{weekend notes}


Peace out weekend.  It was good, real good!

MONDAY!  I’m ready for you.  Let’s do this.


Intentions for the week:

  • pick strawberriesmake a trip to Pacific Star Gardens so fun
  • make a salad with strawberriescoming next week
  • get blondeThanks Allison!  I picked up a bottle of purple shampoo with toner that I’m excited to try.
  • work on Spring Show buyers letters/buyer giftDone + Done
  • complete Bay’s 6th grade yearbook custom pagesBay was pissed last year that I forgot her custom pages, so she’ll be pleasantly surprised this year…lol.  
  • plant an herb garden – we made a plan, need to tackle it after Spring Show
  • mother’s day gift guideit’s a good one, coming next week 
  • balance checkbookthat was scary
  • order new reusable grocery bagsin route 
  • plan/pack for camping trippeace out! 


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes} 



Highlights from the weekend……


Rachel’s Birthday //

In high school we’d ditch school on 4/20 and drive to the city for the day to celebrate Rachel’s birthday.  Now we uber/carpool to early dinner reservations downtown Woodland, so we can be home before dark lol.  But, still having a blast since 1998.  #oldaf #stillfunaf

Happy Birthday Rachel!!



Watering day //

Pulled out all my babes and get them some water.  I think I am becoming the crazy plant lady..lol.  And I’m totally okay with it too!



Pixie Trader’s Vintage Market //

Did anyone else go and say HI to Two Sisters at the Market Saturday?  So much cute stuff.


Check out all the goodies I came home with…..

Flowers + Woodland Book + candles + kitchen towel + these glasses + bath bombs and more.



Strawberry Picking //

Pacific Star Gardens posted that their U-Pick Strawberries are ready to go.  Each Spring we make a point to head out and pick berries.  Go home and make something delish with them.  I made a beet + strawberry salad.  It was killer, and I don’t even like berries..lol.  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Pacific Star Gardens is open 7 days a week from sun up till sundown.  $3.50/lb for organic strawberries.  It’s one of those seasonal things I love doing with Bay!



Lunch date //

Nikki came over and I made lunch.  Grilled chicken.  Asparagus.  Beet + strawberry salad.  It turned out so good.  With a side of Nichelini Rosé.  Notice my new glassware?  I picked up 6 of these glasses from the Vintage Market for $5!  I fell in love you guys.  The lady that sold them to me said they are for dessert.  I was like, noooo, Rosé would look so much prettier in them.  I can’t wait to style them and set a pretty table with them.


This is the salad I made with the strawberries Bay + I picked.  So different.  So good!



Bay Bakes //

4-H Spring Show Baking entries were due this weekend.  Bay made her peanut butter pie in an Oreo cookie crust.  Those judges are lucky people, let me tell ya. Oh and another Vintage Market find…..”let’s bake some shit” kitchen towel.  You’ll be seeing this on repeat!



Bring your homies to the pig barn //

Rodeo + Clover just kickin it.



I can’t believe I convinced them to come with us..lol.  Must have been the wine bribe that worked 🙂

photo cred: Kate



My girl //

Cuddling after her sleepover ♥



Color Factory //

The Easter Bunny, aka ME (as Bay explained to me on our way to SF) Brought Bay Color Factory tickets for Easter.  We’re still on our “experiences” kick.


Stepping into the rainbow.


Stairway to Happy!


Each room is filled with color.   Treats.  More color.  Confetti.  You name it.  I almost think I liked the Color Factory more than the Museum Of Ice Cream.  For reals!

Now I’ll overshare a shit-ton of pics for you to see for yourself 🙂





Giant Light N’ Bright


Green room


Ribbon room


Even the bathroom was decked out.  Pink EVERYTHING!


Confetti room.  Bay’s favorite.


That shit got everywhere.



Charcoal lemonade




The yellow room





Then they send you on your way with a mini ice cream in hand.  No better way to finish off a museum, if you ask me.


If you’re considering taking your kiddos….DO IT!  It only here for a limited time.  Make a fun day in the City out of it.


Palm House //

This place has been on my radar since it opened.  And Flores, which I will be hitting up next kid-free SF trip.  They’ve both got a killer outdoor seating area.  Good food.


Palm tree in the center of the restaurant.


But, I highly don’t recommend taking kids on a Sunday evening.  It was like a frat house. Everyone was shit faced and drinking out of fish bowls.

I mean, I was kinda jealous, to be honest…lol.

Look at those tacos though.



Ice Cream Bar SF //

Pit stop for ice cream!  I’ve read so many great reviews about Cole Valley and how it’s the up and coming neighborhood in SF.  We loved it and found this fun spot on our way.




Shopping //

No trip to the city is complete without a little shopping.  Another gem in Cole Valley, Tantrum.  It’s a children’s boutique with so many adorable finds.


Bay picked out a glitter B + some strawberry earrings ♥


Cutest party section ever!



Ocean Beach //

Quick stop at the beach, always!  Dipped our toes and I followed Bay’s footsteps along the beach.

Nothing like ending the weekend sitting in the sand watching the sunset!


Ocean Beach showing off for us.



Kaia //

Back at it this morning.  Hoping I can get in workouts Mon – Fri again this week.  That shit had me feeling all kinds of good!



Words //

Just some words I saw floating on the web and liked.  So, I’m just gonna leave them right here…..



That’s it folks.  Have a great week!


xoxo stacyb

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