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{friday 5}

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F a r i d a y y y y a y!!!  We made it though the week peeps!  The weekend has arrived!  I had such a hard time getting into the groove of things this week.  But of course, today, FRIDAY, I’m finally feeling it!  I think I just naturally perk up when I know I’m on my way to a good weekend!  The first week of Spring was kind of a flop, so here’s to hoping we get some much-needed sunshine for week #2 of Spring!  Fingers crossed!

In true Friday fashion…..I’ve got 5 things on my mind:

ONE – Baked eggs with roasted veggies // When Eat Yourself Skinny posted the image of her baked eggs, I literally drooled.  I love eggs.  Like if I was stuck on a deserted island I would take chickens and a frying pan.  And my stove and everything else.  Ha..scratch that.  I LOVE eggs.  I even eat them twice a day sometimes.  Hard boiled….Yummm!  But, an over easy egg is my boo!  This is seriously the easiest recipe ever too!



I followed her method a little.  I already had roasted sweet potatoes…you will always, ALWAYS find roasted sweet potatoes in my fridge.  They are kinda like eggs to me.  Almost.  I already had roasted broccoli too.  Score.  I thew my already roasted veggies in a baking dish.  Topped with some sliced red onion and stuck in the oven while it preheated to 375 degrees.  I let the veggies warm up for about 5 minutes (maybe less) while I got my eggs and feta ready.  I cracked each egg separately in a little ramekin dish.   Then I slipped the egg right over the top of the veggies.  I only did two eggs this time.  I usually don’t do leftover eggs.  EVER!  And God knows I don’t waste eggs either.  This was an experiment.  Stuck the eggs over veggies back in the oven for 5 minutes.  I then crumbled feta over the top…yummm!  These are some of my favorite ingredients peeps!  Stuck the dish back in the oven for 6 minutes.  I like my eggs over easy and this was the perfect amount of time.  Topped with some fresh ground pepper and some Tap-Your-Uncle (tapatio) and killed 1/2 of this dish.  I saved the leftovers for this morning and I’m happy to report…I can now do leftover eggs!  High-Five!  Please try this recipe!  It is killer!  It is filling!  And it tastes so damn good too!


TWO – Hair stuff // I’ll admit, I’m not a big hair styling product gal.  I feel like it tends to weigh down my locks.  I kept reading about this L’Oreal Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray product and how it really does what it says.  For a drug store product with a $3.99 price tag, I decided to give it a shot.

How to use: Apply to clean damp hair.  Spray evenly 6 inches away from hair.  Blow dry as usual.

Our lightweight primer formula accelerates your routine by cutting blow dry time while protecting hair from heat damage.

The verdict:

It fucking works!

It smells amazing

My hair feel so silky smooth

It doesn’t weigh my hair down at all

Winner Winner!

Get some, try it out and let me know what you think!

You can find it here:

Target (cheapest + free shipping if you have a target debit card)





THREE – Bunny Bags // I had some questions about the Bay’s Instagram Bunny Bag dance and where I found the bags.  If you look closely, you’ll see the red target in the background.  Target Dollar spot for the Bunny Bag score.  They are actually $3.00 each though.  The adorable canvas tote is totally worth it.  They do sell out quick, so make you’re next Target trip sooner than later if you need these in your life too.  Last year on our Stinson Beach trip we did an egg hunt on the beach and each of the kids used a bunny bag.  It was also a week from Easter.  So it kinda made since.  I’ve created a tradition monster…Ha.  Bay insisted we have to keep the tradition alive.  So, I scooped up the bunny bags and eggs are filled for our annual easter egg hunt on the beach….3 weeks away, no big deal.  LOL!  Beach goers are going to think we are crazy.  And I kinda love it.

Target Bunny Bags (in the dollar spot)

IMG_5603 (1)

How cute are these kids and their Bunny Bags?!?!  And look how much they’ve grown.  We’ll miss you this year Hostert’s!


{stinson beach 2016}

FOUR – Dip Manicure // Remember when I tried the dip manicure for the 1st time back on March 1st?  I explained what a dip manicure is all about here on {friday 5}.  Today, March 24th, I had the dip manicure removed…only because of the outgrowth.  Well, my cuticles needed some love too.  The polish itself still looked great.  That’s 24 days.  3 1/2 weeks.  Bad ass, right?  I went in today with the intention of getting another dip manicure, but I ran out of time.  The downfall….dip manicures take FOR-EV-ER to remove.  Like 40 minutes forever.  If it wasn’t for the removal, I would have a new dip on right now.  I settled for a gel manicure this time.

Look closely….not too bad for 3 1/2 week, huh?!?!

Don’t mind my ugly old wrinkly fingers.



I am a little pumped about the new gel OPI color I found.  It’s the perfect nude for my skin tone.  Diggin it!  Thank you Helen Dang at Dixon Nails!

Be There in a Prosecco




FIVE – Links I ♥

Ohhh myyyy Margarita

Levis make the ass look so good

Does anyone use a Bullet Journal?  I want to know anything and everything about it!

This top!  Except 17 years ago I decided to get an awful tramp stamp…FML!

Obsessed with her style and her signature entertaining dish: booze!

This panzanella salad got my attention

Im patiently waiting for UPS to delivery Bay’s easter dress

Has anyone tried this product?  I keep hearing great things about it.

So much easter egg decorating inspo

My homegirl Nikki emailed me “what do you think about these sandals” I read Ugg and almost unfriended her.  Since WHEN does Ugg make cute sandals?

The obituary of the father to one of my most favorite people in the world 🙁



Annndd…I’m out!  Have a wonderful weekend ♥


xoxo stacyb


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  1. You made me cry!! I love that my dad made your blog! He probably didn’t even know what a blog was 😂 Which makes it even better. We will miss you all this weekend (and the bunny bags too!) ❤️

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