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{friday 5}


Frrriiiidaaayyyy!  Did you happen to check the weather forecast for mañana?  (I had to google how to do the ñ = Alt + 0241 try it!!)  Sunshine + 70 degrees.  I’ll take it considering it’s going to get cold and possibly rainy next week.  It’s been a very productive week.  Bay got her official 4-H officer shirt.  So cute.  Celebrated Fat Tuesday with a homemade King Cake.  Bay got the baby, so she’s in change of planning the next party/dinner.  Lent is in full swing.  We celebrated Valentine’s day ♥ Bay + I ugly cried for about 1 hr 53 min last night watching Wonder.  SUCH a great movie!  I completed week #1 of Kaia CORE this morning #sore

Speaking of this morning……

Do you ever have a day where you feel like a human garbage disposal?  I’m not sure what the hell happened to me this morning, but I could not stop eating.  Just to hold myself accountable, and so you can probably laugh your ass off.  Here’s what I consumed from 6:15 ish till 11am:

ACV shot

coffee with collagen

egg over leftover roast veggies

handful flaming hot Cheetos (they fell out of the snack bag I was packing for bay’s lunch)

chocolate covered macadamia nut (I totally thought they were gone…score)

another handful flaming hot Cheetos (damnnnn, I forgot how good they are)

package of fruit snacks (while I got ready, duh)

coffee #2

la croix


Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll (so so good)


Please tell me that this happens to other peeps every now and again?  I’m kinda freaking out…..

And I currently cannot stop thinking about lunch!


Enough of that, I’ve still got 5 things on my mind…..


ONE – Lent //  You guys are NEVER going to guess what I gave up for lent?!?!


No f bombs for 40 days.  FOURTY days!

Every.single.person I’ve told, laughed.  Nobody has any faith in me.  Let’s clarify….does this mean I cannot say bad words.  But, I can still type + text them, right?  Ha.  I’m giving up both.  The f bomb is probably one of my most typed words in my text messages.  My iPhone no longer auto corrects to “ducking”

As recommended, I’m wearing a rubber-band around my wrist and I snap myself when I say/write a bad word.

Bay says my wrists are going to be black + blue by day 40 🙂

I think I got this!  Oh and yesterday’s post didn’t count, since it was written pre-lent 🙂

Bay gave up YouTube.  Which is HUGE for her.  She’s a YouTube junkie.

Pray for us, K!!



TWO – The BBC // Do you watch Summer House?  It’s my current guilty pleasure.  Is it crazy to admit, I envy their rosé (googled that one too…é = Alt + 0233) guzzling, party hopping good time?  They work in the city Monday – Thursday.  Then re-join in the Hampton to let loose all weekend.  And when I say let loose, I mean like reallll loose #workhardplayhard


Let’s take a moment to talk about the BBC.  You know, the only other beverage they consume all season, other than rosé.  BBC = Banana + Bailey’s + Coconut.


I found the recipe….


  • 2 oz. Bailey’s
  • 2 oz. Pina colada mix
  • 1 oz. dark rum
  • 1 oz. Cream of coconut
  • ½ Banana, sliced
  • 2 cups ice
  • Whipped cream


How in the hell do they stomach that?  Then get butt naked and skinny dip.  I’d be puking for sure.


THREE –  Roasted Cauliflower //  I found this meme and laughed sooo hard.  You have no friends, there is only cauliflower.  Ha!

I came up with a new invention last night……


As I was roasting my {sheet pan sausage + veggies}, I decided to throw a bag of frozen Green Giant® Riced Veggies Cauliflower Medley on a foil lined baking sheet and roasted with the veggies. Veggies on veggies.

425 degrees for 20 minutes.

The results:


They got all roasty + slightly crunchy crust.  Obsessed.  I will be roasted my cauli-rice from now on!

So much better than my normal stove top cooking method.  Try it friends.  Then throw your xoxostacyb sheet pan sausage + veggies over it.  So killer.

Anyway, that’s my new invention.  Unless someone else is already doing it?  Ha!  I haven’t seen it done, but I also haven’t googled it yet either.  Damn!






FOUR – Coffee Table // I had some questions about my coffee table this week from my insta-story.  It’s constantly changing.  Every time I sit down to watch TV, I’m swapping something out.  Today, it looks different from it did here (tuesday).


marble coffee table // white pitcher // wooden beads // coasters // book //

coral (Bay brought back from Maui for me) + Trader Joe’s tulips



FIVE – Links I ♥

this tote needs to be mine

oh and how about the Petite Woven Basket Bag

kinda obsessed with this Frida print

The Assembly in SF Mission District.  Such a cool idea!

Want to see this movie

Watch for Davis Pedals (brewbike) on the streets next month

And a new champagne bar, Fizz coming to DOCO

Totally doing this 36 questions on our drive today

The most “liked” instagram photo ever

Ordered these adorable eyelet sneakers for Bay

Extra 20% off all sale items at Madewell


Have a great weekend!!


xoxo stacyb




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  1. I think you will have more luck if you stick with me and go to church every weekend during lent, than not saying Fu*k!!!

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