, outdoor shower that connect to the shower in the bathroom (no running through the patio in your towel). Start a go fund me, haha. I’ll kick in!

    1. Thank a lot Cary! lol. NOW I want to stay there even more than before. Sounds amazing!!! I looked just for kicks…$1,000 was the least expensive for one night. #gofundme

      1. Ridiculous!! I could never go back to a place and pay 3 times what I used to pay. Just can’t do it!!! Nor would I want to spend $1000 a night. No!! You could go on a cruise for that.

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