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{old navy try-on}

Over the weekend, Bay and I hit up Old Navy!  It was actually my second trip within the week. You guys, they’ve got some cute shit right now.  Those price tags are legit too. I found some great J.Crew + Abercrombie dupes (look-a-likes for a fraction of the price)

Old Navy is a great place for simple basics. Cardigans. Tees. Sweaters. Especially today – everything, even clearance, is marked down 30%. No code needed 🙌🏻

I’m totally loving their buy online store pick-up. Does that even make sense? Truth – Old Navy online prices are always, without a doubt, better than in-store. So you buy all your shit online, select the store. Then pick it up. Ordered are ready within the hour and are held for up to 7 days. I’ll chat more about it at the end of true post too.

Bay came along and I taught her ALL THE THINGS dressing room try-on. You gotta start then young, right lol.

And I almost died when I realized Bay is now in women’s sizes.  What the hell? All the girls styles looked so toddler-ish. So, we grabbed some x-smalls and to my surprise….they FIT!

We even grabbed a cardigan that we can share. Talk about eye-opening. My girl is almost as tall as me too.

Anyway, we snapped some pics of the things we picked up. Some things we passed on this time, but still really liked. And a few items have been added to the good ol Christmas List.

Here are some of our faves!


Slim-Fit Curved-Hem Thermal-Knit Tee for Women

We both agreed this was our favorite tee. Super soft and I always love a curved-hem. Looks great front tucked or untucked.  ONLY $9!  I’d recommend grabbing a couple of colors!



Ruffled-Shoulder Lace-Trim Shirt

Reminds me of the J.Crew Ruffle-neck eyelet top except this one is only $23!  And I actually prefer the sleeves on this Old Navy top better than the expensive one.



Relaxed Classic Soft-Brushed Twill Shirt (white plaid)

If you ask me, there is NO such thing as too many plaid shirts.  They come in so many color + print options, I say the more the merrier!  This one is a little longer, making it perfect for a front knot (without showing your belly) and front tuck.



Bay Slim-Fit Rib-Knit Mock-Neck Tee //  Me Ruffle-Trim Clip-Dot Top

LOVE this mock turtleneck on Bay.  She said it’s for old ladies though.  WTF?  Ha!  Old lady or not, I dig the color combo.  My top is so much better in person.  Super flattering.  And ONLY $23!


Floral-Print Georgette Swing Blouse

Really trying to add some color to my closet.  I’m currently listening to Reese Witherspoons Whiskey in a Teacup.  And according to Reese, blondes should rock LOTS of color.  So, let’s give it a shot!  At $14 why not!


Relaxed Plaid Twill Classic Shirt (blue plaid)

This flannel is super cozy + cute.  It’s always excluded in the sales, but totally worth the full price tag.



Bay Plush-Knit Long-Line Open-Front Sweater // Me Ruffled-Shoulder Lace-Trim Shirt

Bay & I both brought home one of these cardigans. I got the pink-grey-ish one last week and Bay went for the black. Her newfound love for cardigans is really real.


Lightweight Quilted Jacket

Like the Abercombie version, but better.  It’s super lightweight, making it great for layering.  And let’s be real, here in California – a heavy jacket really isn’t required.  This is currently $31 and comes in navy too!


Catcus-Print Tie-Hem Shirt

Remember my Madewell cactus top?  It’s similar.  This one is $17 and I paired it with the cardigan below and it was so good.  Kinda hard to tell, but there is a hint of pink in each cactus so it went really well with the pink in the cardi!


Plush-Knit Long-Line Open-Front Sweater

It was love at first sight.  Best $27 bucks I’ve spent in a LONGGGG ass time.  It’s a great length.  Has pockets.   And it’s cozy AF!  Been rockin it with my pj’s for my morning coffee + plant watering session.  You know it’s good when you wanna pop it on with pj’s!


Sherpa-Lined Black Denim Jacket

Black denim + black sherpa!  I may love this one more than the Target + Levi’s denim version.  Looks so good with a pair of jeans.  And I love a black jacket.  It’s $34 too!


Ruffled Georgette Bell-Sleeve

Another pop of color per my homegirl Reese.  Also coming in with a whopping $14 price tag.


Textured-Stitch Turtleneck Sweater

$15 and a great closet staple.  One of those easy everyday tops that you’ll tons of wear out of.


Open-Front Cardi-Coat

Do you even pass on something, then think about it non-stop.  That’s what happened with this cardigan.  It’s more of a coat.  Feels wayyy more high-end than $35.  Super thick.  LOVE the texture.  I may be making my 3rd Old Navy trip to grab this so I can stop dreaming about it.


Ever notice that Old Navy online prices are wayyy better than in-store prices?  A lot of times you’ll see a promo that says “on-line ONLY”.  But, if you’re like me – you hate paying shipping.  Or sometimes you just don’t want to wait for 7-10 business days for snail mail.

Old Navy now has the order on-line, store pick-up.  You know, kinda like Target.  But, better.

  • pick out all the shit you NEED!
  • plug-in the promo code
  • select the store closest to your home.  Or work – go on your lunch break.
  • hit “purchase”
  • within 1 hour, you’ll get an email that your order is ready to pick-up
  • best part – you can go right away or within 7 days
  • go to the cash register, show your ID and get your order.
  • unlike Target, you can exchange or return anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t LOVE.  No 24 hour waiting period, like Target.

I love the in-store pick up options nowadays.  Saves me a crap load of time + money.   And I hate walking around the store looking for that ONE thing I saw online.  Anyway, just a helpful tip for my fellow shopaholic 🙂

You can click on any of the images below and be directed to Old Navy’s website!  Today they are offering 30% off NO CODE required.

Happy Shopping!

And remember – you can always message me, text me or leave a comment if you need any help with sizing or finding an item!  I live for this shit!!

Have a great day and hope your Halloween hangover isn’t too bad!!
xoxo stacyb

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