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{friday 5}

Happy frickin Friday!  I haven’t been this excited about Friday…since last Friday!  Tomorrow is December 1st!  Which means 26 days till Christmas.  But, doesn’t it kinda feel like we’ve been Christmasing already for months?  I’m nowhere even close to ready though…Ha!

Weekend plans: Bay’s having some homies for a sleepover, which means pizza 🙂  Ha!  Who’s going to the Dicken’s In the Valley Home Tour?  I can’t wait to see all the homes, especially the three Karen of Serendipity Boutique decorated.  Got a little sneak peek last week, but can’t wait to see them with all the finishing touches.  Fingers crossed the rain holds off for a bit Saturday evening so we can check out the Winter’s Tractor Parade.  Other than that, relaxing and finishing up our Christmas decor.  I still have yet to put any ornaments on my tree….well talk more about that below.


5 things on my mind…..



ONE – Naked Tree // Would it be bad if I left my tree naked?  So far I’ve got about 2,000 little white lights on our tree.  Every morning I come down the stairs and plug-in the lights. Sit back take it all in.  Having a tree in your home is crazy fucking magical.  I don’t care how old you are.  I’m struggling with the thought of over crowding the beauty of the simple tree with our 623 ornaments.  Ha!  To be completely honest, I just want to start all over with our Christmas decor (unfortunately that aint happening).  I’m craving a super minimal Christmas this year.  We’ll see how long I can put off ornaments.  I did buy new Pottery Barn Ornament Hooks, so many I’ll throw on a few?




TWO – 1958 McCall’s Magazine // 129 Ways To Get A Husband.  This is 100% not any tips or advice I think anyone should follow.  Just absolutely historical to read.  To think, a women possible wrote this in the 50’s.  It straight up kills me….for example:

#9 “sit on a park bench and feed the pigeons”  – get shit on and hope some dude wants to talk to you?

#16 “volunteer for jury duty” – what in the actual fuck?  Maybe you can land a convict?

#58 “get a sunburn” – I guess it’s better than being pasty?  Really?  A Sunburn?  I guess you’ll be super “hot” then?

Click here: And read all 129 (perfectly not-normal) Ways to Get A Husband!




Floral-Print Georgette Swing Blouse

THREE – Old Navy Top //  I sound like a broken record, but have you picked up anything from Old Navy lately?  Swear they stepped up their game.  The quality seems so much better.  The styles are even on point.  And the price tags?  Dammnn.  They’ve got some good promo’s.  I used to mainly shop Old Navy for Bay, but I keep buying shit for myself.  I love the black with floral print of this top.  It’s currently marked down to $15 too!

Floral-Print Georgette Swing Blouse




2017 Christmas Table


FOUR – Table Setting In A Box // I came up with this brilliant idea a while back.  How about a table setting in a box?  What does that even mean?  I create a table setting.  Think linen napkins.  Chargers.  Some kind of centerpiece.  Maybe a garland?  Candles.  Napkin rings.  Set my table a couple of different ways, and snap photos.  Then box it all up and you can order it?  Does that make sense?  It’s like stitch fix, but for a table.  Maybe do them seasonally?  Then this morning, I saw that a blogger I follow did it.  Ha!  She make it happen.  She started the table in a box.  She calls it something way fancier though.  But that doesn’t mean I still cant do it too.



FIVE – Click + Read // Bunch of random shit that caught my eye this week…..

Did you read about Martha Stewart’s first Uber ride?

Did you pick up coffee mugs yet?  I’m sharing 4 mug gift ideas next week!!!


A Jo Malone candle the size of my head..what a dream

In need of some lunch ideas

Anyone else excited for Mary Poppins Returns?

If this doesn’t make you laugh a little, then we can’t be friends

Bay and I are HOOKED and each week it get’s better + better.

This Cozy Knit Ivory Garland

My Keurig is STILL on sale for $79


Have a very merry weekend!


xoxo stacyb


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