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{weekend notes}


Good morning!  To be completely honest, I cannot believe it’s already Monday.  I spent the last couple of days in Tahoe and it’s like I blinked and boom, the weekend was GONE!  Not a fan of a Holiday landing on a Wednesday.  Do you celebrate all week?  Last weekend?  Or next weekend?  I say we just celebrate all July?  What do you say?  I get lots of questions about where to eat.  Where to hike.  The best beaches in Tahoe.  I’m thinking of doing a South Lake Tahoe blog post.  Is that something you’d be into?  Leave a comment and let me know : )


Intentions for the week:

  • Blog June recapDone {june in review} 
  • Grill peaches for dessert(and a peach galette) 
  • Renew AAA roadside – (a must with all the miles I’ve been putting on the old Pilot)
  • Hike a new trail
  • Make a recipe from the Inspiralized & Beyond Cookbook
  • Take lots of pics with Bay’s Instax camera – (harder than it looks…iPhone pics are so much easier) 
  • Surprise the kids with a breakfast donut board(cool breakfast idea for the kiddos)
  • Celebrate the 4th of July in Tahoe (So much fun with the fam!)
  • Watch the fireworks from the beach(it’s a tradition) 
  • Wear red, white + blue all week long(I rocked all three tops
  • Put up all the American Flags I can find(always)
  • Cook with salmon #craving(made baked salmon over lemon spaghetti…BOMB)
  • Survive the work week + HWY 50(barely) 



Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend…….


Friday night, date night //

I’ve been wanting to check out the Revival at the new Sawyer Hotel in Sac.  But, if you’re a male, you cannot wear flip-flops.  At a bar that has a pool?  Hmmmm!  Doesn’t make much sense to me.  Since Cory, (and I’m sure 90% of males on a 100 degree day) were also wearing flip-flops, we were turned away.  Question, are guys encouraged to rock dress shoes + shorts?  End of rant!

So we checked out Punch Bowl Social again.



When Stover’s Home //

We get together for drinks + a catch up sesh.  Stover even shopped my closet for her outfit 🙂  Missing some homies, but always a good time.  The three of us here, we’ve been friends for over 20 years.  Crazy!  We can reminisce about the good old days all night long!


Caboodle Poll //

I got another 100% poll Saturday morning.  Every person who voted, once owned (or still has) a caboodle.  I love when classics become popular again.


Beach Cover-Up //

I was so excited to pack this cover-up, that I totally forgot to wear it….Ha!

SZ Blockprints™ for J.Crew Kitty top

Image-1 (1)

Peace Out //

Bikes loaded up, hitting the road


My favorite Place //

Found my favorite peeps at my favorite spot Saturday morning.  Pope Beach!


Bay + Daniel ♥


Straight Chillin


Daniel loved my hat


Electra Snobs


Gangs All Here //

One of the perks to our cabin, a brewery right around the corner.

Image-1 (4)


South Lake Tahoe Brewing Company

Love their blonde



We ended up making ourselves at home at the brewery, once we found out there was an active shooter in our neighborhood.  SWAT + police EVERYWHERE!  Right up the street from our cabin.  Luckily it didn’t go on all night.  They finally got the bastard and we were able to go home.  Definitely makes for an interesting night!

South Lake Tahoe – deadly shooting


Trying new recipes //

I tried to make a grilled bloody mary mix.  It was a flop.  The idea was perfect, but execution not so much.  Next time I need a blender.  Not giving up though…lol.


My Panzanella Salad was a HIT though!  I’ll be sharing this one soon.  I even make homemade croutons….yummmm!


Bay’s fruit pizza.  Recipe coming Wednesday 🙂


Backyard Bears //

Did you catch my video yesterday?  We had not one, but three visitors.  Actually, maybe we are considered the visitors.  This Mama and her cubs appear to live in the neighborhood.

This photo of the bears taking a little siesta kills me.  That can’t be comfy, right?


Beach Lunch //

I love packing beach sandwiches!  Leftover chicken + all the fixings on an everything bagel.  BOMB!

IMG_8784 (2)

To the beach!


We tried a New (to us) beach Sunday.  Our original plan was to hit Sand Harbor, but who knew the beach fills up by 8am?  We got there after 9am and there was no parking and no entering.  So sad.  We’ll have to try again on a not-so-busy day.  So we ended up at Kings Beach.  Beautiful beach, but not Pope.  We’re Pope Beach peeps till the end.


The kids had a blast 🙂


Daniel giving Bay all the cuddles


Run Runners //

We always find our way to Camp Richardson for a rum runner.


The cover band was bad ass!  You couldn’t help but dance.


Daniel was diggin it


Not the real Sonia, just a look-a-like.  This chick straight up talked, walked, looked + danced just like RHONY Sonia!

Image-1 (3).jpg

We found Bay’s homegirl Emmy ♥


Daniel + Gram


Refill please


Why, thank you!


Got a new beach tote and I’m really happy about it!


Off To Dinner //

Our bikes got us to and from dinner + drinks!


My girl ♥


Pit stop for beers, always


Basic #cousins

This is what happens when you ask to take a picture lol


Taking in the Tahoe views


Image-1 (5)

Park play before bedtime


All the fun eventually has to come to an end.  At least for me it does.

This was the smoke-filled sky line as I came through El Dorado Hills around 5:30 this morning.  So sad!



That’s a wrap.  A fun, VERY eventful weekend in Tahoe.  I can’t wait to spend the next two weekends in the same spot!


xoxo stacyb



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