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{weekend notes}

Good morning! Happy June! It’s officially the last week of school. Which basically equals = shit show. So many things happening as we wrap up the school year.

I accidentally deleted my on going to-do list on my phone. Like it’s gone, gone. I checked my deleted and it’s not even there to restore. At first, I was really, really stressin. Like sweat stressing. After I realized there is nothing at all I can do about it….It was kind of reveling. I’m sure there will be something I forget to do, but it’s okay.

Intentions for the Week:

  • celebrate my girl Nicole’s Birthday
  • fill in my June calendar with ALL THE THINGS
  • hit the gym mon – fri
  • hang with my nephews
  • sit by the pool
  • go to bed at a decent hour (why do I wanna be a night owl lately?)
  • listen to Bay give her Treasurer speech
  • wash all the windows + sliders (it’s amazing what a difference it makes)

This week on xoxostacyb: Putting the finishing touches on my Father’s Day Gift Guide. Hoping to squeeze in a recipe. Tips on how to have a better Monday. And we’ll see what else I can come up with…lol!

Highlights from the weekend…..

You guys, I made breakfast tacos. Using the egg white flats. I found them at Walmart. Right next to the eggs. I think they were about $2.50 for 6. Heard you can get jumbo packs at Costco. Do it. They are so good. I cook them in a pan till they get nice and crispy then add my toppings. Deli turkey. Egg white. Almond mozzarella cheese. Avocado. TJ’s everything but the bagel and some dragon hot sauce. I’m hooked on this breakfast. TONS of protein and so good.

Kicked off my Friday with a repeat. I can’t stop wearing this lace sleeve top from J.Crew. It’s so comfy! Annnddd…my Free People shoes. Major repeat! I warned you!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Little wine sipping at Matchbook Winery. They’ve extended they’re hours and now stay open till 8 pm on Friday evenings. It was such a beautiful evening. And that view.

Every time I wear this Brixton Joanna Hat I get questions about it. This color (black + cream) is out of stock, but I did find an almost identical one. I linked it below.

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

The wine clearly kicked in here….you can tell by that shit-eatin’ grin Ha!

I can’t wait to go back one night when they have a band and food trucks!

Taqueria Guadalajara per Bay’s request. She was craving nachos.

I got a burrito bowl no rice. Just pinto beans. BOMB DOT COM! Try it!

I found this funny Millennial Bingo. I’m not exactly considered a Millennial…I’m a 1982 baby, but damn – 19 out of 25? lol How many did you get?

Welcome June! ONLY 18 days till the official first day of SUMMER!

I tested the theory “put your gym clothes on right when you wake up and you’re more likely to go to the gym”

And I made it Saturday + Sunday morning. So, I’d say it works! Working out on the weekends is my least favorite thing to do!

We celebrated by sitting at the pool.

Then margaritas with my girl Sarah.

Saturday night dinner in. I made a flank steak with a roasted corn salsa and it was legit! We rarely stay in on Saturday night. Seems like there is always something planned. It was really nice for a change. Even watched some Dateline…till I fell asleep.

Sunday Funday

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

We celebrated our girl Korine. She’s just like wine…gettin’ finer with time!

We tried out Mas Taco Bar. Food + margs were delish!

We even acted like total adults and went home at a reasonable hour. #OLDAF!

Happy Birthday Korine! Love ya!

Record book complete! The worst part of 4-H is that damn book. Why does it have to be so complicated?

Happy Sundae

Made the executive decision to go back to Weight Watchers starting today. And I’m Very happy about it. I’m all about trying out new things, unfortunately not everything works for every “body”

I learned a lot counting macros and will for sure incorporate some of the recipes into my WW diet. Like these egg whites + chicken sausage stuffed in a Joseph’s Pita. So good!

And lastly, this evening I’ll be sharing an American Eagle Try-on. But, here’s a sneak peek for all my xoxostacyb readers.

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Have a great Monday and a kick ass week!

xoxo stacyb

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