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{friday 5}

Friiiidaaayyyyy! 11 days left till SPRING! (I just googled it) Goodbye Winter. Gimme all the sunshine. I woke up early AF, like always. I made the decision to skip the gym and clean my house for 2 hours. And I feel really fucking happy about that decision. There’s something to be said about starting your day with a workout, trust me, I get it. But, leaving for work on a Friday morning with a clean AF house. It’s pretty close up there too. I did a little shimmy as I walked out the door. Ha!

Weekend plans: zip. zlich. nada. Which makes me slightly anxious. Being sober and all. What will I do all day? Anyway, have a great weekend! Do all the things. Have a drink or two for me, k?

Before you get your weekend started, I’ve got 5 things on my mind…….

Sherpa Sweatshirt ($39) | Abercrombie

ONE – Abercrombie Sherpa Sweatshirt //

I interrupt regularly scheduled programming to bring you some BIG news! The Abercrombie Sherpa Sweatshirt (you know, the one I live in) is currently 40% off! Are you guys sick of my talking about THE sweatshirt yet? lol. I can see a bunch of you have purchased it through my previous links. BIG thank you! And I hope you love it as much as Bay and I do. Runs true to size. I’m a medium in Abercrombie. Bay can rock it too…it’s just a slouchier, more over sized look. It comes in 3 color options. Solid black and a light pink chevron print. Let me know if you pull the trigger 🙂

Leopard Patchwork Top // Hexagonal Flat Ray-Bans

TWO – Returns //

When I get those DM’s and messages saying “you can wear anything!” Ha! Proof that not everything I order works out. According to Weight Watcher’s I’m officially 20 lbs over my personal comfortable weight.(FML, we’ll chat about that more next week) So, NO. Not everything fits. Or works. I just know how to dress my body where I feel my best…lol. And I try to ONLY share the things I truly dig. That’s certainly NOT everything I order or purchase. I paid a lot for this Leopard Patchwork Top. I had the highest hopes. Nope. I’m a little too old to have my midriff showing. And the back is completely open. So sad, because the actual print is so, so cute. These ever so popular Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Sunnies. Again, hard NO. My face is way to round to rock these, but damn really fell for them.

Bay's Favorite $1 Blueberry Muffins

  • Servings: 12
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

THREE – Bay’s Favorite $1 Blueberry Muffins //

Here’s what you’ll need:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line cupcake pan with non stick spray or 12 liners.

Mix 2 muffin packets with 1 cup water. It will be clumpy. Divide into 12 muffins.

In a small bowl add sugar + flour + cinnamon + butter. Using the back of a fork, mash the cold butter into the mixture till you get a crumbly consistency.

Top each muffin with streusel topping.

Bake for 16-18 minutes.


FOUR – Cory’s in Sunny Florida //

Cory sent me this photo from the golf course today in Florida. He’s on a guys golf + fishing trip. I cannot tell you how jealous I am. They did have a few hiccups. Southwest lost all their luggage. Including golf clubs. Cory’s clubs are to him, as my denim collection is to me. Irreplaceable. Ha! They were finally delivered to them last night and all is well in the world. Bay and I and Timothy + Archie (the already miss him so much. It’s easy to take for granted all the things people do for you. And you really see it when they’re off on vacay.

FIVE – Click + Read //

Bunch of random shit that caught my eye this week…..

Have a Happy Weekend! Do all the things! Drink all the booze…ha! Have one for me, k?

xoxo stacyb

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