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{i gave up alcohol for 30 days!!!}


Last night I fell off the wagon and indulged in my first glass of chard (or any alcohol for that matter) in 30 days!

THIRTY FUCKING DAY!  One month.  4 weeks.  720 hours.  I was about to calculate the minutes, but I think you get it!

Remember in {things I’m afraid to tell you} I told you “I drink” a lot?  And mentioned I was giving it a break for a “moment in time”  remember that?

The first question I keep getting and I’m sure you’re thinking…..Why?  WTF are you thinking?  It’s valid.  Why give up booze when you intend to drink again?  I get it!

Well, I kept kicking around the idea of giving something up for 30 days.  Rachel Hollis preached about it in {10 habits by rachel hollis} 


Give up one food category you know you shouldn’t be eating. Caffeine, white bread, refined sugar, Diet Coke, dairy, meat– whatever, just choose something you know it would benefit you to do without. I’m not asking you to give it up forever, just 30 days. When you kick the habit for 30 days I promise you you’ll never go back to eating that item or you’ll at least eat WAY less of it.

I’ve given up sugar.  I’ve given up Starbucks.  Not to be mistaken with coffee.  NO, way Jose.  Just Starbucks.  I even gave up cursing this year for lent.  I’ve given up wine….then drank beer + tequila instead lol.  I wanted it to be something hardcore.  Something to challenge the living hell out of me.

How about alcohol, I thought?  WTF am I thinking?  These are actual thoughts I had by the way…lol.  I would look at my calendar and see all the social events scheduled and said noooo, not this week.  Maybe next week?  Then I woke up one morning with wine head (if you drink wine, you know what I mean) and I decided that it was THE DAY!!!

Nothing happened.  Nothing cool and gossipy to report.  I just decided to give it up alcohol and see what happens.  I 100% did not have very much faith in myself.  Sad, I know!  I realistically gave myself a week.  Tops!

Here’s how it all went down…..

Week one was a breeze.  It was still new, so I was into it!  Feelin’ good.

Week two, not so easy breezy.  We had an out-of-town weekend long family reunion.  I talked about it here: {weekend notes} What I didn’t mention (to anyone, really) was that I was sippin’ La Croix in my Yeti cup all weekend.  Not booze.  I drank 10 of them to be exact…haha.  It was HARD!  We sat by the pool for hours upon hours.  Where I would normally sip bud light lime from the time I woke up till…..till the time I fell asleep.  Just keeping it real.

Week three, I fucking got this.  I was more than half way there.  I went to a 40th birthday party.  Boating.  Out to dinner.  And even a wine event at Tabor Ranch: {weekend notes} And went to the Casino till 1am…DEAD SOBER!  Things I never even imagined doing without a glass of wine or bud light lime.

Week four, excited AF!  Let’s be real, excited for the 30 days to be over!  Excited for that glass of chilled chardonnay the size of my damn head.  I decided to give up sugar the final week to top it off.  I must have been trying to torture myself, right?  We spent the day exploring Half Moon Bay.  I had a sugar-free red bull.  Went to a friend’s house for dinner.  Mastered a killer mock-tail. I’ll share it below!  OMG, who am I?  Mock-tail?  I can’t even believe I just typed those words.  And finished off the weekend with a family birthday party.  With a La Croix in hand.  This whole {weekend notes} was straight up booze FREE!

Not to mention, life has been beyond CRAZY!  In the last 30 days, things have gone down that would normally cause me to drink very large volumes of Bogle Chardonnay + Patron straight from the bottle.  I’ve taken on a side hustle that has my brain spinning non-stop…In a good way!  My kid is going to fucking middle school.  Let’s just say, I’ve dodged some major hangovers!

Then last night, day 30.  One month.  4 weeks.  720 hours later.  I met my homegirl (drinking partner for life) Alex, in the Mojo’s bar.  I ordered a big ass glass of chilled Matchbook chardonnay.  Took a sip and almost cried.  A happy tear.  Just kidding.  But, damn it was so, so good.


What I learned?  Being sober isn’t that bad.  You wake up feeling amazing.  You remember EVERYTHING.  Imagine that?

Let’s talk sleep.  I never slept so well since, well, since as long as I can remember.  My fitbit sleep patterns were impressive.

Motivated AF!  I worked out everyday.  Even on the weekends.  Which is pretty unheard of, for me.  I increased my fitbit daily step goal to 15,000.  And reached it or more almost everyday.

Gut health?  At an all time high!

My skin looks + feels better than ever.

Weight loss.  Yessss!  I lost 8 lbs.  6 from booze for sure, and I think the renaming 2 lbs from giving up sugar the final week.  Which I’ll surely gain back with a weekend at the Yolo County Fair…lol.

Would I do it again?  Hell yes!  I think everyone should try it.  Why not?  What do you have to lose?

What’s next?  I’m going to give up something completely different for another 30 days. Stay tuned.  I’ll be sharing soon!!!



And before I let you go, just in-case for some weird ass reason you’re into mock-tails…Here is a KILLER drink!  I’m actually drinking one as I type, because I’m hooked.

But tonight, that’s a different story.  I’ll be double fisting keg Coors Light at the Yolo County Fair!



  • pure La Croix (unflavored)
  • fresh mint leaves, about 4
  • 3 slices lime
  • 3 slices cucumber
  • ice, lots of ice


To be honest, I didn’t even know La Croix made a plain sparkling water till last week.  Now it’s my go-to!

Muddle the mint + lime in a cup.  Basically you want to gently mash it up a little to release the juices from the lime.  It will smell so good.

Add lots of ice.  Pour La Criox + add cucumber slices.

Add vodka!  Just kidding.  It’s a mock-tail.  But, you can totally add vodka.  Tequila.  Whatever the hell you want!



xoxo stacyb


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