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{weekend notes}


Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Ours was everything I’d hoped for.  Super chill with a perfect mix of friends + family.  Exploring + pizza!  Ha!  A dream, really!


Intentions for the Week:

  • Visit Mezger Zinnia Patch + take flowers to GG(they still look beautiful) 
  • Clean out my work tote – so much shit!(just throw it away #moto)
  • Set a pretty Mexican themed table (almost done) 
  • Share asparagus caprese recipe(did anyone try it yet?) {caprese asparagus}
  • Organize + clean out the garage(still impressed with the results and also, just throw it away came into play)
  • Edible flower ice cubes (roses + lavender + lemons + rosemary…stay tuned)  
  • Labor Day camping trip(we booked Lake Francis and it looks like a fun spot) 
  • Dinner with girlfriends(always a good time with my gals) 
  • Hang out at home(the dvr is empty + house is clean + meal prep is done) 
  • Workout…no excuses!(almost killed it, except for Friday but I’ll take it) 


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}

Here’s some highlights…..


My girl //

Car selfies with Bay while we wait for Cory



Friday Night Vibes //

We headed to Full Bell Farm for their Pizza Night.


Set up out camp


Popped open some chard


Listened to so music

I ran into Nancy and she gave me a quick little tour of the gorgeous kitchen.  Best part, they have a dish washer that washes in 90 second.  Umm, I think I need one!


Wood-fired pizza


Pizza time


The peach salad inspired me.  Crazy simple, yet so beautiful + delish.  Remember, I don’t even really do fruit and I really dug this!


We opted for a sausage pizza


And a margarita.  I can’t tell you which one was better.  It was a tie!


The homemade salted caramel ice cream….to.die.for.


The view from our chairs wasn’t too bad either.


photo cred: Bay


Get these dates on your calendar and go visit Full Belly Farm for one of their summer pizza nights.  It is a trek, but totally worth it.

Pizzas are $15 each.  We ordered 2 for the three of us and had leftovers.  You can BYO beer + wine.  Set up a picnic and hang out.

I’m now dying to check out one of their Farm Dinners.

Full Belly.png

Saturday morning //

Always prepping + cooking in the kitchen.


I’d swear I shared this one before, but I can’t find it anywhere.  So, coming soon!


Pool day //

Bay + her flamingo


While Me + Nikki + Mom sipped rosé


Always feeding my people.


Went through 2 bottles of Topo Chico.  How did I not know about this stuff?


My wine dessert was a flop!  But, I’m not giving up.


Volunteering //

The 4th + Hope serving crew.

My family + I have volunteered many times and it’s always such a good feeling to serve others in need.

This was Bay’s first time volunteering at 4th & Hope  and was pretty eye-opening.

We worked with a women how lives at Walters House (a residential treatment home).  She told us about her life + her kids.  Pretty heartbreaking to be completely honest.  We served kids in need.  That really tugs at your heart-strings.


Here she is hard at work ♥

And we’ve made a pack to go back and do it again.  Soon + often.

4th & Hope is always looking for volunteers.  Please sign-up!   Volunteering is so good for the soul!

Many of you asked how to volunteer.  Clink on the links below for their Sing-up Genius:

Volunteer Assistants at the Shelter

Summer Kitchen Assistants/ ride alongs

June 2018 Daily Meal Volunteers

July-August 2018 Daily Meal Volunteers


Movies //

We watched a couple of movies.  Bay thought Peter Rabbit was so cute.  Cory + I watched 12 Strong.  And holy shit.  I didn’t fall asleep.  It was so good.  Rent this movie ASAP!!


Dinner //

I grilled some chicken + roasted red potatoes + caprese asparagus.

Wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it was fantastic.  I got some DM’s asking for the recipe so stay tuned, it’s coming this week!


Father’s Day //

Joe + Dad + Ben + Bay

We treated my Dad to a Father’s Day brunch.


With Christmas Morning Breakfast on the menu.

As you can see Bay was hungry and happy about her plate….lol.  And she almost licked her plate clean.


Bay made a special dinner for her Dad.  Including menu place cards.  Succulent centerpiece she hand painted.  Chicken tortilla casserole.  Garlic bread.  Caesar salad.  Mini cheesecakes.


Chicken tortilla casserole is a family special.  We always request this from my mom.  Maybe I’ll share this one with you guys too!


Bay’s mini cheesecakes.

  • 6-pack of mini graham cracker pie crusts
  • Cheesecake Jell-O
  • 1 3/4 cups milk

Whisk Jell-O mix + milk.  Pour into mini pie crust.  Pop in the fridge till set.  About an hour.  Top with sugared strawberries + serve!


Putah Creek //

Always finding trails.

With a bud light in hand, obvi


He’s always finding fishing spots


Callie’s always finding spots to jump in


Beautiful day at the creek!


We finished off the weekend by the Pool with the Truitt’s and totally invited ourselves to stay for dinner.  Sarah made pork verde and it was!



Hope you had a relaxing + refreshing weekend!!


xoxo stacyb

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