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{friday 5}

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Happy Friday!  Hope all is well and you’re on your way to a great weekend!  My weekend plans: double fisting keg beers at the Yolo County Fair!  What else would one do during Fair week?  A BIG thank you for all the sweet messages on yesterdays {i gave up alcohol for 30 days!!!} post!  My current response: If I can do it, you can 🙂


Let’s chat about 5 things on my mind this Friday afternoon…….

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ONE – You can only keep 3 //  I keep seeing this floating around instagram.  I find it super interesting to see what peeps top 3 are.  This is hard!  I feel like 3 isn’t that fair.  I feel like we need at least 5.  Right?  I’m going with:

  1. Coffee
  2. Jeans
  3. Wine

In that exact order too.  lol.  But, now I want to know what would be your 3?  Dry shampoo would for sure be #4 for me.  And tacos for sure #5!



TWO – Trader Joe’s finds //  I have a feeling I’ll be spending more + more time at TJ’s in the near future.  I haven’t told you guys what I’ll be giving up for 30 days beginning next week.  A piece of me doesn’t want to say it out loud…#indenial.  I think giving up booze will be wayyy easier than this one.  Anyway, I popped in to grab my weekly stems + Bogle Chard, and I spotted some new shit to try out.  Probably my least healthy TJ’s trip of all time…lol.

Spanish Olive Cream Cheese + BIG Soft Pretzels + Chocolate covered sunflowers + individual sun-dried apricots + Fruit leathers + Bay proclaimed her love for pears?

I’ll report back what we love!



THREE –  Lee Middle School // I feel like I keep talking about it.  Maybe I’m trying to make if feel real?  Still in complete shock that next Wednesday, I will be dropping my little girl off at Lee.  Bay picked up her schedule Thursday morning and guess what?  She got zero period.  Meaning, her drop off time is 1 whole hour earlier than ever before.  7:30 am.  For the first time in 7 years, we’ll be missing the tradition of morning donuts + photo’s at Raley’s.  I also realized that I need to work on getting my shit together.  I recently started time-batching in the mornings to help keep me on track/on time.  For some reason I wake up inspired AF!  Which makes me want to do it all before 7am.  But, leaving the house by 7:20 is going to be tricky.  Which also means, I’ll be to work early.  EARLY!!!  I think that’s happened like once or twice in my whole  Luckily I’m always up for a challenge!


FOUR – Hearth & Hand // Last week Chip + Joanna Gaines added over 50 new products to their Hearth & Hand collection at Target.  The we collection + colors got me a little excited for Fall.  Gimme all the blue glass.  And that bathroom decor is so good too.

Here’s what I’ve added to my shopping cart:

Faux Olive Leaf & Crespedia Garland // Vanity Mirror // Butter Dish Glass // Wire Bins // Footed Serving Bowl // Dartboard Set & Scoreboard // Throw Pillow Striped // Bath Towel Striped // Milk Server Glass // Kitchen Towel Set



FIVE – Links I ♥ //

I Tried the Diva Cup, And Here’s What Happened

Ordered one of these for Bay’s P.E. clothes

Salty Lashes wore this top last weekend and I think I need it too

Best NYC hotels under $200 a night.  Read great reviews on The Jane.

Who wants to go?

Wide Open Walls map.  Dying to get to Sac and check them out.

Kristin Cavallari’s new home…dammnnnn

Headband of the day, Headband of the day

Yumm, must make this asap

Obsessed with this Top Shop tortoiseshell bag


Okay gotta go!  Off to have fun!  Cheers!!


xoxo stacyb

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  1. Neve Bros. is AMAZING! Stop in next time you’re headed to the coast! They are the sweetest family and their farm is gorg

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