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{friday 5}


The weekend has finally arrived.  Is it just me, or was this week a doozy?  Between Bay + I, we had someplace to be each night after school + work.  Grocery shopping is done.  House is clean.  Gas tank is full.  (you know how happy those things make me) I’m ready to power down my desktop and get in full weekend mode.

Probably sweatpants + a skinny, skinny marg + DVR…let’s be real!

First let’s chat about what I’ve got on my mind this fine Friday afternoon……


ONE – Easter Basket //  Or St. Patrick’s Day Basket?  Or both!  Bay spotted this basket a couple of weekends back while browsing the isles at World Market.  She loves the store as much as I do.  She scooped it up and reminded me she “needs” a new Easter Basket.  Her adorable (super expensive) white pottery barn basket that she’s had for yearrrrssss mysteriously went missing.  I said no.  Then she said, “but it’s only $9.99!”  Ha….obvi I said yes.  It’s so unique and fun.  Wouldn’t it be perfect for a Farmer Market basket?  Or I may use it around the house for decor.  Anyway, Bay is with baby daddy this weekend, so we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a day early.  Each year I collect a bunch of inexpensive (I spent about $7 total) green goodies that Bay loves.  “It’s a tradition!”  I heard her explain to the carpool girls this morning ♥

I’m already on the hunt for cute Easter Basket goodies.  I’ll be sharing soon.


Gathered Top Galvanized Wire Basket



TWO – 4-H Officer //  Each month, before the 4-H meeting, we get an email with the meeting agenda, details on upcoming events and get to know your officers.  Bay was one of them this month.  Did you read it?  Be still my heart ♥

I followed up and asked her if it was a trick question.  She said, “No, I just couldn’t think of anyone else off the top of my head”

I’ll take it!

And I’ll remind her when she goes to college and I visit weekly for a dinner date!

Image-1 (1).jpg


THREE – Lip Sleeping Mask // HOLD THE PHONE!  Do you have dry chapped winter lips?  I know I’m always saying, this is the besssttt product ever.  Ha.  I really only share the stuff I truly love.  There are many times I order something or try something and don’t love it.  So, I don’t share it.  I’ve had messages before saying I love everything.  Nope, just the stuff I share 🙂  And this is HIGH on my LOVE LIST!  I’ve been using this lip mask every night since it arrived.  I do a lip scrub.  Rinse.  Then lather this mask on with the applicator right before bed.  Wake up and my lips are so soft and smooth.  I’m a believer.  My homegirl (she doesn’t know it yet) Lisa Allan raved about this product.  I googled it.  Bought it on Amazon to save a buck or two (I’m so cheap) Not realizing it was coming from frickin China.  After 4 weeks, it finally arrived on my doorstep.  So, don’t do what I did.  Buy this stuff from Sephora like a normal person and fall in love.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask


FOUR – Almond Butter //  I have attempted almond butter a few times and failed.  Was never able to get the smooth creamy finish.  Since going sugar free-ish, I wanted to find a way to sneak some in here and there.  I really dig peanut butter.  Like a lot.  Thanks to google, I did a little research.  Found that roasted the almond before really helps breakdown the almond during the processing.  I believe it was something like, the oils rising to the surface once warmed making them slicker.  Don’t quote me though.  Then I thought, how about a tiny bit of coconut oil?


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cups raw almonds
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil


Here’s what you do:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Spread almonds in a thing layer.  Bake for 10 minutes.  Giving the pan a shake 1/2 day though.

Add almonds + salt to the food processor.

Pack your patience, this takes a while!

Process on high for 1 minute.

Scrape down the side and process 1 minute.  Repeat twice, until almonds form a paste.

Add coconut oil and process 1 minute.

Scrape down the sides and continue to process on high for 1 minute increments (scraping down the sides each time) until it becomes smooth.

The almond butter will be very smooth.  Don’t trip….It will thicken up in the fridge.

Do me one favor.  Find every dip-able food product in your home and dip it while it hot. That kinda sounds like a song, don’t you think?

Dip it while it hot.  Dip it while it’s hot!  Dip it, Dip it, Dip it while it’s hot!  

We hammer timed the almond butter while it was warm.  OMG, it’s pure magical heaven.




FIVE – Links I ♥

Juuling, one more thing for parents to worry about

Dorm styling living for grown-ups.  Could you do it?

Daily mantras

Goooo Dolly Parton

Added white vinegar to my grocery list

Gorgeous drink dispenser 

Snowshoe cocktail races?  That’s right up my alley…how fun!

Rented this + this to watch over the weekend.

Kitchen + Closet #goals

DYING to try the new dessert hummus

Holy cuteness…if you have a toddler girl, please buy her bunny sandals 

If you want a good daily laugh, follow Ashley Longshore Art on insta

Wine glasses just like my set from Anthro, but cheaper!!!

Sawyer Peasant Top 20% off…still out of my price range though.

Black Hunter Boots 40% off, just a heads up!


Have a good one!


xoxo stacyb



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