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{bay’s bedroom makeover}


It’s Friday.  Halle-fuckin-lujah!  I ALWAYS share 5 things on my mind, but today I’m just flat-out too damn tired.  I couldn’t even fake it if I tried.  Did this week kick anyone else’s ass, like it did mine?

So, let’s just chat about this pretty room my Mom, Cory and I spruced up for the birthday girl instead……

I have to apologize in advance for the terrible pictures.  We have really bad lighting and it’s pretty much impossible to get a good shot morning, noon or night.  I did my best with the help of lots of filters.




This headboard is actually Bay’s baby crib.  That was then converted to a toddler bed.  And now a full size bed.  We did remove the foot board in order to free up more room.  I didn’t realize how much room it took up before.  Then I did the unthinkable.  I thew it away…..the foot board.  I’ve been packing around all the pieces for the crib + toddler bed conversion for….12 years!  Remember this time last year when we moved?  My moto – just throw it away.  So that’s exactly what we did.  The thought gave be massive anxiety, to be completely honest.  The real question – why in the hell was I packing it around anyway?  I guess because it came from Goore’s Baby store.  And I saw the price tag.  That shit wasn’t cheap.  And that, my friends, is why it’s still around.  I don’t foresee ever buying different bedroom furniture for Bay.

Oh, and she reminded me that she’ll be moving out in 6 years anyway.   Thanks for the friendly reminder boo!!!




head-board + dresser (old AF) // string lights // bedding // mattress pillow topper // pillows // sheets // velvet pillows // fur pillow // beach canvas print // fur rug // curtains // curtain rod 

Bay is obsessed with interior design.  She has an app on her phone where she has all her actual furniture in a room the exact same shape and size as her actual room.  It’s so bizarre the app’s and games kids play now…lol.  Anyway, she wanted to move her furniture around the other day and I told her it wouldn’t look good.  Mainly out of pure laziness.  I straight up did not want to move shit around.  Ha!  So she brought her phone down and showed me how it would look.  Then started telling me about her “dream room”  All white.  Kinda beachy.  But, not like seashells and stuff like that.  Super clean + organized.

BIG thanks to my Mom for all her help.  Purchasing + styling.  We’ve been planning this room + every little detail for weeks.  Then Cory came in and made it all happen.

We moved her furniture around as she’d showed me on her design app.  Filled up trash bags of junk.  Dusted and wiped down the blinds.  Striped the bed.  Added a mattress pillow topper.  New sheets.  New pillows.  New bedding.  New throw pillows.  Strung 3 strands of globe lights from the ceiling.  Hung curtains.  Added a utility cart for storage.  Plants (should we place bets on how long they’ll live) Hung a beach scene canvas print (which I scored for $30…whoop whoop) Layed out a fur rug.  Pulled out some of her favorite accessories and rearranged them.

It was a lot of work!


jewelry box // plants // wooden box // metal heart 

I found this metal heart at the Sac Antique Fair years ago.  They still have them each and every month.  And if you shop around, you can find them for as low as $5 each.

Have to give my homegirl Sarah P a shout out too.  She has an eye for this kind of stuff.  She stopped by and gave me some pointers that I wouldn’t have ever thought of.  Like the curtains.  All the way to the ceiling.  And bunched up on the floor.  Two panels on each side.  It added so much to the room. Finding an inexpensive long curtain rod was a chore.  After a couple orders, I finally found this easy install that worked perfectly.


How about a 360 view!




IMG_3810 (1)

utility cart // printer // desk (similar)



desk (similar) // chair (Target sold out) // circle shelf // giant paperclip // lamp // fish bowl // string lights // caboodle // instax 


For the record we still have 2 of the 4 Fair fish.  Ha!  I swear, they either die the first couple of days.  OR they outlive most family pets.  Does anyone else have a 5-year-old Yolo County Fair goldfish?


Surprise!  Wednesday night she got home and walked up to her room.  Turned on the lights.  We could hear the screaming downstairs.  I think it’s safe to say, she was a happy birthday girl ♥


head-board + dresser (old AF) // string lights // bedding // sheets // mattress pillow topper // pillows // velvet pillows // fur pillow // beach canvas print // fur rug // curtains // curtain rod //  24 inch balloons


All the details…..



head-board + dresser (Goore’s old AF) // string lights // bedding // sheets // velvet pillows // fur pillow // beach canvas print // fur rug // curtains // curtain rod // jewelry box // plants // wooden box // metal heart // utility cart // printer // desk (similar) // chair (sold out) // circle shelf // giant paperclip // lamp // fish bowl // string lights // 24 inch balloons // caboodle // instax //  mattress pillow topper  // pillows


Happy jump!


xoxo stacyb

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