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{weekend notes}

Hello Monday. May your coffee be strong and your week short! I woke up and immediately practiced gratitude this morning. I wrote down the first 5 things that came to mind that I’m truly grateful for. Instead of thinking about all the things I wasn’t looking forward to. It really works. Try it! We had another relaxing weekend. Friends + family + good food + good wine! Lots of laughs. We even snuck in a date night.

Intentions for the Week:

* VOTE!!

* Get my hair done…cannot fucking wait

* Go to be early. The more zzz’s the more better

* Pull out the Christmas tubs

* Plan our Thanksgiving menu

* Hit 15k steps per day

* Stay off the sugar. Goodbye chardonnay 😭

* Share all the things Target

* Not get sick

Highlights from the weekend…..

Doesn’t everyone show up to their homegirls house looking homeless AF? Budweiser sweatshirt + slippers for my Friday night #ootd

These two fell asleep and Tiger Raptor messed with them the whole time.

When Bubba shows up in his new G-ride. When’s the last time you saw a Miata?

Oops….I found Bays stash 🍫

Breakfast for lunch

Meal preppin. Going sugar free AGAIN. Pray for me k? Turkey + lots of spices + spinach + onion. Clean AF!


But first, we’re having enchiladas. Look at that filling though. Sharing this one mañana.


Another day, another tall boy. This time my fave BLL. Now you see why the sugar cleanse is happening? Lol.


Date Night. I seriously made reservations for the restaurant that I’ve been dying to try. Put on my new dress. Told him to pick me up at 6. And it worked.

We stopped at The Barn in West Sac. It just officially opened over the weekend.


Such a cool spot. As you can see, it looks really cool too.


Situated on the Sac River. In a big open area off to the side of Raley Field.

Family friendly. Dog friendly.

Pizza oven and food trucks. You can totally bring your own snacks to. Which is really cool. Bring a picnic blanket or they have lawn chairs you can use. The really did think of it all.

Outdoor seating. Live music. Fire pits. Lawn games.


Beer! Lots of beer. I believe they said 50 on tap.


This was a ring on a string. You release it and aim for a little hook on the pole. This kid was really good. Cory picked his brain for a bit, but still failed to make one.


They also serve wine and cocktails. We stuck with beer.


Pretty views too. You can see Raley field and the Bridge.


When you have a couple beers and find the perfect selfie mirror. You don’t give AF about the girl trying to wash her hands in the back or the fact the public restroom is a complete mess. Lol. Anything for the gram! Linking everything you see here below.


Dress // Booties (similar) // Denim Jacket // Leather Tote // Necklace // Bracelet // Earrings // Phone Case // OPI

another cool spot, Device Brewing Company. We had the best conversation waiting for our reservations. We sat with the owners of Haute Bird. They make fried chicken in a waffle cone. No joke! Not only that, their business concept was crazy intriguing. We can’t wait to try out their food!!


Beast & Bounty. Cory bet me $50 that all the plant were fake. I clearly won!! This place is stunning.


Unfortunately the service was awful. Which I don’t know about you, but it can ruin the meal. Which it did. They did comp all our food, it was very nice. Packed our pizza for us to-go after waiting over an hour. The food was good, don’t get me wrong. Just not worth the hype. I just don’t see myself going back.


Bay Bakes

A rustic apple tart


While I put the finishing touches on the enchiladas.


We made it to Sunday mass with GG. Four generations or girls together ❤️


Then lunch + skinny margs. GG gave the enchiladas a thumbs up, but wasn’t a fan of the margs.


Retail therapy. You guys, bella moda boutique on Main Street has some really cute stuff. This tank.


And this star sweater. It was the most perfect distressing. I need it!


Sunday dinner is Cory’s thing. And I’m all about it.


Cocktail for a Cause benefitting Omega Nu. Grab your Lychee Lemonade and support a good cause.


Kicked off day #1 of the sugar cleanse by choking down this smoothy. I may be the only person that absolutely hates smoothies and fruit lol.


I got some questions about why I’m having fruit on a sugar cleanse. I always kick off every cleanse with a 2-day plan that I found in a magazine years ago. I’ll share it later this week. It’s clean but not 100% sugar free. Which is a good way to wean. I’m mainly giving up added sugar. So no wine 😭 fruit is okay, but this here will probably be the extent of my fruit intake. Next question – how long will I be doing it. Answer – I don’t know? For sure a week. Maybe longer? We shall see.

Bay saw me packing all the food this morning and asked: “when are you going to find time to eat all that”


Hope you had a great day. Come back tomorrow for a yum enchilada recipe using Micaela’s tortillas.

xoxo stacyb

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