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{how I make money blogging}

SHOP: Crochet Sweater | Black Denim | Clogs ($40) | Sunnies | Starbucks Tumbler

Thirsty Thursday got the best of me. I’ll blame it on my Mom! We went to see The Lion King. Made a detour at Nugget after the movie for a bottle of wine. Found out they are having a sale on Bogle (my fave) $6.99 a bottle. So, we ended up getting 3. And a loaf of bread and cheese. Dinner!

Currently surviving on mass amounts of coffee, Lumify drops (THE best), kids chew-able Tylenol and my dark sunnies…ha! Seriously worth it. Sometimes you gotta get a little tips!

So, this week alone, I’ve had 5 people ask me about my blog. Not really sure why I post clothes. And why I always say “link in bio”. And “you make money?” Honestly, it never crossed my mind that everyone and their mothers didn’t already know what I was up too.

I’m spillin the tea on what I do . How I do it. And Yes, I do make money. Since it’s such a HOT topic. And it’s no secret, so I’m laying it all out.

Before I dive in, I want to THANK you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank you to those that shop from my blog, facebook or instagram. I hope you know how much I appreciate when you take the time to shop through my links. I work really hard to find the best sales and deals. To make it convenient for you! Truly, I enjoy it. And your continued support makes it that much more fun!

You. Are. The. Best!

So here’s the tea sis…..

“How do you make money?”

Last September I joined the ShopStyle Collective CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Platform. Much like, if you’re familiar to that app.

Which means, I earn a percentage of every sale I drive through ShopStyle supported retailers. Retailers range from Target to Nordstrom and J.Crew. TONS more too. Those are just my top stores that I shop from.

For example: The J.Crew Factory Clogs. I go to J.Crew Factory website. I “Linkit” to my ShopStyle account. Meaning, I add a commission link. Which I then use across all my social media. So anytime you click on The Clogs from my website: My facebook page. Or my Instagram “link in bio” that is my commission link.

If you decide to purchase The Clogs, after clicking on my link. I get a percentage of that sale. It’s pennies on the dollar. Trust me, I’m not getting rich!

My estimated commission on The Clogs: $2.56 to $4.20.

NOTE: My commission in no way shape or form affects your purchase price. You will pay the exact same amount for The Clogs if you go directly to J.Crew Factory. Or click on my commission link.

The other day, I had a top at Target that I shared. I shared it because I bought it. Wore it. LOVED it and thought you guys might too! Three people pulled the trigger and bought the top. I still get super pumped when you guys buy things I recommend. Wanna know how much I made on those three purchase? $1.92! That’s 64 cents per order. I am by know means complaining. I’m just trying to keep it real.

I am not getting rich! But, as we all know – every penny adds up!

So here’s the kicker……

Once you begin using a CPA Platform like ShopStyle or, you make some sales. You get really, really fucking pumped. Even if you already know your Mom is the one that made the purchase. Ha!

Then you have to wait. 90 days to be exact. That’s 3 whole months. Before you actually get that money! Some retailers allow 90 days for returns. So, if you decide to return that pair of clogs, that money is deducted from my account.

After the 90 day period, a monthly check is cut and deposited into my PayPal account.

“How much do you make?”

This varies. Just like any job. The more you hustle. The more you make. I’ve made $30 in a month. And I’ve also made OVER $300 in a month. Once you get the hang of it and your audience, then it clicks.

I recently started posting “sale finds!” Some I own. Some I do not! Some are just a really killer deal. Some I have on my wish-list. And some, I just kinda think peeps would like. I’ve found that my personal audience really enjoys “sale finds” I mean, who doesn’t like a good sale? Sharing sale finds has boosted my commission.

Other than commission retail links, I also have advertisements on my personal blog. I make money on these annoying ass advertisements too.

I have done blog posts in exchange for products. I’ve worked with Kaia Fit Woodland. And even Seka Hills. I really enjoy these partnerships!

“Can I do it too”

Ab-so-fucking-lutely! Just do it! You’ve got NOTHING to lose. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is saturated with “Influencers” But if I can make a little jingle in my pocket, then so can you! Will it be easy? Nope. Will you have to hustle? Yep!

“How can I purchase from your links?”

Here’s a little tutorial for those that are not familiar with how to purchase from one of my commission links…..

On my blog:

Under each photo you’ll find BOLD lettering “Sweat Tank”. Click on them. You will directed to that particular item.

Or find the ShopStyle icon. From your computer it’s in the top left corner. On your phone, scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll find the icon.

On Instagram “Link In Bio”: xoxo.stacyb

Under SHOP MY INSTAGRAM + VISIT MY BLOG you’ll find a blue link that reads:

Once you click on that link you’ll be directed to this screen. You will then click on “Shop My Instagram”

Which will take you to my ShopStyle website. This houses ALL THE THINGS! Let’s say you are interested in “The Clogs” Click on my first image. The yellow top and black jeans.

This will take you to all the outfit details from that instagram post. And there are “The Clogs” Click on the image of the clogs.

You’ll be directed to the J.Crew Factory website. Here you can take a better look. Or hey, if you like what you see, maybe you’ll purchase the item!

On Facebook: xoxostacyb OR Stacy Brown

On each post I will link items in the photo. These are also my commission links. Click on the blue https://shopstyle link Rainbow Sweater Tank: (this will direct you to the website)

And for today’s outfit details…….

SHOP: Crochet Sweater | Black Denim | Clogs ($40) | Sunnies | Starbucks Tumbler

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

I love doing this! It’s a lot of work, but to be honest – Fashion is my passion. HA! As corny as it sounds. If you ever have any questions about something I’m sharing, PLEASE do not hesitate to message me. Email me. Comment. I will 100% give you my honest answer. If it’s on sizing.

I hope this all makes a little more since. And if you still have any questions. Hit me up girl!

Cheers to the frickin weekend friends!

xoxo stacyb

2 thoughts on “{how I make money blogging}

  1. Will you still get a commission if I click on a link but purchase something other than the item you feature? For instance, I clicked on the Ugg slippers but they are sold out. If I shop around the Nordy website and find another pair, can you get the credit for that?

    1. Hi Melissa –
      Great question! It totally depends on the web-site. Nordstrom yes. But most no 🙁 Thanks for asking!

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