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{ojai // travelogue part #2 }


It always takes me so much time to write these posts.  So hard to recap such an amazing time.  I don’t want to miss anything.  But, it’s impossible.  Unless you were there, you really just can’t understand.  Unless your body was aching.  Unless you were in desperate need of a shower.  Unless your socks were full of dirt.  Unless your belly hurt from laughing so fucking hard the night before.  Unless your bond with 3 of your best gals grew a mile.  Unless you just backpacked the Sespe Wilderness overnight, there is NO way possible I can explain how bad ass, strong, empowered, brave and relieved we all felt in this photo above.  We were DONE!  We survived.

We had our eye on the prize.  We were headed for a night stay at the Ojai Valley Inn.

Our reward to ourselves.

Probably the most brilliant idea we’d actually ever come up with.  I mean, the hike was for sure coolest part #2.  Ojai Valley Inn…coolest part #1.

That’s why I saved the best for last.  And I can 100% guarantee that we would all have to agree.

This place is like the best kept secret.  A little gem in the heart of Ojai.  A place I’d read about.  Shit let’s be real, the Beverly Hills Housewives had 2 episodes taped here.  Remember that?  That’s how I really heard of it.  Oh and remember Brothers & Sisters?  That show took place in Ojai too.

Here are a few photos I stole off their website to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about……


(images via)



Ojai Valley Inn is by far the most gorgeous resort I’ve ever visited.

The luxurious amenities.

Best in class customer service.  You guys, customer service is everything to me and I have never seen anything like it here.  Friendly.  Uber accommodating.

You really need to stay here.  Trust me.  I can guarantee you that you will have the most wonderful time.

Resort Map

The drive inn


You would have thought we were moving in.  Nahhh, just a 24 hour stay 🙂


Our bell boy wan’t even slightly phased.  He loaded up every bag and we leisurely followed him to our room.



The view from our patio wasn’t too bad either.



and a bed.  After sleeping on the ground, this looked damn good!



The Pool(s) //

Is this heaven?

Yes, it is!

There is a pool to suit whatever your needs.  Lap pools.  Adult pools.  Pool with bars.  Family pools.  Need I say more?

You could find me right here.


We just so happened to arrive at the pool for Happy Hour.  My most favorite hour of the day.  But, you already knew that!


Thank you!!!

Nicole + her Lavender Lemonade ♥



It didn’t just look pretty either.



The Spa //

Nicole + I slipped away to the Spa.

We both gave them an A+

A 50 minute relaxation massage after a backpacking trip.  Yessss please.

When the masseuse asked me which “spots” to focus on…..




And she straight up killed it.  Nicole would agree!!


The women’s lounge had it all.  Steam.  Soak.  Sauna.  Lounge.  Want a cocktail.  You got it.


We Biked //

Ojai Valley Inn has complimentary Linus Bikes for guests.  You basically check them out for the day.  Kinda like a library book.


Libby’s, the cutest bakery/sandwich shop.  They encourage you to pick up a bite + wine and go for a picnic.


We took the Oaji Bike Trail and headed into town to do some shopping.



Downtown Ojai //

I love Ojai.  I was diggin the locals jammin out at the Farmers Market.



deKor & Co.  

So many beautiful things in one cute spot.


I need to re-create these Spiritual Kindling packets.  Sara bought one and I was in love.


Fig Ojai



The whimsical garden entry got me.

Every unique gift for home + kitchen + baby could be found here.


Nicole bought each of us matching Ojai Bell Christmas ornaments.  I love it and can’t wait to find a place in the house to keep it up year round.


Lavender Latte’s at Ojai Coffee Roasting Co.

Sara had been telling us we had to try one.  And she was right.  I’m typically a black coffee gal, but these are incredible.  Try one, k!


Lunch at AZU

Our first real food in Ojai.



Getting Fit AF //

We woke up Monday morning and took a fitness class.


It was interesting…lol.


Ginger shots…CHEERS!

Then I instantly got sick and ran to the bathroom.  Have you ever had a ginger shot?  Fucking awful.  The worst idea I ever had.



Night Out On the Town //

You knew we were gonna hit the town.

Pre-drinks at Olivella in the resort.


The Jalapeno margarita was legit.


Dinner at Osteria Monte Grappa.

Look at their menu…..Here

It was insane.  How do you even decide?




We started with:

Crostini Campo Croce, toasted bread topped w/ choice california mushrooms
sautéed w/fresh local herbs & garlic, finished w/grana padano cheese

And Oysters..always my pick.

Doesn’t that look amazing?


I was still knee-deep in the Keto diet, so I stuck with a zucchini noodle pasta.  Which was just and tasty as it looks.

Check out that fresh buratta cheese!


The Hub for post dinner beverages.  Gettin tips!

We hung our custom Dollar Bill 🙂


The Vine was poppin for a Sunday night.

It was the perfect mix of hippie + yuppie.

The live music was good!


We got back to the resort and were ushered us to Jimmy’s Pub via golf cart for a final final.


A little midnight snack 🙂



The pretty tree.

I bet between Nicole + I we have over 100 pics of this tree.  In the day.  When the sun was setting.  And a few at night too.  Beautiful.


All good times have to come to an end.

Ojai, I can’t wait to see you again.

Fingers crossed I can drag these girls back for an Ojai reunion sometime soon!

I left a piece of my heart in Ojai.  And I’m so happy it is safe from the fires so everyone else can enjoy this hidden gem!

We are already planning our next adventure.  Which will start with a backpacking trip and end just like this!!


xoxo stacyb

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