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{a little of this + a little of that}


It’s been a while since I’ve rambled about random shit, so today felt like a good day to let it all out…….

Two days until July.  How did that happen?

This is blog post #671.  How did that happen?

Question: would you hang out with me if I rocked a La Croixswimsuit all summer?  I recently had to wean myself of La Croix.  True story.  I was straight up addicted. Told you, random shit ha!

Let’s chat IGTV for a sec.  Are you into it?  I feel like I just don’t have time for it..lol.  Is it bad that I’m (not so) secretly hoping it disappears?

And how about the Nordy’s Anniversary Sale?  I’m normally pretty pumped for it.  But, not this year.  Anyone else not ready to start buying fall decor, fall shoes, jackets.  WTF?  It’s not even July!!  How depressing.

Random thought: Growing up we were always told to NEVER get in a car with a stranger.  Now we Uber everywhere.  In a strangers car.  With a stranger driving.  We didn’t learn shit!

DYING over these flag plates.  Which also makes me want to set a pretty red, white + blue table.

About the setting a pretty table – What if I made it a monthly series?  Would you guys be into something like that?  I’d have to come up with a catchy name.

The Mexican themed table is no longer happening.  I just couldn’t pull it off.  I couldn’t get it to where I LOVED it.  So I scraped it.  Currently dreaming of a lemon + lavender table.

I have the MOST random crap in my Amazon cart.  Things I for sure do not need.  But, kinda want.  Wanna see?  Ha.  I’m gonna show you anyway: sand coasters // ice maker // crinkle cutting tool // skateboard tree swing // taco truck taco holders // cupping therapy set // live olive tree // fridge organizers // bug-a-salt // gray malin beaches

I’d like to think your Amazon cart also looks something like this?

Slob Kabob – I heard it on RHONY and I can’t stop using it.

Urban Dictionary:

typically someone who parties every weekend, skips class, doesn’t shower often and lives a carefree lifestyle of hanging out all the time, getting drunk and high and hooking up with other slobkabobs

Did anyone else catch Kim K’s insta-storyasking Tristan to unblock her?  I personally think it’s hilarious.

Cameran Eubanks (Southern Charm Cameran) if you don’t already follow her on Instagram, you should.  Anyway, she said that if you want to look younger……stop wearing eyeliner.  So I chucked my eyeliner.  I also desperately need to start getting botox.  But, now that I said that out-loud, you’re all going to see my next picture on insta and think, Dammmnnnn you really do need botox.  Ha!

DYING to take one of these classes at Silverado #bucketlist

BTW, Bay said I should start a go fund me and start going cooking school at Silverado…LMFAO.  She’s the sweetest, I tell ya ♥

I updated my nightstand + bed a little.  Added my table runner to the foot of the bed for some added texture.  I love white on white on white, so it totally made since.  I always have dried eucalyptus in my home.  Grabbed this arrangement from the downstairs bathroom…lol.  Swapped out some of my coffee table trinkets.  The eucalyptus candle that I scored from the Pixie Trader’s Vintage Market is so good.  I don’t even have to burn the candle and I can smell it as soon as I climb into bed.


Headboard // Bedding (similar) // Sheet Set // Standard Pillows //  Velvet Throw Pillows // Lumbar Pillow(from Ikea – sold out) other options //  // Nightstand(from Pier 1 – sold out) // Lamp // Clock // Woodland Book {Two Sisters} // Trinket Dish // Garden Orb // Candle Pixie Trader’s Vintage Market


Original post: {the linen headboard}

Today is jam-packed!  Kid stuff.  Park Winters.  Seka Hills firework show.  Gotta go!  Have a good one friends!!!

xoxo stacyb

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