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{mug gift ideas}


I’m all about the mug life.  It’s the perfect incognito beverage vessel.  Is it wine?  Or is it coffee?  You’ll never really know what I’m sippin on.

And these pretty initial mugs from Anthro are perfect for your instagram game too…Ha!

I’m sharing 3 fun + easy + inexpensive ways to gift a mug to your homegirl + kids teachers + hostess + hairdresser or anyone really.

If you keep scrolling, I’ve also added some of my top mug picks too.  Mugs are so damn cute these days, it was hard to just pick a couple so I shared a shit-ton.

Mug #1 – Cookies // store-bought or homemade!  I can’t think of the last time I turned down a store-bought cookie!  So, if you’re not into baking…wrap up a favorite cookie or even chocolates will do the trick.  I picked up a roll of cellophane and bakers twine from the Dollar Tree.  Bay perfected a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and made it all her own.  I think she’s probably made about 10 batches to get the perfect cookie.  I think I’ll share it later this week.  It’s too good to keep to ourselves.

Mug #2 – Paperwhite // The bulb is also known as narcissus.  They are crazy easy to grow.  A Well Stocked Home has a giant tub of the bulbs where you can buy pick up as many as you need.  They run about a buck a piece.  Find some rocks in your yard….or steal them from your neighbors yard…shhh.  Plop the bulb on top.  Stick some moss around it to make it pretty and you’re done.  They do not need to be planted in dirt to bloom.  This one I have pictured here will sprout tall shoots them beautiful white flowers will bloom from the tips.  Moss can be found at Michael’s + JoAnn’s + Home Depot + Dollar Tree (that’s where I grabbed mine)

Mug #3 – Mini Flocked Tree // This is by far the easiest of the three and the mos festive.  Mini Tree is from Target.  The “small” size fits a mug perfectly.  They come Flocked Tree or Plain Tree. They make for super cute decorations.



And now…All the mugs.  I couldn’t decide, so I’m sharing them ALL…lol!  How cute is the reindeer?  Wouldn’t it be perfect for hot cocoa for kids.  I have the santa mugs and pull them out every Christmas.  The Marble set is so pretty.  I think we all know a Crazy Plant Lady that could use this one.  The Cheers mug is so perfect for when you want to add some cheer to your drink…aka WINE!

xoxo stacyb

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