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{weekend notes}


Well friends, we’re in the home stretch of summer.  Today I’m feeling equal parts excited AF for school to start and not sure “I’m ready” to drop my little girl off at Middle School.  The Sunday scaries got me good last night.  I tossed + turned over thinking. The hustle and bustle of school beginning has me getting all kinds of organized.  Ready for the routine.  The not so settling part – we’ve got so much “new” happening this year.  The whole new school.  Our morning routine is changing drastically.  Hello zero period.  You know what I mean?  All that unknown stuff.  Luckily Bay is beyond pumped which makes my heart incredibly happy!

I really wanted to dedicate this week on the blog to all things back-to-school.  But, then I remembered that whenever I spend the entire week on one topic, I get so burnt out.  So, we’ll be chatting about ALL THE THINGS.  School.  #ootd’s  Organization.  Oh and I’ve got the best easy weeknight dinner for you too.  It’s a crockpot recipe I’ve been making for years.

Lot’s of Inentions for this week!!!


Intentions for the Week:

  • Organize ALL THE THINGS(anything + everything is organized AF)
  • Meal prep like a boss(killed it)
  • Pre-plan outfits…for me + Bay(this was crazy helpful in the morning)
  • Make lunches the night before(lifesaver)
  • Celebrate Toni’s Birthday(love hanging with my high school girlfriends)
  • Workout Monday – Friday – (failed…skipped Thursday + Friday)
  • 15k steps per day(but I did get my 15k per day!!)
  • Forever 21 shopping trip(Bay found so much cute stuff)
  • EARLY bedtime(9pm yo my boo)
  • Punctuality(on time everyday…can I get a WHOOP WHOOP)
  • DIY Happy Birthday banner(we taped it to the wall….things have changed)
  • All the 1st day of school traditions (except Raley’s…so sad.  Damn zero period)
  • Final Tahoe summer hurrah(just what the doc ordered)
  • Spoil my girl on the 23rd(obvi I went a little overboard, per usual) 


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……

The Yolo County Fair!!

Beer me!

If I don’t drink another not-so-cold keg beer till next Fair, I’d 100% be okay with it…lol.


The tacos though, that’s another story.  Why are they only this good at the Fair?  365 days is a long time away.


Say cheese


Just spying on the big girls ♥


The tornado


The Midway of Fun aka kids heaven!  The most expensive place on earth…ha!


Annual Beer Gardens cousins picture.  With the newest edition, Daniel.

Now look at the photo below this one……


Beer Gardens 2009.  8 years ago.  Our babies!  #bestillmyheart


The good ol Derby.  Always a good time.


Our Derby crew


Rise & Shine.

For some reason, I was up by 5:30 am Saturday & Sunday mornings.  WTF?


Which means, I got a shit-ton accomplished.

You know how much I love a car wash.

Image-1 (1).jpg

Meal prepped.  We’re having spaghetti with carrot noodles this week.


I never, ever make a big breakfast.  Avocado toast is as fancy as I get.  But for some odd reason, I was feelin it Saturday morning.  This is what went down…..


Pool time is always a good time.   Gotta keep that tan game strong.


Volunteers!  We volunteered in the John Rodger’s Hall for Willow Oak 4-H.


Hit Nordy’s for a quick shopping trip.  And realized Bay can no longer buy clothes in the kids department.  Therefore, she now shops in the same section I do!  I’m assuming at some point this will begin to feel normal?  Not now though.


My sister knows me well!  Always chocolate covered almonds.


Sarah P provided us with wine + provisions.  Totally skipped the Fair Saturday night to do this and it was perfect.  I was not my normal Fair-whorish self this year.


Spencer wearing Bay’s bikini bottoms over his head.  NBD


Tomato season

And lemon cucumbers too.  My personal fave!


So I made avocado toast with tomatoes….best idea ever.


Finished this corner in my room.  We’ll chat more about it this week.


One final hurrah at the Fair.  Gotta get those goldfish.


And ride the Ranger one last time.


FYI – Sunday is the best day for rides.  As you can see Bay + Kate almost had the Ranger to themselves.


Home, sweet home.  Meet the newest members: One, Two, Three & Four.

Bay comes up with the best names 🙂


Back-to-school pedicures.  I buy myself a first day of school outfit too!


When Cory is in-charge of Sunday dinner.

Steak with sautéed mushrooms.  Tiger prawns.  Roasted potatoes.  Caprese.


My contribution was the caprese salad.  I added avocado this time…BOMB!



Now I’m off to start the busiest week ever.  Luckliy, I’ve got my eye on the prize.  After we survive the crazy work/school week, the reward is one last summer weekend at the cabin.  Lake Tahoe, I’m so ready for you!!!


xoxo stacyb

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