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{morning routine + 1st day of school #ootd’s}


denim // top // kimono // heels // earrings 


The beginning of a new school year is kinda like a fresh start.  New Goals.  New routines to help us put our best foot forward as we head out the door.  Which all make me happy…..once we work out all the kinks.  HA!  The begging always tends to have a rocky start, let’s be real!

That’s where planning comes into place.  I’m always looking for was to prepare either the night before or first thing in the morning to make our mornings a run little smoother.

Here’s what we’ve implemented to make an EARLIER than ever start-time work in our house:


The Weekend Before:

  • meal plan (breakfast + lunch + dinner for the following week)
  • grocery shop (I do this on Thursday’s or Friday’s for the following week) 
  • make a list of lunch main dish options (sandwich, quesadilla, lunchable or leftovers)
  • fill snack bins see ours on {slow cooker salsa chicken // and back to school hacks}
  • meal prep (wash, slice, chop and roast veggies.  bake muffins – for Bay’s breakfast.  prep anything that can make your life easier) 
  • outfit plan.  Have everything for each day: top, bottoms, chonies, bra, socks, shoes.  EVERYTHING! (I even did this for myself this week and it’s such a time-saver) 


The Night Before:

  • fill Hydro Flask or water bottle
  • make lunch main dish
  • fill lunch bags and leave in the fridge
  • don’t forget a lunch box love note 🙂
  • pack + clean out backpack/bags for the next day
  • lay out gym clothes for the morning
  • Bay showers at night
  • this year we did 1st day pictures the night before!  #lifehack


Image-1 (1)


The Morning:

  • up bright and early for GTL (gym, tan, laundry) minus the T & L…lol.
  • time batch.  Set a timer and get as much shit as possible done (anything that needs to be cleaned, folded, loaded etc)  You’d me amazed at how much can be accomplished when a timer is set!
  • ACV shot + shower + get ready
  • Bay wakes up and gets in my way…lol.
  • grab #ootd
  • throw lunches in our bags
  • Bay grabs a muffin, I grab a shake (going to miss my morning eggs) and out the door.


Are you still there?

Boring, I know.  But, I get asked ALL THE TIME, so there you have it.  Our “new” morning routine.

Now on to the good stuff….#ootd’s

IMG_3684 (1).jpg

dress // top // shoes // backpack // letter board


Bay’s #ootd details:


Dress –  Corduroy Mini Overall Dress Thanks for voting on my instagram stories last night.  We went to Forever 21 yesterday to pick up a couple of things and I spotted this dress.  I begged Bay to try it on.  She wasn’t too sure about it.  I put it on a poll and asked if she’d wear it, if she got 30 “YES” votes and she agreed!  By the time we went to check out at F21 there were already 40 “YES” votes.  Thanks friends.  It brings me back to the Clueless days.  Totally something Cher would have rocked!  But, Bay didn’t get that reference.

Top – Just a basic Target Tee shirt.  Nothing fancy.

Shoes – Someone told me that in middle school you have to own a pair of Checkered Classic Slip-On Sneaker.  Thanks Kissey + Tio for making sure she was fitted:)  I also own a pair of these and they are one of my faves too!

Backpack – I scored this HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO. Retreat Backpack during the Nordstrom sale last month.  More than I’ve ever spent on a backpack.  Bay claims this will last her whole middle school carer.  Maybe we should do a poll on that one too?  Hmmm!

Letter Board – This Amazon Letter Board was a gift and I can’t tell you how often I pull it out.  No printables needed this year.  The 10 x 10 board that Bay’s holding is only $13!


And yes, I do buy myself a back to school outfit too!  I think all Mama’s should get a new #ootd for the special day…Ha!


denim // top // kimono // heels // earrings 


My #ootd details:

How much white is too much white?

I’m all about a monochromatic look.  Typically I’ll pull it off with black on black.  But, never have I ever tried white.  And I kinda dig it!

I broke it up a little with the duster/kimono.  Next time I’m just going for it.  I even bought white mules the other day.  Which is totally out of my comfort zone.  For as long as I can remember, I have always loathed white shoes.  I mean, not sneakers.  Converse…totally fine.  Addidas, also okay in my book.  Heals + slides + flats…no way!

I slid my feet into a pair and thought, wow…I like it.  They are super cute.  They might make a debut this week on Friday 5??


If you look hard enough, you can see a fair taco stain right in the center of my favorite white t-shirt.  FML!  ha!

Kimono – Target Knox Rose brand.  I cannot for the life of me find it online, but Davis Target store had TONS of them.  I’ll keep checking back to see if they stock it on-line and let my peeps know 🙂

T-Shirt – J.Crew Mercantile V-neck studio T-shirt I’ve told you about this Tee before in {10 summer closet staples}.  It’s $14 and comes in a bunch of color options.  I love the fit and it’s my grab and go Tee at the moment.

Denim – I feel like a broken  But, that shows that these jeans are legit.  8″ toothpick jean in white Indeed are: {the perfect white denim}  I have put them  on more times that I should admit 🙂

Heels – Another repeat offender.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get so much wear out of the STEVE MADDEN Irenee Ankle Strap Sandal The heel is low low low low….you know how the song goes…lol.  You can see them styled in a few posts….

{the perfect white denim} 

{third piece rule}

{june in review}

{weekend notes}

Earrings – These Disc Charm Mini Hoop Earrings are the newest addition to my earring addiction.  They go with EVERYTHING.  I love the dainty look to them.  And the price tag is killer $22!


Incase you haven’t bought yourself a new #ootd for back to school, bella moda boutique (orignially from Dixon, newly re-located to Woodland) is now open.  They have cute stuff!  Super reasonable prices too!  Thinking I should do a try-on sesh next week?  What do you think?  Anyway, Serendipity + The Fancy Paint Brush + bella moda boutique are hosting a ladies shopping night tomorrow.  Wine – hell yeah!  Appetizers – now you’re talking!  And SHOPPING!  Go get yourself something cute!  You deserve it!



xoxo stacyb


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