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{friday favorites}

SHOP: Floral Print Blouse | Collarless Sweater-Blazer | Denim | Tote

When you really want a glass of wine, but then you remember it’s only 8am. So, coffee will have to do. Question – are you an iced coffee or hot coffee in the Winter kinda gal?

I can’t commit to one entirely. I like hot in the morning and an iced in the afternoon. No matter what the weather forecast happens to be.

Weekend plans: just kick it!

Going to keep it short and sweet with a fun list of things I’m diggin this week……

According to my stats, you guys are also diggin this $18 Floral Print Blouse + Collarless Sweater-Blazer as much as I do.

Christmas items I picked up this week: Christmas Ornament S Hooks | Merry Christmas Black & White Pillow | Wooden Decorative Bowl | Jingle Bell Sticks | Flannel Shirt With Ruffle Collar | Juniper Hand Soap | Green Velvet Ribbon |

I really need to recreate this Paperwhite Centerpiece

I have VERY special dinner guests coming Saturday evening. Which means I get to set a pretty table and pull out my fave Wine Glasses. Thinking about trying a new chicken pot pie recipe. Somehow making it really pretty? Stay tuned.

I have this crazy routine. I actually have a shit-ton of crazy routines, to be completely honest. But, my Thursday – Friday routine is one I adopted YEARS ago. Actually, my girlfriend Sara taught me this one. Cleaning your house on Thursday night. Stay up late. Drink some wine. Listen to music or watch your fave trash TV in the background. And get busy. When I leave for work Friday morning, my house is clean. My laundry is done. My fridge is stocked. My gas tank is full. Andddd, my car is washed. When I get off work Friday, I am a free woman. Going into the weekend chore-free makes it so much more relaxing. If you want to go out of town – GOOOO! If you want to sit on the couch all weekend. Girl – DO IT! If you drink a little too much wine and have a hangover – IT’S ALL GOOD! Ha!!

Oh and yes, I wash my car every Friday bright and early. The car wash I frequent is a shit show if you don’t go really, really early or really, really late. I got some DM’s asking about the tire cleaner I love. I spray it and leave it. No wiping, which makes it that much more amazing. Here it is: Target | Amazon

Another routine – I’m 37 years old and I still call my Mom On my morning drive to work. Sometimes I have nothing to say. Sometimes I cry my eyes out. Sometimes we laugh our asses off. Thanks Mom!!!

Trying to convince Cory to get Bay + I THIS for Christmas. Would you want one too?

A few things that I caught my eye: Pace High Block Heels | Renegade Hoops | Ivory Chunky Knit Christmas Stocking | Dulcinea Sequined Duster Jacket | Sequined Camisole | Ruffle-Front Top In Brushstroke Print |

Trader Joe’s item of the week: Mini Cheesecake Cones. ” Made for us in Italy, they are little, hand-held almond Florentine cones (picture sweet, praline-like Florentine cookies that have been rolled up into cones) filled with a thick, velvety-sweet cheesecake filling made from a heavenly blend of buffalo’s milk ricotta & quark cheese (a fresh & tangy cheese with a nifty name.)” I think that tells you enough! Ha!

Adding this recipe to my must make list. Bay would love these Steak Bites

Two items under $2 each that Bay and I need in our lives. Eyebrow pencil that I realize this week, I cannot live without! Have you ever run out of brown pencil after one brow is done? It’s just not okay! Bay’s shave cream legit smells like summer! Brow Pencil | Shaving Cream

Sale Finds: My Gold Flatware Fork | Spoon | Knife | Martha Stewart Cast Iron Dutch Oven (72% off)|

Cory + I added This Place to our “Must have a drink here” Bucket List.

When you have time, read this: 5 Small Daily Things That Can Change Your Habits for Good

And lastly, a BIG Happy 2nd Birthday to this sweet boy. Tita loves you Daniel!!

SHOP: Floral Print Blouse | Collarless Sweater-Blazer | Denim | Tote

You can find each item from this post by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Have a great weekend!!!

xoxo stacyb

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