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{hosting a rosé tasting}


Today we’re talking about one of my favorite subjects.  Wine!

Wine flies when you’re having fun!

Ain’t that the truth.  4 bottles between 5 girls….GONE!  Ha!

It was all in the name of the Rosé tasting game.  So, it was for a good cause.

Remember the time I convinced some girlfriends to do the {3 glasses} wine game?

I clearly have a thing for wine games 🙂

BIG thanks to Greta + Sarah P + Korine + Sara for playing along with another one of my crazy ideas ♥


I hosted a Rosé tasting + OC Housewives premier at my house the other night.  I think it’s safe to say the two go hand in hand.  Wine + Bravo!  Right?

I get asked ALL THE TIME “what’s your favorite rosé.  One you can grab at Target when you’re gathering all the other shit you really don’t need.  Except the rosé.  You actually NEED the rosé.

So I put my homegirls to the test.  I bought 4 bottles of rosé from Target.  Covered them in tissue paper.  And handed out score cards.


Here is the order we tasted:

Bottle #1 Dark Horse $7.99

Bottle #2 California Roots $5

Bottle #3 La Vieille Ferme $6.99

Bottle #4 Josh $10.99


The results:

3 out of five picked bottle #2 California Roots as their top rosé.

So it was the clear winner!  Who knew a $5.00 rosé bottled by Target would win the hearts of 3 ladies?

Goes to show, price tags don’t always matter!



Now  lets talk about all the details.  That’s always one of my personal faves.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 bottles of wine – Target
  • Wine scoring cards – See below
  • Wine bottle numbers – See below
  • Thick tissue paper – Target 
  • Felt Letter Board – Amazon
  • Wine glasses
  • Pencils or pens


Wine tasting cards – Etsy!

Image-1 (3).png

Printable Numbers – Free Printable



Wrap up the wine bottles with tissue paper and number each one.

Open the first bottle and give each guest a tasting.  Or more for good measure.

When you grab bottle #1, stick bottle #2 in the freezer.  You want rosé cold AF!  At least, that’s how I prefer my rosé.  Or you can use ice cubes.  Which I’m also a fan of.  Edible flower ice-cube recipe below……

We chatted about the wines between commercial breaks.  Sometimes hitting the pause button too.  HA!

Each wine was completely different from the first, which made for good discussion.   Then we talked about how crazy Vickie + Shannon were on the ropes course.  I truly felt for the poor person that had to lead those crazy bitches though the course.  You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with those old bitties.



And if you really want to take it an extra step….

Edible floral ice cubes look extra gorgeous in a glass of rosé.

They are not difficult.  They are not time-consuming.  You really do get a bang for your buck here!

You really only need ice-cube trays + edible flowers + water!  Not so bad, right?


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Edible flowers – I stuck with roses, but google it and find all the edible flower options that can be used!
  • Large ice-cube mold but any old ice-cube tray will do the trick


Here’s what you do:

Divide flower petals between the ice-cube tray.  Use your imagination.  I’ve done mint + lime.  Lemon + lavender.  Herbs work great!

Fill with filtered water.

Pop in the freezer for about 2 hours and you’re good to go.



If you’ve got a girls night one the calendar….throw together this fun rosé tasting.  Get a little tips + have a good time 🙂


xoxo stacyb

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