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{avocado toast 4 ways}



My love for avocado toast is deep.  Like soooo deep, I made 4 different types of avo toasts over the weekend.  We’re just gonna go ahead and call it avo toast, k?  It’s kinda my Saturday + Sunday jam!

But before we dive into avo toast, let’s get down to the basics……

How to pick a ripe avo.

There is nothing better than cutting into a perfect avo.  Am I right?  Especially when you just spent $3.99 for each of those little fuckers.

I even wrote a post about it!  {avocado love affair} Haha!  Which brought to my attention, that I’ve been making avo toast since 2015.  That’s before avo toast was even cool.

I buy about 4 avocados a week.  All different stages of ripeness.  That way they last me all week.  Cause I don’t want a hard ass avo.  And I also don’t want a brown-ish mushy one either.

Here’s what you do:

Remove the stem of the avocado to reveal the ripeness……

Green – under ripe

It may feel OK from the outside, but the inside will be hard as a rock… bueno.

Dark Brown – overripe

When you cut the avocado open it will be brownish, sometimes smelly and super squishy with the pit un-intact …gross!

Yellowish – just right

Avocado perfection.  The pit will be intact and it will have the perfect shade of green!!

I leave my avo’s in a bowl on the counter.  If you want an avo to ripen sooner, place it in a paper bag.  Always room temp!!!


And don’t think this is just something I make for breakfast.  Avocado toast is completely acceptable any time of the day, in my book.

Wake up hangry or hungover?  Avo toast!

Looking for an easy snack?  Avo toast!

Dinner when you don’t feel like cooking?  You guessed it….Avo toast!


To begin, there is ONE GOLDEN RULE!

First, mash the avocado.  Add fresh lime juice.  Salt + pepper.

That’s it!

When it comes to bread, I like to stick with sourdough or Dave’s Killer Bread wheat.  Any bread you love will do the trick though.


The real magic, you ask?  Is how many different ways you can top it.

Fried egg…so good!

BLT…yep, you can do that too!

You want to kick it up a bit?  Red pepper flakes.


I rounded up my fave ways to top smothered avocado over toast for you today!

Not going to lie, each one is so damn delicious that I couldn’t pick just one.



The Classic:

Avo + Red Pepper Flakes + Salt + Pepper + Evoo (extra virgin olive oil)



The Over Easy:

Avo + Egg + Tap-Your-Uncle (tapito) + Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

*this is probably my most made avo toast + most requested!



The Tex Mex:

Avo + Salsa + Cotija Cheese + Cilantro + Lime




Avo + Bacon + Tomato Slice + Micro Greens + Salt + Pepper



What if I opened a restaurant, Avo Toast!?  I think I could do it.  I could get some rad barista to make lattes and I would whip up delish toast + maybe some salads to-go?  I think I’m on to something!!  Hmm!?!!?

Okay, make your peeps some avo toast and let me know which one/ones are your fave!!!


xoxo stacyb

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