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{photo editing tips + tricks}

Dress | Heels | Sunnies | Earrings (on sale)| Clutch (similar)

One question I get asked all the time? What I use to take my photos and how I edit my photos. I’ve been meaning to write this post for sometime…decided today is the day! Ha! Here are some tips + tricks that I’ve picked up from other bloggers along with lots of trial and error.

Before we get started……I strictly use my iPhone 8 Plus. I go back and forth from portrait mode to regular photo mode. Back in December, I purchased a preset and I’ve been using it ever since.

One – Clean the lens

Always, always clean your iPhone lens. Your phone gets shoved in purses and pockets. And gets handled all day long. Chances are, your lens is full of fingerprints. Giving the lens a quick wipe will result in nice + clear images.

Two – Don’t use the iPhone camera filters

You know the three circles in the top right hand corner when your camera is open? Make sure it’s set to “original” I prefer to take all my photos this way. I believe it gives you a cleaner photo. Then you can add a preset or filter later.

Three – Turn the flash OFF

Open your iPhone camera and click on the lightening blot in the top left corner. Chick “off” Using natural lighting is ALWAYS best. Golden hour is my favorite. Dusk + dawn!

Four – Work with the sun

Avoid taking photos in direct sunlight. If the sun is at your back or in your face, this will result in either a dark subject or it will give you a washed out image. Keep the sun at your side. This should be the sweet spot. Ha! But, always snap about 813 photos. Just delete the ones you don’t love. I like lots of options!

Five – Use the timer for slefies

For selfies, always set the timer. With the camera app open, click the circle with the hand pointing at 11 o’clock (not sure how else to describe it lol) I stick to 3 seconds. Your arm gets tired after 10 seconds, trust me. Click the 3 and hit the round camera shutter and the countdown will start. Position your camera and wait for the photo to snap.

Six – Use the photo grids

Once you’ve selected that perfect instagram photo, you can get to work on editing! Always use the grid to get your photo straight. Select the photo. Click “edit” the the square with the arrows. Place your finger screen and the grid (little squares) will appear. Using the dial at the bottom of the image, get the photo nice and straight.

Seven – Preset

What is a preset? Presets are an editing formula to make your photos look a certain way. When using the same preset on your Instagram feed, it helps keep your photo scheme more aesthetically pleasing. There are so many presets for purchase these days. I purchased the Marina Mcavoy Dream Preset on black Friday for a steal. It’s currently $35, but totally worth it…in my opinion. You use this preset in conjunction with Lightroom. Once I add my photo to Lightroom and add the preset, I still do some adjusting to the exposure + contrast + highlights, since every photo is different. With the preset purchase, you’ll receive detailed instructions. It takes a bit to get the hang of it, but I promise you’ll love they way it makes your photos look. Other great preset option:

Take a look at this photo before the preset and after……



Dress | Heels | Sunnies | Earrings (on sale)| Clutch (similar)

I hope these tips + ticks help you out. Tag me. Message me. Comment if you have any questions. I’d love to help a sister out!

In other news…..I fell in love with this perfect Spring dress. It’s $29 and fits like a glove. I found so many cute options at Target, so I wanted to share the goods with you all. My clutch is last season and sold out, but I’ve linked lots of other super cute clutches for you!

All the images below are “shopable” or “clickable” Just click on the image and you’ll be directed to the website for further investigation. Some say “sold out” Not true, if you dig it….click it! Ha!

And a BIG thank you for those of you that click on order from my links. Makes my day when I see you guys purchase things I recommend 🙂

Have a great day friends!

xoxo stacyb

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