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{weekend notes}

Well hello to the Monday-ist Tuesday there ever was!

Question: If you could drop everything today, and travel anywhere in the world…..where would you go?

Mine will forever be Italy. I love experiencing new places. Near or far! Taking photos. Walking around. Currently suffering from Major Wanderlust, can you tell? But, sitting at this beach did the trick this weekend.

Intentions for the Week:

  • Work on our Summer Bucket List
  • Dedicate an evening to all our fave self care
  • Plan out Bay’s summer (babysitting + camps + vacay’s)
  • Make some dinner’s
  • Finish Girl, Stop Apologizing (such a great book)
  • American Eagle Try-On…they’ve got some cute shit!!!
  • Finishing touches on the front porch
  • Father’s Day gift guide for all the dudes in our lives
  • Count my Macros + log everything
  • Chill Out!

This week on xoxostacyb: You got my {Italian Salad} yesterday, and I truly apologize that it posted without the actual recipe yesterday. On my end it looked as though everything was just so, but I used a “page break” instead of a “read more” option. Which cut off the ingredients + directions. It’s corrected now! Other posts coming this week….my front porch refresh. Some fun dresses that wont break the bank. And maybe even a salmon recipe.

Highlights from the long weekend…..

We stopped at Bridal Veil Falls on our way to Tahoe Friday. It was the largest I’ve ever seen it in my years of driving to the cabin.

Pit stop at Strawberry Lodge, but I’m sure you already guessed it.

Beer in hand standing in front of the fire. This is the spot! And I vowed to wear red, white and blue ALL weekend. And I did! ha!

We also, always, without a doubt, have Lake Tahoe Pizza for dinner our first night. We’re clearly creatures of habit!

Lake Tahoe, you truly are the bee’s knees

You’re The Bee’s Knees Mug

Saturday’s agenda: celebrate National Wine Day wholeheartedly with a glass of Bogle chard in hand. Which I did! My wine glass can hold almost an entire glass of wine, so that helps…ha!

J.Crew happens to be having a killer sale. My lace sleeve top is $12! And my clogs are 60% off! I added a couple other items below that are on super sale too! Along with the rest of my outfit details. ANNNDDD, my big ass pretty wine glass: Schott Zwiesel Sensa 24oz Wine Goblet

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

The skies were blue and it was a gorgeous day in Tahoe!

We finally got to check out Sand Harbor Beach! You guys, it’s like the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in Tahoe. The water is crystal clear. There is a walking trail that takes you though the whole beach with lots of little hidden areas.

With views like this…..

And they serve rum runners and you can take them down to the beach and sip them in your beach chair.

I’ve basically died and gone to heaven! I cannot wait to go back once the weather is a little warmer so I can sit my ass in the sand for the day!

Quick trip through Spooner Lake so Cory could check out the fishing situation. I think this may be the first Tahoe trip in a very long time, that we didn’t have a single bear sighting.

We did some wine tasting at Revive Coffee & Wine, because what else would one do on National Wine Day? To be honest, the coffee (lavender latte) looked better than the wine. But, I was committed…lol.

Some mini golf at Magic Carpet Gold, which brought back some major childhood memories. Anyone remember the old amusement park that was next door? They had the jankiest rides, but damn, it was so cool.

I also realized, I really, really don’t like mini golf.

We woke up to snow. It felt like December all over again. Typically we are sitting on Pope Beach Memorial Day Weekend. Not that case this time!

Change of plans…..Cory got lucky at Harrah’s and Bay spend a shit ton of money in the arcade. We tried the new Pick 6 restaurant for lunch it was delish and fun.

The Cabin! I promise to get the sign back into tip top shape by Summertime.

And we had a snowy drive home! I have to admit, it was crazy pretty though. We left Sunday afternoon to beat the traffic. Having the entire Monday at home was amazing!

I pulled out all out red, white + blue and decked our halls!

Even did a full DIY! Remember the Target hanging basket? I shared it here: {friday 5} It’s sold out, but I’ll share some similar below. Dollar tree flags and a piece of floral foam.

The finished product. Festive AF!

Here are some similar hanging baskets you can find at Target…..

We sat by the pool for the first time this year! And it was fantastic.

Worked on the front porch for a bit. Even got Cory to put up my new dining room light and switch around some lights out front. It’s crazy how satisfying yard work + housework can be.

We barbecued hot dogs. Fancy AF, and good AF! And we tried shishido peppers + fries in the air fryer. Both turned out so good. I’m going to try a coconut shrimp next!

And lastly, today #ootd since I noticed my Pom-Pom Sleeve Top is on MAJOR sale. Mine is actually from last year, but it’s back. Kinda want the white one too. My new iPhone tortoise shell case is also on sale! I’ll be rockin these Free People Sandals all summer long…they are so good.

Have a great SHORT week and see you back here tomorrow!

xoxo stacyb

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