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{i gave up shopping for 30 days…kinda}


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Sorry for the bit of radio silence yesterday, it has been a crazy week.  I worked on this post and just flat-out ran out of time.  Some posts take a hell of a lot longer to write than others.

Today is the day.  The day I’ve been looking forward to for 30 days.  Can you guess why?

My spending freeze has come to an end!!!

You can read more about my {spending freeze} here.

Yesterday, actually.  (Remember this post is a day late)

I had originally planned to spend my beloved lunch break at the one, the only, Target.  I have been in the store ONCE in the last 30-days.  And it was only to pick up an order for Bay.  Not me.

But, my homegirl Sarah P posted that Trader Joe’s FINALLY got their pumpkins.  Detour!  I ended up spending an entire hour stacking pumpkins and sending Sarah pictures.  Because my indecisive ass can’t make big decisions like this alone.

Proof – Just like Rachel Hollis preaches, when you give something up for 30 days, your relationship with said item, forever changes.  I truly believe this!  Not like I’m never going to shop again.  But, it wasn’t the first thing I did.  Which is shocking as shit!

Now today, shit.  Today is a different story.  Once I had time to really gather ALL THE THINGS that I’ve had my eye one, I pulled the trigger on another J.Crew order.  Ha!


On Monday, August 20th the hardest 30-days even began.  I kept a little journal…..

I’m not going to lie.  I cheated a littttle bit.  In my defense, I had NO fucking clue how hard not shopping would actually be.  I mean, I gave up booze for 30-days.  So, this should be cake, right?  NEGATIVE!

August 20th – What the FUCK Madewell?  Promo codes on my first day of a shopping freeze?  Alex called and rubbed it in a little.  It

August 22nd – Today I spent some money.  And damn, it felt good.  It was all for Bay and they money was set allotted for her birthday in advance.  And for the record…I didn’t even go over…I was under what I originally budgeted.  Can I get a whoop whoop!

August 25th – I without a doubt bought the $20 Free People top from TJMaxx.  My mom told me to, so it’s her fault!  I suck at this!

August 27th – All I wanna do is go to Target!  But, I can’t.  It’s just too dangerous.  And I’m entirely too weak today.  Going for a walk on my lunch break instead.

August 28th – I snuck into bella moda boutique, the new shop in town.  I tried on some of the clothes.  Everything smelled so new and fresh.  It felt so good to slip on a brand spankin new top.  For the record, I didn’t buy a thing.  Just tried on.  22 days to go!

August 31st – I failed FML!  Without a thought in the world, I drove to Bath & Body with my emailed coupon in hand.  Bought a Leaves candle.  Didn’t even hit me till I called my mom to brag about the GREAT deal I got.

September 3rd – Labor Day promo codes!  I’d rather give up booze that this!

September 5th – If I could shop, this is what I’d pull the trigger on TODAY!!  This ASOS pink Vero Moda Ruffle Front Sweater is under $30….Dead!  Not sure what I’d do with a Pink Tassel GarlandBut I would have FOR SURE bought this during the sale + free shipping last weekend.  These Wranglers are so, so good.  And they will 100% be sold out by the 19th 🙁  This lace tank, I want it for our Portland trip so bad.  I know exactly how I’d style it too!  Wonder if I have someone buy it for me, and pay them back on the 19th?  Hmmm!

September 9th – I went to J.Crew!  There I said it.  I bought a dress too.  One I’ve had my eye on.  I’m justifying this as only kinda cheating.  In my defense, I did have a gift card.  Therefore I didn’t “spend” any money.  Right?  I got a fucking rush walking out of Arden Fair mall with that bag in my hand.

September 11th – Today I spent my lunch break at J.Crew Factory.  Didn’t buy anything – just to clarify.  I did, however, try on a shit ton of their new arrivals.  Rushed back to work and placed them all on my wish-list where they will be nice and safe till the 19th!  8 goddamn days left.

September 14th – Accidentally ended up on J.Crew’s website.  And somehow hit “place my order” I used the rest of my gift card, so that’s okay?  I think?  I grabbed this Scoopneck henley shirt Lisa Allen raved about.  This Striped cape-scarf and for Bay “L.A.” sweatshirt.  My total was $60.  You can’t pass up a deal like that.  Sorry, not sorry!

And Finally……

September 19th – I went to fucking Trader Joe’s?  Who am I?  What happened to me?

How could a spending freeze affect me more than No booze for 30 days?

NEVER, EVER will I do that to myself again.  In the meantime, while I was trying my hardest to not spend money, I did get our garment rack all set up.

I spent time ironing things in my closet.  And I hate ironing.  Found some things I forgot about.  Made some new outfits with things I wouldn’t normally pull out.

Bay and I now set out our clothes on this garment rack every Sunday for the entire week.

Cory came up with the genuine idea to hang our jeans – Shower curtain hooks.  Brilliant!




I’ve linked everything we used to create this space on my ShopStyle page.  You can find it here: Garment Rack + all the details

Keep scrolling for a few more photos……


IKEA RIGGA Clothes rack

Image-1 (5)





Moral of the story, I’d rather give up booze!  What will I give up come Monday the 24th?  Nothing!  Haha!  Cory + I are leaving for or Portland trip and I’m not evening thinking about it till we return.  What should I give up next?  Any suggestions?

xoxo stacyb

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