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{the teddy bear coat}


Teddy Coat // T-Shirt // Bandana // Denim // Booties 

It’s straight up frigid for us Californians.  The temps dip and bet your ass we’re pulling out the Uggs + sherpa lined everything.  Basically soft + fuzzy + comfy are all the qualifications lately.  Although you wont find me caught dead in Ugg’s, I imagine the newest Teddy Bear Coat is one and the same?  Just for the top half of your body?

So #basic, but I’m 100% okay with it.  I didn’t think the Teddy Coat was for me.  Then I stepped into J.Crew Factory.  Minding my own bit-ness in the dressing room.  And the sales clerk knocks on my dressing room door with some “items I think you might like!”  My first instinct is NO, I obvi grabbed all the things I like.  Leave me alone.

She caught me on a good day, I guess.  I didn’t feel my normal bitchy self, and kindly opened the door to retrieve, what I thought would be all the ugly shit I already saw.

There was a Teddy Coat.  Just for shits & giggles, I tried it on.


End of story.

I have to admit, I wouldn’t have ever picked up that coat.  Never!  And I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much it matches with everything in my closet.


Teddy Coat // T-Shirt // Bandana // Denim // Booties 


Rocked it with a Canadian Tuxedo.  Over a graphic Tee.  Once with black denim + a plaid button-up.  Or is it considered a button-down?  Hmmm!



Teddy Coat // T-Shirt // Bandana // Denim // Booties 

This one is currently marked down 60% and is now $39!  RUNNN!  Sizes are super limited…so sad.  I did scour the internet to find you some other cute options.  Because, you NEED one!  Trust me!

You can click on any of the images below and you’ll be directed to the web-site to take a closer look or purchase.  As always, THANK YOU all so very much for purchasing items I like for you.  When I get the notification that someone has pulled the trigger on something I’ve recommended, It makes my damn day!  THANK YOU!!!

This one is super similar and a great price….

Teddy Jacket – Who What Wear



Have a happy hump day!


xoxo stacyb

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