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Just got off the phone with my Mom.  Spent the whole convo bitching about my day.  And it’s not even that bad.  I’m just tried.  Grumpy.  Hungry.  You know, a shit day!

My Mom added, that I’d normally go buy myself something cute.  But, guess what?  I CAN’T!  I debated on it though.  I did spend some time online “browsing.”  And if I was NOT on a spending freeze, I for sure would have bought myself the Anthro mug + this workout tank + DYING for this open front sweater-blazer (that will 100% be sold out by the 19th of September) + the yellow floral sweatshirt…I die.  The Old Navy bomber jacket or the Abercrombie pink bomber?  That would be the real question.

So I grabbed a red bull + some dark chocolate almonds instead.  And I’m happy to report, I’m feel, maybe a little better than I did an hour ago?


And it got me thinking……

What I do when I have a SHIT DAY:

  • Cry, but only for like 5 minutes.  Set a timer even.  Grieve what ever it is that’s got you down.  Then you gotta be a gangster!
  • Call your Mom.  Your homegirl.  The one that just listens.  Then probably says something so absurd that you can’t help but laugh your ass off!
  • Put on your favorite album, preferably not George Strait today though.  And rock out!  Sing as loud as you can.  Like GG in the picture above ♥  If that doesn’t make you smile, then we can’t be friends.
  • Drink a shit-ton of water.  Water is the cure-all.  And chances are, you’re gonna follow it up with a shit-ton of booze later.  So, you’ll be hydrated AF!
  • Go to Trader Joe’s and buy yourself some flowers.  They are utterly healing.
  • Watch or listen to something that makes you laugh.  Mine: ashleylongshoreart Instagram or It’s Hot As Hell!! YouTube you’re welcome!
  • A long ass walk or workout  #endorphins
  • Pet a dog.  I read that somewhere, but that for sure wouldn’t help me.  Probably great for an animal love though.
  • If you’re not on a spending freeze…then buy yourself something really fucking cute.  Like one of the items I linked above.  That would for sure do the trick.
  • Happy Hour!  Sometimes you gotta just drink-it-out!
  • Then go home, take a bath.  Do a sheet mask or paint your nails.
  • And go to bed.  Call it a day.  Tomorrow is a new day and it’s bound to be better, right?


If you’re having a shit day too, cheer up buttercup ♥


xoxo stacyb


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