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{friday 5}

Oh, hello!  And Happy Friday!  It’s the weekend again.  You cant wipe the smile off this girls face today:)  Heading back to Tahoe for a girls weekend.  I foresee lots of laughing.  Empty wine bottles.  Front porch sitting.  Celebrity golf.  Dancing with Arty the Party!  Hey, maybe I’ll hit the Harrah’s jackpot too?  And hopefully, a couple of shades darker (thanks to Tahoe’s dreamy forecast).

Whatever you have planned, enjoy!!


Here’s what I’ve got on my mind today…….

ONE – Mezger Zinnias // “It seems to bring out the best in people” – quoted from the The Davis Enterprise.   I think we can all vouch that this beautiful zinnia farm has brought out the best.  How can you not smile when you pull up to the 2-acre field of colorful zinnias?  Or how about the people you deliver a vase full of these beauties too?  Bay and I spent about 20 minutes last night gathering zinnias for bouquets to deliver to Grammy (a welcome home) + GG (my 92-year-old Grandmother).   We made a big vase for our living room + even saved a few for our night stands.  There’s just something about fresh flowers in the house that make me happy.  Try it, stick a little vase on your nightstand.

BIG thank you to the Mezger family for another Zinnia year ♥



TWO – Sakura // Monday night we celebrated Alex (my ride or die homegirl) birthday!  If you follow along on Instagram Stories, then you saw it all.  Ha.  We had a good time.  As we always do.  I laughed till my stomach hurt.  Isn’t that the best?  When you wake up in the morning and still laugh out loud about the shit you talked about?  Anyway, we left happy + sake drenched.  The food was so good, once again.  Scroll down and take a peek at my tofu dinner.  I cleaned my plate…lol.  I woke up with the hangover of the century though.    Between the bottles of Bogle chard + the sake.  Thanks to our cook.  Or do they call them chefs?  I’m not really sure.  Anyway….he was fucking sake happy.  We all left (minus Melika + Robin) with sake all over our clothes, hair and faces.  “Who wants sake?” will forever be embedded!  ♥


FullSizeRender (18)



THREE – Bay’s Summer Whites // Bay’s version of my {summer whites}.  Both of our tops from J.Crew Factory.  Both of our white denim from the one, and only, GAP!  I wish I would have planned a little better and we could have done a #twinning post.  Damn it!


This top is so beyond cute.  The navy tassels are the perfect touch.  You can grab this whole outfit for $40.  Wayyy cheaper that I got it for…lol.  Top $22.  White denim is $17.99 now through tomorrow using code: NOW.   These are the white jeans Bay wore for 2 days straight during spring show.  When I read “stain resistant” I laughed.  At one point they were covered in pig shit and show sheen.  I had no hope.  But, let me tell you, they look brand new.  Killer deal too!

Girls’ tassel racerback cami top // High stretch stain resistant super skinny jeans


FOUR –  Caprese Salad //  The epic summer salad!  Layers of my favorite ingredients.  But, first – I have to give a shout out to Kelly Newsom.  Kelly’s caprese  instagram photo literally made my mouth water.  All week I was on the hunt for big giant perfectly ripe tomatoes.  Bought a basil plant at good ol TJ’s (that will surely be dead by Monday).  Fresh mozzarella, also from TJ’s.  My boxed 3 liters Seka Hill’s Olive Oil.  You guys, I’ve had the for over a year.  I use it daily.  It still tastes just as good too.  $50 for over a year of GOOD olive oil is a damn good deal.  Splash of balsamic.  Little salt + pepper.  Enough said.  I bet you’re going to the store tonight, huh?  LOL.  I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch.



FIVE – Links I ♥

Side-zip rose bomber 

EVERYTHING is $3 or under 

I love white and this home tour

J.Crew new arrivals!

Hangover proof cocktail?  I’ll be the judge of that!

This anniversary card….LMFAO!

Loving Tamra’s new look

Really, Really want this bath mat

Watch the solar eclipse from a plane…so cool

I need to make this happen!  Who’s coming over?

Tuscany travel guide will put you into wanderlust

Kate Middleton puts WHAT on her face??

On the Wish List



Alright, that’s it for the week peeps!  Have a wonderful weekend and get your summer on 🙂


xoxo stacyb



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