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{poolside salad}

The perfect summer time salad. I always want big fresh salad after a day in the sun. Or poolside.

I didn’t measure anything. Just toss in the veggies and drizzle with your favorite ranch dressing. I’m loving the Trader Joes buttermilk ranch dressing at the moment. The leftovers are great the next day too!!!

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{frito salad}

The frito salad is not only all the colors of the rainbow, it’s PACKED with flavor.

I like to call this salad vintage…ha! It’s been around for dayyysss. And to be honest, I need to apologize to Frito Salad. Kinda forgot about it till my sis requested it for her birthday dinner.

Our family has been making this salad for as long as I can remember. You can legit add anything you like. Ground turkey. Shredded chicken. Steak. Anything goes.

Well, except for ONE thing……

You MUST use chili cheese fritos. Don’t even try to substitute that one ingredient. It’s the key to frito salad.

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