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{what’s in my bag}


Women’s purses are basically mini suitcases.  I’m always so amazed when I see a blogger share what’s in her bag.  It’s click bait when I see an image of all her prized possessions strewn across the table.  I gotta know…ha!  At the ripe age of 36 I currently ONLY carry a tote.  AKA the black hole of no return.  I can never seem to find the shit I need, but I know damn well it’s in there somewhere. You never know what you’re gonna need, #amiright?  And I, for one, would much rather be overprepared than unprepared.


So without further ado….

What’s in my bag!!


I’m not even about to show you what’s in my wallet though.  That’s a whole new post in itself!


BAG //  The Drawstring Transport Tote I’m in love with ALL Madewell totes.  They are all I’ve used for the last maybe 5 ish years.  Great durable bags.  And I love that the leather ages with wear.

WALLET // MICHAEL KORS ‘Jet Set’ Leather Travel Wallet I admit, I am a total weirdo about my wallet.  It has to be a zip-around.  With lots + lots of compartments.  Before I bought this Michael Kors, I rocked a gigi hill from back in the day.  Remember when that was the “it” wallet to have?  You were a nobody if you didn’t have a gigi hill.

PLANNER // design Bando 12 Month Planner Raise your hand if you still use a paper planner? I am a loyal paper planner gal.  I refuse to use my phone.  And I wont remember shit if I don’t write it down.  I don’t leave the house without this bad boy.  I wrote about it here: {planning for 2017} + here: {baby, write this down….}

ORIBE // ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray This shit is GOLD!  Costs about the same as gold too.  HA!  This product is the ONLY thing that gives my thin flat hair any kind of life.  Read one of the 1,200 reviews and give it a shot.  You’ll thank me BIG time for this one 🙂

STAMPS // Always have at least one floating around in my purse.  Although, I rarely use them.  I’m about 95% online bill pay at this point.  I write 2 checks each month.  But you never know when you’ll need to send a love note or thank you to a homie!

$2 BILL // For good luck, that’s all.

PHOTO // I carry a Polaroid of my girl.  Just in case I miss her ♥



NOTE PAD // Bay gave me this cute don’t forget sticky pad.

COLOGNE // Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne Did I tell you I started wearing men’s cologne?  Technically Jo Malone is unisex but this new English Oak & Hazelnut smells just like a man and I’m kind of obsessed.  I get women telling me how good I smell  all the time.  Ha!

PEPTO // Pepto-Bismol Tablets awkward, but legit find.  You can find these tablets in my car, office desk and bag.  They work so well.

CHAP STICK // Last year I broke up with my tried & true cherry chap-stick when I found Palmer’s Swivel Stick – Cocoa Butter Formula.  This swivel stick can be used on any dry patches on the body, but on the lips.  Ohhh, it’s so good!  Often peeps mistake this for a glue stick.  Nope, not rubbing a glue stick all over my lips.

TJ’S BAR // The Trader Joe’s Organic Chia Bars are my newest TJ’s find.  I’m currently on a sugar-cleanse, so I can’t enjoy them at the moment.  They are 100 calories and are full of almonds + cranberries + pumpkin seeds.

HAND CREAM // I was gift this AAA Lilac Blossom Hand Cream by one of the Yaya’s years ago.  When I ran out, I googled it and found it at World Market for $4!  Steal!  It’s so luxurious.  I can’t believe I just typed that.  But, it’s true.   Oh and the lilac scent is to die for!

CLEANSE // If you’re into digestive wellness, try this Renew Life 3-day Cleanse.  This shit (literally) works.  I wrote about it here: {friday 5}.  I grab one at Nugget about every other month or so.



SUNNIES // So nice, I bought them twice.  LE SPECS Weekend Riot Sunglasses $70 and they are legit my go-to sunglasses.  Even over my Ray Bans.  I wrote about them here: {10 summer closet staples} + here: {current closet faves} {friday 5}.

HAIR TIE // Originally bought these Spiral Ponytail Holders for Bay.  Then I tried them.  And now I steal them from her.  They are so easy on your hair.  Don’t get all tangled up and don’t leave a huge dent either.  And they are super cute.  I could only find them at J.Crew a few months back, but now you can find them at Target or anywhere now.

LIP GLOSS // NYX Butter Gloss in creme brulee $3 Target find.  For an everyday lip, I prefer a nude color and this creme brulee is perfect.  I also have it in bright pink –  strawberry parfait for when I’m feeling a little on the wild side…lol.

LAVENDER // This lavender satchel was a souvenir from the Ojia Valley Inn Spa.  The best vacay ever here: {ojai // travelogue part #2 }  The hotel had lavender everywhere.  This little pouch makes my purse smell so damn good.  Reminds me of Sara B every time I get a whiff.

RECEIPTS // TJ’s + Target + Walmart…you name it.  I always have receipts scattered in my bag.  I’m a crazy anal checkbook balancer.   Like, I balance my checkbook sometimes daily.  Therefore, I save all my receipts till I get them in my checkbook register.  Anyone else a crazy balancer too?

ROCK // Bay + I exchanged these smiley face rocks YEARS ago.  Not 100%….possibly 7 years ago when she was in kindergarten.  Bay told me she lost hers.  Not me.  This smiley face goes everywhere with me ♥

PEN // Always gotta have a writing utensil.  You know, for checkbook balancing 🙂



So there you have it.  ALL THE THING I pack around in my bag!

But, now I’m curious.  What’s in your bag?


xoxo stacyb

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