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{friday favorites}

SHOP: Smocked Button-Front Top | Button-Front Thermal Tank Top ($10) | High Rise Cuffed Denim Shorts | UO Flat Brim Felt Fedora Hat | Paperclip Chain Necklace | Coin Necklace | Bud Light Lime Ha!

Surviving off of liquid assets…..and by that I mean surviving off of bud light lime 🍻🙃 You see, I’m starting a cleanse next week so my thinking is, drink a lot now so I won’t even miss it 🤷🏼‍♀️

Welcome to another week of Friday Favorites. A random list of things that caught my eye and things I’m really diggin at the moment!

SHOP: Marble Coffee Table | Bolinas Area Rug (only $62) | Scuffette II Slipper (worth the price tag)

I got so many DM’s asking me to show you how I made this arrangement. I didn’t. I can’t take cred. I typically always do my own, but the other day at Trader Joe’s (the ONLY place to buy fresh flowers) I spotted this $12 beauty. Full of white flowers + greenery. I had to have it. So hit TJ’s soon and get yourself one of these arrangements.

EATING // Pizza, obvi. Maybe I can get Cory to take me out for pizza? Hmmm.

SCROLLING // The new Hearth + Hand Fall collection that becomes available Sunday. I’m going to round up all my faves + must-haves tomorrow morning and write a post. On a Saturday, which never happens. As you know – this shit sells out FAST! So you have to act FAST! Stay tuned!

FOLLOWING // Home Decor insta accounts like crazy. So inspiring. I get stuck on someone new and I have to go through their whole feed: Foxhole Farm House | House Of Hire | Joinery & Design Co. | Halfway Wholeistic | The Lovely Cottage

LISTENING // Tay-Tay’s new album? Are you into it? Or hate it?

WATCHING // Yellowstone. If I can figure out how? Help a sister out. I know it’s on Paramount, but how can I watch season 1 + 2? My TV isn’t smart, at least I don’t think it is. Do I need a Roku thingy?

DRINKING // Bud Light Lime….AGAIN! And chardonnay. And tequila. Gotta drink it all before Monday 🙂

MAKING // My zucchini lasagna. It’s basically Sara Blickle’s lasagna, just noodle-less. So good. Maybe I’ll share next week. Oh and prepping ALL THE THINGS for the cleanse.

WEARING // This Flutter Short Sleeve Embroidered Blouse tucked into my fave AGOLDE Dee Shorts. Or this super cute Ruffle Apron Front Short Dress.

LOVING // A good ol day trip. A change of scenery. We have a table reserved at Hog Island and I’m so excited for oysters dipped in hog wash. What should I wear?

DOING // Picking up more Storage Bins to finish organizing all my Holiday + decor. Cory got this Garage Storage Shelving Unit and keep everything nice + tidy. And I’m loving it.

BUYING // Cheez-It White Cheddar & House Wine Rose Box |More of my fave bowls Stoneware Avesta Bowl White |Mine + Bay’s fave combo: Kristin Ess Signature Shampoo // Kristin Ess Signature Conditioner| Pink Twinning tee’s with Bay  Rolled Cuff Short Sleeve Boxy T-Shirt ($8) | Flutter Short Sleeve Embroidered Blouse | Ruffle Apron Front Short Dress |Black Wood Hangers | Sink Caddy | White Upright Smiley Dustpan With Broom

SHARING // Some links I liked this week…..

You guys were just as pumped about my cookie sharing this week too. The new place in downtown Woodland: Stirred, Not Shaken Cookies. And after trying for over a week, I FINALLY got my hands on some Halfsie Cookies from New York. Let me tell you – they are 100% worth the hype. Here’s what you gotta do (coming from someone who tried every day for 5 days straight) First, create an account. Add your payment info. Set an alarm for 8:55am. *RESTOCK SUNDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 12 NOON EDT* And get you some cookies. They will sell out while in your cart, so you have to check out QUICK! WOW – that’s alot of cookie info Ha!

And now you all know why I’m starting a cleanse…lol! For those interested, I wrote a whole post on it. I take the Renew Life 3 day-cleanse. Then follow (to a T) the “Look Better Naked 2-day cleanse (for 3 days). Read all about it and see the exact meals I had: 3-Day Cleanse

Crushing on green after drooling over this Spanish Ranch-Style Home

If Paris wasn’t always a dream, how cool is this new Socially-Distant Floating Cinema

Does anyone have the VOLOOM Rootie The Rootlifter? I hear it’s amazing. For $100 I want to hear more about it first.

Indian Springs, I really want to take Bay here for her Birthday. Just the two of us.

Hey Tik Tok-ers, are you moving to Triller?

Did you enter my {giveaway} yet?

My outfit details…..

Smocked Button-Front Top | Feels very Free People-ish to me. It’s meant to be worn buttoned up, but I was feelin this.

Button-Front Thermal Tank Top ($10) | Comes in lots of color options. Bay + I both have these and dig them!

High Rise Cuffed Denim Shorts | Been rockin these shorts for 2 summers now. So that means they’re good!

UO Flat Brim Felt Fedora Hat | I got asked about my favorite hats the other day. This one is on the top of the list. Maybe I’ll round up some good ones next week.

SHOP: Smocked Button-Front Top | Button-Front Thermal Tank Top ($10) |High Rise Cuffed Denim Shorts | UO Flat Brim Felt Fedora Hat | Paperclip Chain Necklace | Coin Necklace | Bud Light LimeHa!

You can find each item from this post by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Okay friends, that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow for my Hearth + Hand Fall Collection preview. It’ll get you all pumped up for a little Sunday Funday Target trip!

xoxo stacyb

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