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{let’s have more fun on summer weekdays}

Rainbow Sweater Tank | Denim Skirt ($16) | Clogs ($40) | Sunglasses | Rope Bracelet

The days are long but the years are short. I get it. But, so is the summer. Sometimes waiting for the weekends to do all the things summer is just straight up torture. Saturday’s + Sunday’s are great and all, don’t get me wrong. But, why not have just a little more fun on the weekdays too?

By the way…..

There are only like 35 days left of summer before school starts.

45 days till Fall.

and brace yourself…..

160 days till Christmas!

Here are 5 simple things that I, for one, would normally reserve for the weekend. I’ve decided to switch it up and make my weekday vibes a little brighter and really take in the summer days….

ONE – Try a new cocktail recipe.

Gather all the ingredients for a fun summer drink. Find those cute little drink umbrellas…at Target or Dollar Tree. Pull out a pretty glass. And fill it up! I typically pour myself a glass of wine as I make dinner. But why now switch it up and try some new beverage recipes. Nothing screams summer like sitting on the patio with a cocktail in hand. I want to try this:

Spicy Skinny Margaritas // Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Cocktail // Each of these Summer Cocktails look delish. And I will 100% be making Floral Ice Cubes. I’ve made them before with herbs and lemons. So pretty and such a fun Summery touch!

TWO – Go swimming.

Sun’s out Fun’s Out! Fill up the floaties. Grab some otter pops…or mom otter pops (from Costco). And head to the pool. Even better if you have one in your backyard. Drop the to-do list and get your float on. Play some good music and relax. Or if you’re lucky enough….head to the lake or ocean if you live close by. Oh and something I’m working on. Submerging. Sounds silly, but I never put my head under water. But, I’m going to! And actually swim. Not just sit. I may be pushing it…ha!

Loving these fun floaties: Cactus Float | Suns Out Funs Out | Banana Sling

THREE – Invite friends over.

Gather around for your favorite TV show. With lots of snacks + booze. Or maybe a happy hour appetizer party. Potluck style. Definitely not something I regularly do on a week night, but why the hell not? Remember when I hosted a Rose Tasting? So much fun!

Check it out here: Rose Tasting?

FOUR – Go to the movies.

Snagged tickets to see The Lion King tonight and the new Quentin Tarantino movie next week: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And I felt like such.a.rebel. Ha. We never go to the movies on a week night. But, why the hell not? Who doesn’t want to eat a tub on popcorn for dinner and sneak in wine to sip? Did you know that all new releases come out Thursday evenings? Even when they announce the date as Friday? And it’s normally wayyy less packed!

FIVE – Schedule a midday hour

Look at your calendar and plan out 1 hour of the day to do something you never make time for. Leave your phone in the car or at home. For me – I love to walk the arboretum on my lunch break, but I rarely make time for it. Or go for a bike ride right after work. Before you settle in for dinner + nightly chores. Lunch date with a friend. Actually write in on your calendar. Like an appointment. One you cannot miss.

Rainbow Sweater Tank | Denim Skirt($16) | Clogs($40) | Sunglasses | Rope Bracelet

And obviously wearing rainbow stripes for all the summer vibes. I promise wearing rainbow is an instant mood lifter!

Rainbow Sweater Tank // Currently full price. I sized up to a large (typically a medium) since I read the top was a little cropped. And it’s the perfect length on me. Bay made fun of me, but I 100% LOVE this tank. It’s sweater material but super lightweight and breathable. I can promise you will see me rocking this on repeat!

Denim Skirt // On sale for $16! SIXTEEN dollars! I paid a helluva lot more than that for it…ha! Runs true to size and it’s the most flattering white denim skirt I’ve tried on all summer. And I was on a mission. Sizes are picked over. Here is another J.Crew White Denim Skirt (also on sale $29) and also very cute. I stuck with the J.Crew Factory skirt for the front buttons. Kinda gotta thing for them at the moment.

Clogs // Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of hearing about the damn clogs! lol. Sorry, not sorry. They are currently marked down from $128 to $40! Re-fucking-dic-ulous. Today is the last day so runnnnn! They come in black too! I was dead when I saw how many of you ordered them last night. Can’t wait to twin!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

It’s Thursday so go get tips! And come back tomorrow. I’m spillin the tea on some blog stuff. Like – “how do you make money” Since I’ve legit been asked by 5 different people this week alone. It’s no secret, so we’ll chat about it tomorrow!


xoxo stacyb

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