{planning for 2017}

Last year I was given my first Rifle Paper Planner and it was amazing.  There is just something about a beautifully bound calendar that makes me incredibly happy.  And organized too!

From the first page to the last, every detail is perfect.  I prefer a month view planner.  And this one is all that.  It makes jotting down all the boring stuff we all have to do (doc appointments + meetings a ton more enjoyable.  And plenty of room for birth dates of my loved ones + happy hour outings.

Today I’m sharing my 2017 planner.  Isn’t she a beauty?!?!?  I love her.  She helps me look like I have my shit together.  Basically, if it’s not in the book….then it’s not happening.




The paper is pretty.

The design is perfection.

Tabs making it easy to navigate.

Pockets to hold notes + cards.  What girl doesn’t love a good pocket?!?!

Here are some closer images to give you an idea what the pages look like…..




You can find this beauty at a couple stores….

Amazon – Rifle Paper Co 17 Month Agenda 2017

Nordstrom (different color) – Rifle Paper Co. ‘2017 Rosa’ Planner FREE SHIPPING

Anthropologie – Finest Hour Planner


Anyone else obsessed with desktop wallpaper?  I change mine each month.  Flipsnack has free downloadable monthly calendars.


Super cute, right?  You can find January here!

Happy 2017 planning!!!



You guys, I woke up with the head cold of the century.  I kinda just want to die today.  What do you take for a bad cold?  Motrin isn’t helping at all.  DayQuil?  Mucinex?  Zicam?  I went to the store and was so overwhelmed with the hundreds of options.  Help a sister out.


xoxo stacyb

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